Does Amazon Offer Weekend Only Jobs? (Things You Need to Know)

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Weekend-only jobs are the most convenient way for students and workers looking for a second job to boost their income. If you are looking for such a job, you may wonder if Amazon exclusively offers such shifts. We were wondering the same; the following is what we uncovered.

If you have a busy week and are only available on the weekend, a Weekend-only job would be a great way of generating income. Amazon is known to have a lot of job openings while offering flexible shifts. If you are a student and need to work while at school, worry not. With Anytime shifts, you can easily schedule your own shift, so you don't have to miss classes. But is it possible to work exclusively on the weekends? Find out more by reading on— we have compiled everything you need to know about Amazon Anytime shifts in this post.

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Does Amazon Offer Weekend Only Jobs?

Yes, Amazon has several job positions where workers can work exclusively on weekend shifts. Such jobs are mainly available in warehouses and fulfillment centers.  Some of the eligible jobs include Air Associate, Fulfillment Center Warehouse Associate, Delivery Station Warehouse Associate, and Sortation Center Warehouse Associate. Therefore, you’ll probably end up working in the warehouse if you want a weekend-only job.

Amazon also offers Anytime Shifts enabling you to create your own schedule. The program enables you to work as low as 4 hours weekly and cancel the shift in advance. But, not all jobs are eligible for anytime shifts.

Working weekend-only is great because you have more time off during the week. Not only do you get good pay, but you also avoid crowds and get great perks. Since you will be working when most people are off, Amazon pays you a higher pay —these shifts are mostly paid by the hour, adding up over time.

Additionally, when working a weekend-only shift at Amazon, you have more hours to yourself during the week. This means you can pursue your interests and passions or attend class if you are a student.

What Are The Flexible Shift Jobs At Amazon?

Most flexible shifts on Amazon are for warehouse associates. You'll either be working in the warehouse or delivering orders. The following are some of the jobs with flexible shifts.

As an Amazon air associate, you will be working with the Air Hub team. Your job will primarily involve loading packages from warehouses to cargo planes. Don't worry; you don't need any experience to start. Amazon will provide all the training for free. Amazon air sites normally operate 24/7; however, there are a variety of shifts and schedules to meet your needs. Shift availability also varies depending on season and location.

As you may have guessed, this job primarily deals with warehouse operations. As such, you will be selecting, packaging, and shipping orders. Other duties you may be required to fulfil include loading boxes into tracks, troubleshooting problems, and ensuring products are of high quality. Additionally, you may be required to lift up to 49 pounds and push carts of 60 pounds. Therefore, you should ensure you are up to the task before applying for the job.

This job mainly involves loading conveyor belts and staging deliveries to be picked up by the drivers. Your duties may include preparing inventory for delivery and receiving truck deliveries. You may also be required to lift up to 49 pounds and go up and down stairs. No experience is required when applying for the job. Amazon will provide all the necessary training.

This is one of the more demanding warehouse jobs. You will be part of a team handling larger orders, typically weighing over 50 pounds. These include items such as TVs and furniture. No experience in operating Powered Industrial Trucks (PIT) is required when applying for the job. Amazon will provide all the needed training for you to become a heavy equipment operator. Some of your duties may include: operating PITs and loading boxes into tracks.

When working as an Amazon Distribution Center Associate, packing, stowing, and staging packages for delivery will be part of your job. Additionally, you may be required to pack, lift and move boxes. You may also be required to drive heavy machineries such as a forklift or an order picker. Some of your duties may include working for temperatures as low as -10F when packaging grocery inventory.

This job entails sorting, scanning, and stocking packages in the fulfillment center. Most of these jobs come as part-time jobs. Therefore, you can control your schedule and choose the shifts that work best for you. As with all other warehouse jobs at Amazon, you may be required to lift heavy packages and move up and down stairs quite often.

How Amazon Any Time Shifts Work

Employees can schedule shifts using the A to Z app. With the app, employees can choose what shifts to work 15 days before they begin. Employees also receive any updates on the scheduled shifts via the app. With the app, you do not have to ask for days off since you can easily cancel the shifts.

Are Amazon Weekend Jobs Worth It?

If this is your first time, you may wonder if getting a weekend-only job at Amazon is worth it. Well, if you are a student or you are getting the job as your second one, it actually is. You get a consistent hourly pay rate, vocational training, skill development, and unique shift options.

You can get it from here. You can even choose where to work based on your location.

Bottom Line 

As of 2022, Amazon offers weekend-only shifts for certain warehouse positions. With Anytime shifts, you can schedule your own shifts and cancel them at any time. Not all jobs, however, are eligible for Anytime shifts. Some of the eligible jobs include Amazon Air Associate, Amazon Distribution Center Associate, Amazon Sortation Center Associate, and Amazon Fulfillment Center Warehouse Associate.

It is important to note that even though you will only be working on the weekends, you will still need to go through the full interviewing process and pass a drug test to get the job.

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