How Long Do Amazon Seasonal Jobs Last? (All You Need to Know)

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Taking up a seasonal job is a terrific way of making some extra money. When looking for seasonal employment, Amazon is a terrific place to start. More often than not, the company has thousands of such openings needing to be filled. But for how long do seasonal positions last? Read on to find out.    

If you are looking for a short-term way of making money, you should consider taking up a seasonal job. Seasonal jobs are temporary and only available at certain times of the year. During peak seasons, such as the holidays, companies such as Amazon have thousands of such job openings. The jobs are also quite easy to get, requiring little to no experience.

If you are considering applying for a seasonal job at Amazon, you may be curious about how long the job lasts. We did some research for you; the following is what we uncovered.

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How Long Do Seasonal Jobs At Amazon Last?

The duration of a seasonal job at Amazon varies substantially depending on position and demand, among other things. The positions typically last from the beginning of November through the beginning of January. Employees can, however, be asked to stay longer depending on the season. Additionally, Amazon is known to invite back employees who work hard and are considered an asset.

Excited to learn more about seasons jobs at Amazon? Read on.

About Seasonal Jobs At Amazon

Regardless of your background and skill level, there is a seasonal job for you at Amazon. Amazon is known to hire for thousands of seasonal jobs during peak seasons.

It's also crucial to keep in mind that Amazon is continuously hiring, even though your chances of landing a job are better during peak seasons. It's always a great idea to check for job postings at new Amazon locations.

For Amazon workers in the United States, the average beginning pay for all jobs, including seasonal ones, is $18 per hour. Some jobs even have sign-on bonuses up to $3000. Depending on the shift and location, workers may receive an additional $3 per hour.

According to Amazon, the majority of seasonal workers return and occasionally earn full-time jobs. So, a seasonal job is a great place to start if you desire a full-time position at Amazon.

Getting a seasonal job at Amazon is also a great way to develop your career. Most employees who have taken up seasonal positions at Amazon for six months or longer have been promoted. As a result, LinkedIn named Amazon the No.1 company where Americans want to work.

Which Seasonal Job Should I Apply For?

Amazon has a wide range of seasonal jobs available. For most jobs, all you will need is a high school diploma. However, if you intend to apply for a higher-level job, you will need to meet some additional requirements. The following are some of the seasonal jobs available at Amazon.

You will be working in an Amazon warehouse, getting orders ready for customers.

Sorting, scanning, and stacking packages will be part of your job in making orders ready for delivery.

Orders will be delivered to you in trucks, where you will load them onto conveyor belts and set up delivery for drivers to pick up.

You will be a part of the group that packs, stows, and sets up the essential same-day goods and grocery supplies.

You work as an independent contractor delivering packages for Amazon. This is one of the more lucrative jobs. Most drivers earn $18-$25 an hour. You must, however, be 21 or older and have a driver’s license to qualify.

Which seasonal position then should you apply for? The answer primarily depends on your personal preferences and the qualifications set. If you are not qualified for one post, you might try applying for another.

When Should You Apply For An Amazon Seasonal Job?

Applying for a seasonal job at Amazon can be done at any time. You can always visit Amazon's official website to see if any new positions have been advertised.  Most of the jobs, however, are posted during the busiest season. Nevertheless, you will always find an open position in one area or another.

When looking for jobs, Amazon makes it easy to find the ones close to you. All you have to do is enter your area’s ZIP code, and all jobs not close to your area will be filtered out.

Amazon will provide you with all the information you need to know before applying for the job. For instance, you will know the job's type, duration, and pay rate. You will also see the number of shifts available.

It is also important to note that some of the positions are remote while others are in-person.

After clicking on the position you are interested in, Amazon will give you more detailed information about the job. You will get to know your duties and responsibilities, the requirements needed, and the interview process.

With all that information, it becomes easy to decide whether or not to apply for the job.

Who Can Apply For A Seasonal Job At Amazon?

For most seasonal jobs, all you'll need is:

If you wish to apply for higher positions such as in customer service or employee relations, you have to meet some more requirements. For instance, you might be expected to possess both a college degree and several years of professional experience.

Bottom Line

The duration of seasonal jobs at Amazon varies greatly depending on position and season. The positions typically last from the beginning of November through the beginning of January. However, depending on the season, workers may be invited to work for longer. Amazon reports that most workers come back and sometimes get full-time positions. You can check whether there are any job openings at any moment by visiting Amazon's official job website.

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