Does Amazon Accept Care Credit? (Alternative Methods)

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Looking to buy medical supplies on Amazon? While you can purchase some over-the-counter medical supplies, it's important to note that you must have sufficient funds in your Amazon account. But what about Care Credit? If you're wondering whether Amazon accepts Care Credit, read on to find out.

You can purchase a variety of medical and wellness items from Amazon. Amazon has a health and household category where you buy medical supplies and equipment for personal use. However, most medical supplies and equipment are high-end products with an expensive price tag. Purchasing expensive medical products is challenging because you need the product but can’t pay the amount.

Care Credit is a monetary credit facility that you can use to pay for your medical products. Care Credit is a comprehensive credit healthcare facility accepted by more than 250,000 healthcare providers within the United States. Customers prefer the Care Credit monetary facility because they offer medical credit at no extra interest cost if you pay it back within the stipulated time. You can read the article below if you want an answer to the question, does Amazon accept Care Credit?

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Does Amazon Accept Care Credit?

Unfortunately, Care Credit cannot be used as a payment option on Amazon as they do not offer medical services or products to their customers. While Care Credit is designed to cover medical services and products, Amazon primarily focuses on providing a wide range of gadgets and commonly available over-the-counter medications, rather than specializing in medical services.

It is disappointing to notice that your Care Credit account does not cover medical supplies on Amazon. The article below offers alternative e-commerce platforms like Amazon, where you can pay for your medical products/services using Care Credit.

Amazon Alternatives

Below are some alternatives similar to Amazon where you can use your Care Credit card.

1. Rite Aid

You can use your Care Credit to purchase health and wellness products/services from Rite Aid. Rite Aid has a corporate policy to allow customers to use their Care Credit cards in their stores within the United States. However, you can only use the Care Credit card on one of the Rite Aid location stores and not on their official website.

2. Sam’s Club

You can use your Care Credit card at Sam’s Club warehouses. However, you should confirm if your health/wellness product falls within the Care Credit categories because Sam’s Club sells products outside the approved products/services.

3. Walgreens

You can use your Care Credit card at a Walgreens local pharmacy to purchase health care products. Ensure all the products you are within the Care Credit categories because you can’t buy items like gift cards, alcohol, lottery tickets, and tobacco.

4. Walmart

You can purchase products with your Care Credit card at any Walmart store in the States. Walmart sells lots of products, and you must ensure the products you want to purchase fall under one of the Care Credit Categories. However, it is essential to note that you cannot use your Care Credit at a Walmart gas station, but you could go inside the main store and make your health/wellness purchase.

What is Care Credit?

Care Credit is a form of credit card you can use to pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses. Most people rely on their medical insurance to cover their medical bills. However, Insurance companies reserve the right to exclude certain medical expenditures from your medical bills. You can use the Care Credit card to pay for your medical bills in health and wellness centers. The Care Credit is operational in over 250,000 health service providers across the United States.

How Does the Care Credit Work?

The first step before using the medical fund facility is applying for your card on the Care Credit website. Once you have your Care Credit account, you can use it to pay for the medical bills in any of the 250,000 service providers listed on their website. Care Credit offers short and long-term loan options ranging from twenty-four (24) to sixty (60) months.

Care Credit also has short-term loan repayment ranging from six (6) to twenty-four (24) months. Care Credit does not charge interest on charges above $ 200 if you repay the principal amount within the stipulated timeline.

What Things Does Care Credit Cover?

Below are the categories of medical and wellness products you can get with a Care Credit card.

1. Animal and pet care

Personal medical insurance excludes pets and animals, thus why animal and pet care is an essential category.

2. Chiropractic

Chiropractors are essential healthcare providers, thus why Care Credit offers customers an opportunity to improve their quality of life.

3. Cosmetic

You can get cosmetic products with your Care Credit at most cosmetic outlets in the United States.

4. Dentistry

You can get dental care with your Care Credit in dental facilities within the United States. You can get reasonable long-term payments on dental services with your Care Credit.

5. Dermatology

You can look up to the Care Credit facility to improve the wellness and health of your skin. The amount and terms of repayment are dependent on the dermatology procedure.

6. Fitness

You can get that gym equipment you have been eying with your Care Credit and embark on your training.

7. Other Categories

Oher health and wellness categories you can claim with your Care Credit include health systems, hearing, laboratory diagnostics, medical supplies, pharmaceutical services, primary care, sleep, spa, vision, weight loss, and specialist services.


You cannot add any Amazon products to your Care Credit card because there is no partnership between the two companies. However, you can use alternative shopping platforms like Sam’s Club, Walgreen, Walmart, and Rite Aid to make medical purchases with your Care Credit card.

However, you must consider if the item you want to purchase falls within the categories in the Care Credit list of approved products. To get the best credit facility from Care Credit, you must also ensure you pay your dues on time to avoid late payment penalties.

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