Amazon Rewards Program: How Does It Work?

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You can enjoy great discounts from the Amazon rewards program if you are a loyal customer. So, how does the reward points system function? Everything you need to know about the Amazon reward program is right here.

Amazon is the leading online retailer that will also offer rewards for shopping with them. Whether or not you are a prime member, they will reward you for being their customer. But, you have to meet specific requirements before you can cash in. This article explains more about the Amazon Rewards Program and the many benefits you may get from the program.

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Amazon Rewards Program

Yes, Amazon provides you with two reward Visa Cards, which you may use to earn your cash back on a purchase you make anywhere the visa is accepted. As a Prime member, you can get 5 percent back on anything you buy from Amazon. Alternatively, non-Prime users may be eligible for a 3% discount at Amazon.

What is Amazon's Reward Program?

Like many other corporate credit card rewards programs, your Amazon Visa card may earn you benefits just for using it. Your percentage cash-back incentives will convert into points; for instance, you may be able to redeem one dollar's worth of points at for future purchases.

The real deal is that if you don't want to spend your points at, Amazon allows you to redeem your points via Chase Bank for cash back, gift cards, or a vacation.

How Does One Go about Earning Amazon Rewards?

Whether or not you are an Amazon Prime member, Amazon Visa Signature Rewards Card offers 3% or 5% back as discounts on all your purchases from the Amazon website. The Amazon reward points also qualify for Whole Foods Market 365 and online Whole Foods Market purchases. Besides that, you may also receive a 2% refund at petrol stations, hotels, and pharmacies and a 1% cash refund on all other transactions.

If You Shop at Amazon, How Can You Become Eligible for Rewards?

First, you must log in to your Amazon account and access the visa application page. To see whether you qualify for the Visa Rewards card, Amazon will have you fill out a short online form, after which they will decide.

If Amazon promptly grants you the application, you'll have to agree to the Amazon Rewards Visa Signature account rules, the Cardmember Agreement, and additional papers. Nonetheless, if your application is not accepted immediately, don’t stress about it. It could be that Chase Bank is still reviewing your application, which may take up to 4 weeks.

When Will Your Points Be Active?

Your Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card account points balance will always be exact as of your most recent billing date. Your accrued points are redeemable at the end of the billing period you earned them. You may get cash back, gift cards, or vacation accommodations in exchange for your Amazon rewards if you use; however, your points will vanish instantly from your account balance.

Are Amazon Reward Points Refundable?

Yes, if you use Amazon points to purchase an item and then cancel the purchase, you will get your points back. Amazon treats them like any other method of payment. However, Amazon will deduct your rewards points, miles, or cash before they award you from the transaction.

Will Amazon Reward Points Ever Expire?

No, as long as you are a cardholder, your Amazon Rewards points will never expire, as stated on the Amazon Terms and Conditions website. However, the Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card is valid if you often make purchases from Amazon.

Do Redemption Amounts Have to Meet a Minimum?

When purchasing from, no minimum amount is necessary to redeem your points. There are minimum redemption quantities for things like gift cards and cash back, although they also vary between customers.

Is There a Rewards System for Amazon Prime?

When comparing Amazon-branded credit cards, Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card from Amazon, issued by Chase, gave the most available discount rates. When you shop at Amazon and Whole Foods as a Prime member, you will get a hefty 5% refund on your purchases.

How to Check Your Amazon Rewards

You can easily access your rewards history by visiting your Amazon Prime Awards Visa Signature Account to see your available points and past rewards. Furthermore, by visiting, you may monitor the number of points you've earned with each transaction. When you log in, click "See Account Activity and then the + symbol next to each transaction to get more information.

Why is Amazon Not Allowing You to Use Your Points?  

If you find yourself in this scenario, you first need to verify that your participation in this program is still active. You may utilize your Rewards Points on the payment page, whether shopping on or off, as long as you participate in the rewards program. In other words, you may see your credit card possibilities alongside your opportunities to redeem points for rewards.

Lastly, remember to calculate your points since, according to the Rewards Program guidelines, your Rewards account points balance represents your points balance as of your latest payment period. Understanding the financial standing on any given day is helpful.

How Does the Amazon Rewards Program Benefits You?

Amazon's reward program will offer you several benefits and substantial cash-back payouts. First, assuming you are a Non-prime member, you may get a $50 incentive for signing up, while Prime members get $100. Note that if you belong to either group, you can still earn up to 10% cash back on specific deals.

Secondly, as long as you keep using your card, your points will never expire, and there is no limit on how much you may earn, and lastly, registration in the Shop with Points loyalty program will take place automatically.


Amazon has a reward program for its customers regardless of whether they are Prime members. You can apply for one of the two Amazon Visa credit cards and enjoy a 3% or 5% refund on purchases from Amazon and Whole Foods, 2% back on purchases made at drugstores and petrol stations, and 1% back on all other transactions.

In addition to using your Amazon Rewards for purchases on Amazon, you may also cash them in for Chase Bank products.

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