Does Home Depot Price Match Amazon? (All You Need to Know)

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The Home Depot is a one-stop shop for DIY items and general home maintenance tools for most people. But what if you found a similar product on Amazon at a lower price? Would they agree to a price match? Read on to find out!

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Does Home Depot Price Match Amazon?

In these challenging times, finding the best price can feel like hitting the jackpot. Home Depot understands this and offers price matching with stores like Amazon, ensuring you get competitive prices. In-store, the individual manager decides on price matching for Amazon products. However, Home Depot does not match Amazon Prime prices, Prime Day deals, or third-party seller items.

Please keep reading to learn more about Home Depot price matching with Amazon, how you can get their price match while shopping in-store, what their lowest price guarantee is, and more.

Which Goods And Services Do Home Depot Sell?

Home Depot offers a wide variety of goods, including but not limited to those needed for plumbing, painting, air conditioning, and lighting. It covers you from patio sets to dishwashers, roof repair, and water heater installation. It also includes the power tools, ladders, chainsaws, wheelbarrows, and other equipment required to carry out these services. You'll find everything you need to make repairs and upgrades to your house, from fixtures to appliances.

Who Are the Most Significant Competitors of Home Depot?

During the 2020 fiscal year, Home Depot had total sales of $110.225, a net income of USD 11.242 billion, and a market valuation of over $331.32 billion. Due to its strong financial position, Home Depot is undeniably a formidable competitor in the industry of home renovation and has significant advantages over its competitors. Lowe's, Menards, Ace Hardware, Home Hardware, and Amazon are some of its most important competitors.

How Can One Get Home Depot's Price Match Offer While Shopping Online?

You will need to contact Home Depot to take advantage of its price-matching policy for items offered for sale online at as well as on the websites of its competitors. You can call them at 1-800-430-3376 to request they update your price. Furthermore, you can also start a live chat on Home Depot's website, where the company's customer service personnel will verify the pricing the competitor is offering and do the order on your behalf.

How Can One Get Home Depot's Price Match Offer In-Store?

If you are shopping at a Home Depot store and want to match their prices with, you should talk to the store manager, who will decide whether or not to accept your request. According to feedback from Home Depot clients, if you ask for a price match from their management, they will most likely approve.

However, when you purchase in-store, you must provide proof of the lower price with an ad, printout, or picture. Your request might take some time since the manager has to confirm the lower prices from the competitor.

When Shopping at Home Depot, What Is the Lowest Price Guarantee?

Generally, they provide a 10% discount off the lowest price you can find for an item elsewhere. Home Depot will honor the lowest price promise by matching the cost of any similar item in stock at a nearby competitor and beating it by 10%. But to qualify, the total price of the item plus delivery must be lower than Home Depot's pricing, and the seller must be able to ship the item.

All you have to do to take advantage of Home Depot's price-matching advantage for in-store purchases is to bring a copy of the competing advertisement, either printed out or photographed, to the register for verification.

Can Home Depot Make Price Changes after You Have Made Your Purchase?

If you locate an item you bought at Home Depot for a lower price elsewhere, say on Amazon, Home Depot will honor the lower price and refund you the difference. You need to Visit the customer care counter at your local Home Depot and request a price match. You'll need to provide evidence of a lower price and that their competitor can send the goods to your location at present. Keep in mind that Home Depot has indicated it will only respect price match requests once the consumer has made the first purchase.

Can One Get the Same Amazon Prime Prices at Home Depot?

Home Depot will not price match any products offered with an Amazon Prime subscription since this goes against the company's stated price match program guidelines. An item must be available on Amazon without any extra member discounts for a price match to be granted. Furthermore, Home Depot also won't match Amazon's "Prime Day" prices.

Does Home Depot Match Amazon's Prices On Items Sold By Third-Party Vendors?

Items sold with Amazon Prime discounts and by third-party or Marketplace vendors on Amazon will not be eligible for a price match by Home Depot. If you have doubts about the Home Depot price match policy, you should contact their support team for clarification.

Which Goods and Services Does Home Depot Not Price Match?

There are certain products that Home Depot won't price match for various reasons. Goods on clearance, those made specifically for the customer, and any item opened will not be eligible for a refund. However, Home Depot will allow you to price-match with nearby rivals on holidays like Black Friday to get the most incredible deals.

Home Depot does not offer price matches for services, installations, or incorrectly advertised products from rivals. Moreover, the price match policy does not apply to the sales tax amount, and you cannot combine a price match with a discount.


Home Depot will price match its competitors' prices to compete favorably. However, the item should not be on sale and should be the exact item offered at a lower price. Most of the time, the manager at Home Depot will comply with your request and drop the price for you after they have received confirmation from the rival that they have lower prices. Home Depot will match not only the price of the products but also the cost of delivery for items bought online.

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