Do Amazon Packages Come with Receipts? (Everything You Need to Know)

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Customers who order a product on Amazon are presented with comprehensive information on the order page, including estimated delivery date, cost of the item, and other relevant details. If physical proof of purchase is what customers desire, they may be curious if Amazon ever puts receipts in packages. To answer that question, do read on and find out what you can discover!

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Do Amazon Packages Come with Receipts?

Amazon packages do not always come with physical receipts. Instead, you will automatically receive a receipt to Amazon’s registered email after a successful purchase.

However, this is not a physical receipt that you can keep. It's an electronic version of the receipt, which you can view and print out. In some cases, Amazon may provide a slip that contains the information in your e-receipt and send it with the packaging bag. The electronic receipt contains all the information about the item you purchased, including its price and date.

You can also see who sent it to you and the tracking number for this particular package. If you are not receiving any receipts from Amazon, then there is something wrong with your account settings or with the email address that is registered with Amazon. So, how can you ensure you receive a receipt for every purchase you make on Amazon? Read on to find out!

What Happens When You Don't Get Receipts from Amazon?

Receipts are essential for every purchase you make on Amazon. Here is what happens when you fail to get it:

Now that getting a receipt for every purchase you make on Amazon is essential, how do you get one if it wasn’t emailed to you automatically?

How to Get Your Purchases Receipt from Amazon?

Sometimes Amazon fails to send you the purchase receipt. Below are the steps to getting a copy of your Amazon purchase receipt;

This receipt contains all information related to your order, including the type of product, manufacturer, serial number for electronics, your shipping address, and that of the vendor.

Amazon’s Packing Slip VS Invoice Receipt

While these terms (packing slip and invoice receipts) are sometimes used interchangeably, they are two different things when shopping on Amazon. Packing slips, also called packing lists, shipping lists, or waybills, are shipped with packages from Amazon warehouses. The slips have all the details of your purchase, including the order number, the seller's name, address, and the item description, including weight, dimensions, and quantity.

It also has a tracking number so you can track your package online. The packing slip can include any messages you wrote to the seller or Amazon customer service. On the other hand, an invoice receipt has much more detail about your order, including;

You will receive an invoice receipt if you're shopping from Amazon or a third-party vendor. The invoice receipt will either be sent to your registered email address or postal address once you confirm your order by paying for it.

How to Print Your Amazon Receipt from the App?

The Amazon app is a convenient way to access all of your orders, and now you can use it to print a receipt. Here’s how to go about it:

Step 1: Launch the Amazon app on your mobile or tablet and navigate your account profile.

Step 2: Tap on Your Orders icon, scroll downwards and select the order you want a receipt for.

Step 3: Navigate downwards to where the Order Info button is and select Download invoice.

Step 4: Check your downloads folder for a copy of the receipt (in PDF format) specifically for the order you chose in step three.

Step 5: If you have a compatible printer with AirPrint, proceed and print the receipt. Otherwise, you can send the downloaded receipt to your computer for printing.

Why You Need a Receipt from Amazon?

Here are some reasons why you need a receipt from Amazon:


Amazon will send a receipt to your registered email address as soon as you confirm your order by paying for it. If for any reason, Amazon fails to deliver the receipt to your email, you can manually track the invoice receipt through your Amazon account. Ensure you get a receipt for your purchases whenever you shop on Amazon!

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