Do IKEA Lamps Need IKEA Bulbs? (Yes, You Can Use These Instead)

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Whether you’re looking for a lamp to work with, study with, or relax with, you’ll find something from IKEA’s expansive lamp collection that suits your needs.  So, do IKEA lamps only work with IKEA bulbs? In this article, we’ll look at whether IKEA lamps are only compatible with IKEA bulbs.

IKEA offers various lamps to suit every household, home décor, and budget. You’ll find everything from floor to wall lamps with varied styles to suit your space. Even though IKEA lamps come in many types and sizes, you may be wondering whether IKEA lamps are like other IKEA products, which are only compatible with other IKEA accessories.

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Do IKEA Lamps Need IKEA Bulbs?

IKEA lamps do not necessarily need IKEA bulbs. This is because IKEA lamps are designed to be used with bulbs sold by other retailers. However, it’s best to note that IKEA lamps work best with IKEA bulbs, which have many benefits. IKEA lamps use standard bases with LED bulbs, non-LED bulbs, and even non-IKEA bulbs.

Types of IKEA Lamps

Whether you’re looking for a lamp to transform a room’s atmosphere, show off your favorite objects, or add style and brighten up your room, IKEA has something for you. There are different types of IKEA lamps to choose from depending on what you would like to achieve. You can set the style and transform your rooms by using the following types of IKEA lamps:

IKEA’s smart lamps allow you to control lighting depending on the situation. You can adjust your lighting to convey the mood that you would like to achieve. Generally, IKEA offers a wide range of light solutions with varying colors, patterns, and styles that can significantly transform your home.

What Bulbs Can You Use instead of IKEA Bulbs?

Stores like Walmart and Amazon have bulbs that are compatible with IKEA lamps. However, you’ll have to make sure that their bases match. Nevertheless, since all IKEA bulbs have standard sizes, codes, and threads, it’s easy to find an alternative bulb from your nearest store. For example, an E17 IKEA bulb can be replaced with an E17 equivalent bulb. With that said, here is a summary of IKEA bulbs alternatives that you can use:

You’ll have many options for finding regular non-IKEA bulbs that fit IKEA lamps.

What Kind of Lightbulbs Does IKEA Use?

In 2015, IKEA decided only to sell LED lightbulbs to commit to sustainability. LED technology has progressed rapidly and is more affordable compared to other alternatives. Additionally, LED lighting had a longer lifespan and was more energy efficient. Therefore, IKEA converted its light range to only LED to offer its customers the benefits of LED lighting at an affordable price.

What Makes IKEA Bulbs Stand out?

In addition to being affordable, IKEA bulbs are considered to be of very high quality. Therefore, there is enough quality with IKEA bulbs that, rather than feeling cheap, they’ll exceed your expectations. You’ll also note that IKEA LED bulbs last much longer, are more energy efficient, and have ample brightness. Generally, IKEA bulbs are excellent value options with impressive light levels and the energy efficiency you need in your home.

How Long Can IKEA Bulbs Last?

IKEA bulbs can last up to 50000 hours, almost 8-10 times longer than other regular bulbs. This is attributed to the fact that all IKEA bulbs are LEDs giving them a longer lifespan. However, you should keep in mind that various factors can affect the lifespan of your IKEA bulbs.

These include how often you use them, the electricity stress, and the surrounding temperatures. Therefore, IKEA bulbs might last longer or sometimes not, depending on various factors in your home.

Can IKEA Bulbs Save on Energy Costs?

Since all IKEA bulbs are LEDs, they are more energy efficient and hence very cost-effective. Compared with other types of bulbs, IKEA bulbs can save up to 85% of energy. This means you’ll save more on energy costs when you use IKEA bulbs with IKEA lamps on Amazon.

Where Can You Buy IKEA Lamps and IKEA Bulbs?

IKEA lamps come in many shapes and sizes to meet every customer’s needs. IKEA also offers a wide variety of bulbs for its lamps with various colors and brightness that perfectly blends with your rooms and gives them a decorative look Therefore, if you would like to give your room a complete makeover, you can buy IKEA lamps and bulbs from various stores. Some of the popular stores selling IKEA lamps and bulbs include:

You can visit any of your favorite stores and buy IKEA lamps or bulbs. Alternatively, you can also find these products on various online platforms. Therefore, you can place your order and start enjoying the benefits of IKEA lamps and IKEA bulbs.


Offering a wide range of affordable lamps, IKEA allows you to brighten up your space, home, or office. You can effortlessly find lighting that perfectly fits your home. With IKEA lamps, you can achieve the atmosphere, coziness, and warmth that you want in your rooms. What makes IKEA lamps the best lamps on the market is that they are perfectly compatible with other types of bulbs. These bulbs are designed in such a way that you don’t need IKEA bulbs for them to work. However, it’s advisable to use IKEA bulbs with IKEA lamps because they are more energy efficient and can last ten times longer. With the flick of a switch or a tap on an app, you can make your home better with IKEA lamps fitted with IKEA bulbs.

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