Does IKEA Sell Individual Parts? (Yes, Get More Infor from Here)

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Do you wish to fish your timeless IKEA furniture and are not sure whether IKEA offers individual parts? Then you are in the right place. We will explore IKEA's potential, see if they provide individual parts, and share relevant information. Keep reading and find out more.

You are here because you have IKEA furniture and are looking for individual parts to fix your old furniture or replace broken parts. That is amazing. We are dedicated to serving you, and when you believe in us, we will consistently deliver all you need.

Therefore, IKEA offers self-assembled furniture; customers must always find those parts. But if you have damaged or your old furniture needs fixing, it might only be helpful if you consider repairing it. Getting individual parts will save you and your budget as well.

Since this question has surfaced on the internet over time, we have done our research and, as a result, present you with a detailed discovery for you to make the right decision and move.

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Does IKEA Sell Individual Parts?

Information on the website indicates that besides giving customers access to complete home improvement items and furniture, they also sell individual parts. Therefore, if your IKEA furniture has missing parts or is broken, you can navigate through the website and order the ideal individual part to replace. Whenever a customer needs replacement parts, you can access them from the store and replace your damaged, lost, or missing parts.

Regardless Of when you bought the home improvement items, the company gives you access to these individual parts free of charge. If you are trying to figure out how to get these individual replacement parts from IKEA, this is the right place for you. We will explore everything you need to know concerning individual parts of IKEA.

IKEA Company Overview

IKEA is a Sweden-based online retailer offering home improvement items and furniture since 1943. The company is famous not only because of the impressive stylish collection but also because of their freidnlyp[ricing plan on the site.

In recent years, the retail store has undergone fantastic growth and is still expanding its reach to multiple regions as well as territories. They claim to be accessible today in over 38 states with over 300 stores. This is the perfect go-to store if you want to furnish your home. They also have many famous meatballs.

Besides selling, they are also launching the buyback and sell of the old IKEA furniture. These covers from the drawer cabinets to the tables, chairs, desks, bookcases, etc., but it excludes beds, mattresses as well as sofas.

In 2017, the marketplace launched a unique application, IKEA Place. Through the augmented reality of the IKEA place, customers can quickly gauge if the furniture can fit in the house before purchasing. The application was well-received and ranked as the most downloaded app online. This is a go-to option for budget-minded and hungry shoppers searching for affordable yet trendy home furniture or goods. The company is also committed to sustainability practices. Before going into details, let us compare the pros and cons of IKEA.

Pros and cons of IKEA

As long as they have multiple pros, Ikea has also indicated some drawbacks. In this section, we will explore the highlights of the pros and cons.



Ikea Parts Replacement

Most people have been asking what to do when purchasing IKEA items and discovering that some parts are missing when assembling. Indeed, customers can quickly call the IKEA support team and notify them anytime as long as they have the receipt details. The company states that once they get the information, they will arrange and send you the missing part within 7 to 10 working days, based on the size of the individual part.

When you are missing an individual screw, then you must include the 6-digit code from your assembly manual contained in the product, and these guys will send you the needed part within 10 days. However, when your case is more urgent, we encourage you to visit the nearest IKEA store and head to the return desk for the next step, but you must have the receipt.

But when you are searching for new individual parts to replace your old IKEA furniture, then you can still order the replacement parts from the store. These guys will not seek payment as long as you specify the 6-digit part number while containing the support team. When you lose access to the 6-digit part number, you must visit the recovery section in the nearest IKEA store for help. For this situation, the company will charge you.

What to do when IKEA is unable to replace individual part

There are situations when the company will be unable to replace your missing or lost individual parts. First, when the company does not have the missing part in their store, they will recommend you to find them from the next company of third-party IKEA merchandise sellers. Among these are Amazon and eBay.

The ideal site for you to access the missing parts when IKEA is unable to access them is the Swedish Furniture Parts. This marketplace is meant to help individuals get the individual parts of IKEA furniture, etc. Unfortunately, customers must incur the purchase from the above websites. This is a totally different case when you compare the situation when requesting it from the official IKEA store.

Still, when you feel like the IKEA items are not satisfying or are having a terrible experience, you can return them to the store and seek a refund. You are eligible to take such a step. There are also situations in which you can return the IKEA items even when you lose the receipt. Also, follow them and learn more tips on when the company will accept or refuse the returned and assembled items to the store.


IKEA is a famous store with an extensive collection of home improvement items and furniture. They also offer multiple replacement individual parts of the items bought from their store at no charge. If you have the 6-digit party code, the company guarantees free delivery of individual parts to replace lost, missing, or broken parts.

The above article shows that the company IKEA gives customers numerous lucrative services, including a friendly return policy and impressive after-services like free individual part replacement. However, you must incur all the charges when you order from a third-party website.

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