When Does IKEA Restock? (Your Full Guide)

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Uncover the restocking schedule of IKEA to shop your desired items effectively. Gain insights into IKEA's supply chain and inventory management to plan your shopping trips better.

IKEA is one of the reputable brands when it comes to retailing stylish and affordable furniture, home decor, and electronics. The retailer offers furniture that is easy to assemble without having to hire an expert to help in the assembling.

With the rising number of online orders and the existing safety measures in their warehouses, the retailer experiences shortages of particular items. With such happenings, knowing when IKEA restocks will help you understand the right time to replenish your home furnishings.

So, when does IKEA restock its stores? Ideally, the retailer restocks small pieces of furniture after every 1-2 days. However, for large furniture, IKEA replenishes them once a week or a fortnight. Here is a detailed discussion on IKEA restocking.

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When Does IKEA Restock Small Furniture

IKEA restocks small pieces of furniture daily or after two days. This small stuff includes:

Smaller items like the ones above are easy to replenish because they are smaller and cheaper than large furniture. Thus, IKEA ensures the items come in big numbers to satisfy the increasing demand for small furnishings. To ensure they are always available, IKEA orders them daily or when the bins are almost empty.

And just like any other store, IKEA will replenish its stocks when the shops are closed. So, if you want to buy the recently stocked piece of small furniture, be there when the stores open! However, the retailer may also choose to restock the shelves during the day when they are not busy.

IKEA Restocking Large Furniture 

When it comes to restocking big furniture pieces like wardrobes, beds, or couches, the company might take one or two weeks to have them in stores. Large furniture is slow to restock for various reasons:

IKEA Restocking Food

IKEA sells different frozen and fresh food brands specifically for restaurants and outdoor functions. You can still order for your home consumption, nevertheless. The brands are from the least-known companies, but their quality is guaranteed. IKEA's food stock tends to run low during the summer and holiday seasons.

And this is because, during such seasons, people tend to shop more for parties and other outdoor activities as they shop for outdoor furniture for open-air functions. Since the retailer maintains small shelves or sections for food, you can expect a restock as soon as needed. So, if you want o shop for fresh or frozen food, IKEA will take care of your needs!

IKEA Restocking Electronics

Apart from furniture, home decor, and food, IKEA is famous for selling home-transforming electronics. These electronics will change your home from an ordinary house to a smart home. Some of the electronics in their stock include;

Most of the small electronics are restocked frequently. And this is because smaller electronics are easily packed with smaller pieces of furniture during restocking. But for the large electronics, they are replenished once or twice a week.

How to Check if Items are in Stock at IKEA

Driving all the way to your nearest IKEA store and realizing the items you are going to shop for are out of stock can be disappointing. Luckily, IKEA offers a straightforward way of checking whether an item is in stock before leaving your house. Here is how to check if items are in stock at IKEA:

How Long Does it Take for Amazon to Restock?

Amazon replenishes items reasonably quickly. In most cases, things that are out of stock are restocked within two days and, in the worst scenario, in a week or two. But depending on the nature of the item, demand, and availability, it might take several weeks or months for the item to be available.

If you need the item, check it frequently to check if it has been restocked. Alternatively, you can decide to shop for the same product from a different retailer like IKEA. Like IKEA, you can sign up to start receiving notifications when the item is available.

What to Do if Items are Out of Stock at IKEA 

When you realize the particular item you wanted to shop for is out of stock:


IKEA handles a variety of items, including furniture, home decor, food items, and electronics. Regarding restocking, IKEA will restock small things like small furniture, electronics, and food within a day or two. But it might take a week/weeks/months to replenish the big items like large furniture and large electronics.

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