Care/of Vitamins Review: Is the Personalized Daily Vitamin Right for You?

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Want to explore the popular health supplements online with whole-body wellness guaranteed? Care/of vitamins and other products is critical to your healthy and glowing skin. Read this review to know more about the Care/of vitamins.

Many factors determine the composition of your body. However, you must first know that our body composition differs based on age, activities, gender, and many other factors. Therefore, getting the dietary supplements that fulfill all your body requirements is essential. While it's a good move, we recommend supplements with minimal side effects. In this case, you are here because you want adequate vitamins that get you all the basic body requirements optimized for your needs.

Among the brands online, we are happy to take you through the Care/of vitamins as our perfect pick. Care/of has a massive collection of vitamin supplements, from herbal to probiotic supplements. Therefore in this article, we will dive into the Care/of the company and find out what the brand has for you, the customer experiences, and offers before giving you a firm stand so that you always have a smooth time making choices. Read along to the end.

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Care/of Vitamins Review

There are many things in life that most people do not enjoy doing, even though they are essentials. These include taking supplements and brushing. Since there are many micronutrients that our body needs to boost our lifestyle, these nutrients are targeted to avoid many challenges. For this reason, Care/of was founded to simplify the process by introducing the daily vitamins instead of wasting time going to the drugstore to choose your dosage.

The company examines your daily lifestyle, and all the recommendations are based on the outcome of the habit. Care/of is an online subscription-based brand launched in 2016, and since then, most of the wellness industry, especially the daily vitamins, has been taken seriously. The company was founded by the two duos Akash Shan as well as Craig Elbert.

They based their first invention on guesswork while trying to give your body the requirements through the quiz targeting close customers, family, friends, etc. The question revolved around age, activity, gender, energy, and diets, after which they would deliver customized vitamins for you. During the establishment, the reception of this brand was incredible as many customers had time to take the quiz and read more about the effectiveness of these ]supplements.

This moral support paved the way for the growth of the Care/of the brand significantly. Today, the company operates a research and development facility based in Vermont but has a joint flagship headquarters in New York. Therefore, all the brand quiz targets achieving all the customer's body health needs, but also they insist that they never replace their recommendations with a prescription from the doctor.

Besides the subscription, which is delivered every month, the company also has scientifically backed powders and pills through effective research on the market. Regardless of what you want to achieve, as long as you believe in the Care/of vitamins, the company covers all your needs. These products have been proven effective and registered an immense success rate.

And from Forbes magazine, the author refers to this brand as having the best startup employers, and they have their supplements to date launched on the target store as well. They have a detailed blog section for more detail about these supplements.

Because of its popularity, this company has also been featured in famous publications with women's health, Elle, business insider, Refinery29, etc. start your health care steps with the Care/of vitamins to resolve all the issues. That is all you need to know about the roots of the Care/of brand. Before we jump into the collection and bestsellers, here are the pros and cons of the brand.

Care/of Vitamins Pros:

Care/of Vitamins Cons:

Why We Like Care/of Vitamins

Care/of offers a monthly subscription plan for the vitamins and supplements under one package. The brand gives you quizzes to access all your needs and packages a custom subscription to address your health concerns. Therefore the Care/of Vitamins webpage, there are only two options you can select from to take a quiz or go through the inventory of their products.

Thus, besides giving you a subscription, you can also purchase individual products to supplement your health needs. The company gives you a comprehensive collection to select from for the products—these range from extras and vitamins to powder. Every option gives you multiple ingestible products for your health issue to give you health support. They have traditional vitamins such as D3, which is perfect, especially when not exposed to enough sunlight.

Care/of also gives you access to herbs, and a good example is Rhodiola, which is responsible for body stress responses. There are numerous products, as you can attest, each offering a particular goal. Therefore, every web page contains vital data and products, all with simpler summaries on how to use them. Remember that they are all well-scientifically researched and proven by dermatologists and nutritionists.

Regarding the brand vitamins, Care/of has an extensive collection of multivitamins, probiotics, herbs, and minerals for boosting immunity. They are different categories, and every group has a short blurb that highlights the goals you can achieve in the long run. For instance, minerals are inorganic and act like calcium, but generally, the company is user-friendly.

The next page of this brand is the collagen powder, proteins, etc.; to be specific, collagen is one of the basic requirements to help your body work efficiently. These are simply the building blocks, and on the website, there are numerous flavors that you can select from. The company has everything for all customers, from passion to matcha; they guarantee satisfaction.

Detailed Care/of Quiz

Care/of understands that not everyone online understands their health condition or body requirements. Therefore, through the help of nutritionists and scientists, the company has created detailed quizzes to assess your condition before recommending you the subscription. Some of the basic information they need is your gender, age, medical background, etc.

They give you 12 options to choose your health goal, which ranges from hair to sleep better, boosting immunity and heart health. From there, you must ask a particular question, which depends on your selection, before going into the lifestyle question. But, the final question from this quiz is your value in accessing holistic medicinal practices, which is also science-backed.

When you are done with these questions, you will be able to see a list of the numerous vitamins to select from. These recommendations are based on scientific sources. And if this is not meeting or not what you wanted, then it is not a must to proceed, but you can still cancel the list, and if you want to proceed, these guys don't limit you, still, you can add extra product to add to your daily regimen. Let us now see the subscription-based plan.

The Care/of Vitamins Subscription

You can also go with their subscription plan if you do not want to purchase individual vitamins and supplements. The subscription aims to give customers convenience as everything here is simplified for you and saves time. Therefore, when you're done with questions, have gone through the recommendation, and edited in case of any changes, you are suitable for a subscription to a monthly plan.

The good thing is that Care/of brand delivers these packages to your doorstep monthly. What makes us even love it more is Care/of also comes with a mobile app enabling you to check all the successful days you have taken the pills. This is good for helping you stick to this routine, and in return, you get loyalty points that will save you bucks on the next subscription plan. When you hit new milestones, there are many things that this brand will teach you about these vitamins.

You are always in control of your subscription plan, you can pause, cancel and resume anytime, and each package is charged before delivery. When it comes to subscriptions, charges also vary based on your order. There are three options here, and for vitamins, it ranges from $5 to 18; quick sticks cost $5 per pack, while powder costs $14 to $32.

Monthly supplies are also targeted to deliver pregnancy-related pills or vitamins. So, these prenatal will only cost you $19. The selection is significant, and they have everything you need for all people, from children to adults. Check it out, and before that, let us listen to what customers have.

Customer Review

Even though the company promises you access to not only individual vitamins and supplements, there is also a personalized monthly subscription plan. To validate everything we have discussed above and in the next section, we must also explore details about eh customer feedback. We have sourced different customers' feedback with different ratings.

The first place is their official website, Out of the 3003 reviews, the brand scores 4.6 stars which is excellent feedback for any brand online. Customers praise its sustainable nature, high-quality vitamins with huge collections, exposure to the scientist, and products approved by the nutritionist on top of the convenience of the packets. Here is a response from the verified customer:-

"Supplements with no bullshit. I appreciate how everything is organic and clarified. You understand why you require each vitamin and how it will help you achieve your goals. There is no upselling; you are provided with what you require. I would strongly advise it to anyone."

Next is Trustpilot. From looking at this external site, the brand is delivering everything they promise. From the 2935 customer reviews on Trustpilot, the company scores a rating of 4.6 stars, of which 79% get 5 stars feedback. People are happening with customization options, adequate vitamins with guaranteed outcomes, and ever-present customer support. Although packages are expensive, they effectively provide you with all health supplements. Here is the evidence from Trustpilot:-

"I like the vitamins from Care/of in general. They work better for me than the past brand, and I appreciate the comfort of receiving them regularly. They are a little pricey, but the carrots you earn for monitoring your usage are useful."

On the Healthline site, the company also stands out as the best, as the author exhausts all the pros and cons and highlights the importance of the questionnaire in providing relevant information to generate a custom dosage. Ultimately, the writer is happy with sustainable ingredients and packaging besides products undergoing thorough quality tests.

While on Health Canal, the blog highlights some benefits, issues, potential risks, and what to expect with the supplements or vitamin package. Overall, the author gives care/of vitamins a rating of 8.4 stars which is arrived at after considering the quality, reputation, price, support research, etc.

The same feedback can also be accessed on the Medical News Today site. But here, the blog's author concentrates on the quality of the vitamins and their efficacy, and that is increasing the product does not satisfy your need; the blog has a few alternative brands.

The other external sites with real reviews are Women's Health Mag which dives deep into the care/of the subscription plan and encourages you to seek the doctor's prescription before using it to bring out the magic results. The same compliments also come from the Barbend site.

However, on the ThingsTesting site, multiple customers give the company perfect ratings. Generally, out of 33 reviews, it gets 3.73 stars, which is still awesome, and customers are satisfied. Thus, looking at the customer's feedback, the company gets few critics, but still, positive feedback outsmarts the complaints raised. Many customers are happy with these Care/of vitamins and supplements.

Where to Buy Care/of Vitamins

Care/ is the best and most reliable place to order Care/of vitamins and other supplements. This is because they have subscription-based plans for all customers around the world. Therefore, you can never get these customized products from online retailers. Their website has a simple process to activate the subscription plan and deliver it to your doorstep.

Once you take the quiz, they will add the targeted or qualified products to the cart, place an order and sign up using your email address and personal details. They will email you all the promotions, suggestions for a better regimen, and daily updates besides confirmation. This way, you are good to go.

Does Care/of Vitamins sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found Care/of stores on Amazon.

Is Care/of Vitamins Worth It?

The fact that these vitamins and supplements are made using vegan and addictive-free ingredients is enough to convince you. In addition, the pricing is excellent, their website is straightforward and has a friendly interface, and the verdict is always evident when numerous people leave positive feedback. Care/of has countless positive reviews praising the simplified or dermatologically approved products and the vast collection of supplements targeting particular health concerns.

The brand is worth it all. Care/of the company has a unique site where they teach customers about the benefits of their regimens. They also give customers the option to request personalized packages and give, based on scientific research, what fits them better. They have made everything simpler for the customers to grasp.

They have vital basics to the world of vitamins for our daily intake, as many people online attest to the fact. Also, the company is sustainable as it aims at bettering the bodies of customers with their surroundings in mind. This subscription package is here when you want to start your wellness journey and need help figuring out where to start. They have lucrative deals, biodegradable vitamin packages, and gluten-free products.

Care/of Vitamins Discounts

As a routine of your review articles, we also had to go through the Care/of promotion services. Our research found the promo code HBR50 online gives all customers 50% off on their first orders. But from their website, they also have numerous promotions alongside their sponsorship based on their online creators. This means many bloggers have the promo codes waiting for you.

Currently, the Care/of brand also offers the Carrots, a reward currency, or you can call it points that you can redeem while making an order or renewing the subscription. You also add the points through the referral programs on their website as long as the friend goes through the quiz and orders their first subscription.

Also, when you take the dosage daily, remember to log and earn points through the Care/of the app. on the scoreboard; the company has an extensive list of rewards, including store credits and free samples.

Care/of Vitamins Contact

At the end of this reviewed article, you might still be having questions about the brand or products. In the finding, we discovered that the company had outlined different methods to contact them. First, you can call them through their phone number, 1(877)227-3631, or instead email them at

You can access the FAQ page below for extra information if that is not enough. Equally, follow these guys on the social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more updates. Engage with the marketing team and ask about all the issues online.


Q. What does Care/of offer?

First, care/of is a company that offers personalized subscription services delivered to customers monthly. In the package, they have the 30 days supplements that are custom-to-you based on your health goals.

Q. Where are the Care/of supplements manufacturing facilities located?

From the above reviews, we have learned that care/of supplements or vitamins is developed, sourced, and tested in the same US-based facilities. This is done by the on-staff known as the vitamins Industry Veterans.

Q. Are Care/of supplements and vitamins effective?

Definitely, the vitamins are not only practical but also legit since these supplements are customized for your health goal. The brand also goes into detail to break down how it functions to fulfill the health goal. From their website and external online reviews sites, numerous positive reviews prove the products' effectiveness.

Q. To what extent is Care/of good to customers?

From the above customer feedback on th products, the brand is good for helping achieve various health goals. These include sustainable packaging and delivering to your doorstep, giving customers tailored supplements recommended for particular issues, simplifying routines to stick to the unique habit, and offering people access to summarized scientific discoveries.

Q. Are Care/of supplements vegan?

Even though the above review mentioned that most of the Care/of supplements are made with organic ingredients and sources from the locality, these products are yet to be certified for organic ingredients.

Q. How can I utilize Care/of supplements?

Brand delivers the Care/of supplements though it's a monthly subscription; they are packed in daily packets, pills meant for a specific day. You only have to get the packet, empty it and take the pills. The company always recommends the procedure, whether with food or without. However, remember that you must be willing to take these pills for the next six months based on the brand's expectations.

Q. What is the cost of the Care/of vitamins subscription plan?

The cost of each Care/of subscription plan varies depending on various factors such as the time that is your billing cycle. The cost is determined after the company has processed your personalized order.

Q. Can I cancel my Care/of vitamins subscription package?

If you want to cancel the subscription compliment, my plan account is the only place to take this action. Under manage subscription, you can proceed with the options like pause indefinitely. But remember that the order being proceeded will be billed and delivered except for the next order, which will be halted. The good news is that customers can reactivate the subscription anytime they want to resume.

Q. What is the shipping policy of Care/of the company?

First, from their website, Care/of the company ships their supplements only within Canada and US regions. You can follow them on their Instagram account for more updates, rules, and regulations. Otherwise, delivery takes about 3-5 days for US domestic orders. If you are based in Canada, expect your package within 3 to 10 business days. If you go for the monthly subscription plan below $20, you will be forced to pay a fixed shipping cost of $8.

Q. What is the return policy for Care/of supplements?

This company is concerned about the customer's experience with their products. Therefore, if you receive the package and find out, it is not to your expectations; you have 30 days from the delivery date to return the package to the company. You can initiate the return process by emailing the support team. They guarantee a full refund, but once you have returned the first order, any future subscription is not entitled to a refund if not returned.


Care/of is a legit brand that offers personalized monthly vitamins and supplements to customers within the US and Canada. The company has a simple website and detailed quiz to help personalize the subscription based on your health goal.

From The above reviews, Care/of vitamins has got multiple positive feedbacks for its effectiveness, fair pricing, and lucrative deals to save you bucks. If you want to achieve health goals as vitamins or supplement is concerned, Care/of is here with the perfect package scientifically proven for you.

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