437 Swimwear Review: Is It Worth the Price?

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Is 437 Swimwear ethical and comfortable in real women's body skin? You might ask, but it is only in one conclusion that you will be guaranteed to get the knowledge. Find out more in this review.

Swimming is one of the sports and leisure activities. Many people love going out to swim or as an indoor activity. Preparing for the next swimming session is one of the perfect moves you can ever make. However, when you are comfortable with your skin, you need swimwear. While many brands are selling these products on the market, our reviews today will focus on the 437 swimwear items.

The company sells items exclusively designed for women based on their natural bodies. These jumpsuits and many other items are perfect for creating a powerful impact. 437 Swimwear has been featured in multiple publications and has a vast customer base on social media platforms.

However, the question remains: Do they offer quality and affordable products to the customers? Keep reading and find out. In these reviews, we will go through the company overviews, list some of the best-selling products and their sizing and consider the customer feedback before you decide to purchase the item from this brand.

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437 Swimwear Review

437 Swimwear is a company founded by the Canadian duos Adyen Bettio and Hyla Nayeri. By then, they were in the university, where they got inspiration during the European vacation and decided to create the brand. The two went ahead to survey the Amalfi beach located in the coastal part of Italy. From the beach came across a woeful swimsuit style that was inadequate to the test of the young generation.

The modern generation feels they do not have to starve while trying to swim. Therefore, the two duos launched the 437 Swimwear brand in July 2017 while on internship. They were finalizing their education at  Queen's university. Though these friends never had the financial support, they managed to use their personal thousand dollars as the founders to create a store of the first collections.

They kept these products in the homes of their parents. Therefore, they started packing and delivering or shipping from the nearest postal office sites. Due to the curiosity and hard work invested in the brand and the long hours they dedicated to the company, the brand started to pay them off in 2020. Today, 437 Swimwear is a multimillion-dollar firm. It has recorded a growth of 500% year over year.

Most of the products are manufactured in China in a company managed by the family and female founders. This firm has a headquarter located in Toronto. Still, these guys are not resting on their laurels; instead, they are branching out the company into multiple regions and introducing different products into the market. Before we start over in the comp[any best-selling products, stick around and let us go through the pros and cons of the brand.

437 Swimwear Pros:

437 Swimwear Cons:

Why We Like 437 Swimwear

numerous things made us fall for 437 Swimwear products. The brand offers a new fashion movement that guarantees women's body positivity. The swimwear items are made to help show off instead of concealing the curves. Hence they are perfect not only in making the customers look; sexy and feel secure in their skin.

The best sellers of brands.

In this section, we would also like to take you through the brand's best-selling product in each category. This ranges from bottoms and tops and other kits. First of all, the brand sells 437 Swimwear Tops. So there is no need to strive for yourself while trying to feel secure. The company offers three best-selling tops that can make you fall in love with the body. We tend to stick to the bikini line though there are also other sections, such as the Pink Sweatshirt and the pink label line, for all-time wear.

Some of the best-selling tops of the company include 437 Swimwear The Sanders Top, a revealing triangle two-piece swimsuit. 437 Swimwear The Kenzie Top is another popular top from the company that is tied or works with six different styles, from sporty to super sexy. They also have trending tops like 437 Swimwear The Leo Top that is stripless. You can get it in white, espresso, rose, flora pattern, and black. 437 Swimwear Bottoms are perfect for covering grandma's eyes while they prepare to identify what makes up a woman's body.

They offer a wide range of bottoms, from sexy to top and bottom kits, all in one store. In addition, the company has multiple best-selling bottoms kits on its website. The best seller under bottoms option includes 437 Swimwear The Aubrey Bottoms, a high cut piece capable of displaying the natural curves and our figure. Secondly, under the bottoms is 437 Swimwear, The Sanders Bottoms.

This Brazilian cut is ranked as a super-exposing bottom and sits higher. The other popular items from this company are 437 Swimwear Kenzie Kits, which are perfect for customers who are still new to the sexy look of the high-end Bikini. Next in line is the 437 Swimwear Kenzie X Aubrey Kit. This one comes with a customization option and guarantees high-cut cheekiness with flattering.

437 Swimwear The Johnson One Piece is also a trending kit on the market and comes with adjustable straps for any style. 437 Swimwear The Sarong is also a good option, especially when you want to cover up a bit or use it as a headscarf, makeshift skirt, top, etc.; you can style and tie it any way you want. In addition, you can get it in the bloom pattern, flora, or daisy at an affordable price.

Ethical practice

The company is well known for its ethical practices. And before the co-founders decided to travel to china prior to launching the brand. This was to locate the perfect manufacturer for the products. They found the best firm with ethical practices in everything they design. The two duos also met Rita, whose company pays the employees an excellent salary and limits them to reasonable working hours.

The manufacturer also ensures that they adhere to the safety regulation. In addition, the company's bona fide is verified by the family members of the owner as well as the local community. Only some brands go this far, intending to ensure that ethics are considered while manufacturing the products. However, only a few firms have this long-lasting relationship, and the main issue is the ability to stress the ethical consideration with overseas manufacturing partners.

Still, 437 Swimwear has again partnered with the grassroots organization Back woman in motion. In addition, they donate 50% of their profit from the pink label line to the Black Youth Empowerment Assistance Program BWM. They have also donated to charity work, like helping kids from their undeserved elementary schools to the hotels within the society. Therefore, while it is a female brand, you can easily fall in love with the company vision, the message, the self-confidence, and the body positivity this swimwear gives you.

Customer Review.

While writing 437 Swimwear reviews, we could also go through the customer feedback. Many of the feedback appreciate the brand's fast customer support service, high-quality swimwear, and massive collection of products. Most people have shared their stories about the brand based on how these swimsuits are excellent in boosting confidence and showing off their incredibly sexy bodies.

In addition, the style of the swimwear speaks for itself. Therefore, we came across multiple sites with plenty of reviews. First, we will start with the official website at 437sweimwear.knoji.com. There are plenty of reviews here. Out of 72 reviews, the brand has 4.0 excellent stars. It indicates that most customers are content with the products on the market.

The rating here is based on the factors such as customer support, e-commerce, coupon discounts, payment option, and the company's values. One of the customers expressed the feeling with a statement:

"437 Swimwear is my personal favorite. The team is fantastic, and they always assist me in finding the perfect size in the new suit I'm dying to get!"

The next place with fantastic reviews is Martinamanca.com.Here, the author expresses her first encounter and praises the brand, especially the founders. The reviews on this site can be summed up in a statement from the author over the Bikini:

"But let me leak the tea a little bit more! The fabric is like cream cheese on your skin while lovingly caring for your curves. The Bikini is a perfect fit on my body, but it also gives me the authority I wanted in certain areas - like my belly and hips. The color is an intense black, so elegant and chic; I can see myself styling the Kenzie top as a proper outfit for a happy hour or a dinner at the beach!"

There is also a Pinterest thread with customer reviews on the brand. In addition, the author shared the review video about the bathing suit, which you must give a shot at. You will also see a detailed brand review when you head to the Queen's University website.

In addition, the alum gives the company detailed reviews, from overviews to detailed interview responses. The last site with excellent reviews is Claudiobustos.cl. Most of the customer feedback recommends going for this brand. The most significant selling point is the large selection of options, fabulous styles, excellent quality, and lasting swimsuits. Give it a try as well.

Where to Buy 437 Swimwear

If you have decided to go for the 437 Swimwear items, we recommend placing an order from the 437 Swimwear website. This is the only legit platform that can guarantee you high-quality products on the market. In addition, you can easily shop from the brand catalog. Even though the company does not use online retailers such as Amazon, eBay, or Walmart, you can access its product collection from a few brick-and-mortar retailers.

Does 437 Swimwear sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found 437 Swimwear stores on Amazon.

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Is 437 Swimwear Worth It?

From the customer feedback and the product collections, the brand is worth it. If you are a woman that is confident of your skin or happy with it, then 437 Swimwear is here for you. They offer high-quality swimwear that even newbies can rely on to gain confidence. In addition, the items are flattering and show off a lot of skin. Still, these products are not only guaranteeing you industry-leading designs but customers also have access to sophisticated products.

Therefore, regardless of what item you select from 437 Swimwear, how you wear it will always draw attention. The swimwear comes with an open back as well as cheeky bottoms. Furthermore, there is swimwear which also pushes eye-catching appearances going beyond extreme daring. And if you want the low-key approach look, they got you covered. If you believe that the swimsuit tends to flatter for every body type, then worry no more about showing off.

Trust us, 437 Swimwear is a hit. Check out the photos from their website and social media platforms. They fit all women with shy shapes or sizes and promise a new look. The brand has excellent customer reviews for a reason.

437 Swimwear Discounts

437 Swimwear is never left out for promotions, promo codes, or discounts on its products. If you need to enjoy these great deals, keep engaging with them on Instagram. This is the ideal place where the brand often updates all the deals, including all the time-sensitive discounts and offers on all the items. Still, they have a referral program where you can count on it and save bucks.

That is, they give you a $20 discount on the first order, and once the new customer spends it, you also get to enjoy the same discounts on the next order. The brand also has long-running promotions, especially on the kits. They give all customers 10% off on the regular price when they purchase the bottoms as well as the tops. Sign up for the newsletter or follow them on Instagram to stay updated with all the latest deals.

437 Swimwear Contact

Our reviews have compiled almost everything about 437 Swimwear brands. However, you might have a concern over something else about this company, and you can contact them for this case. You can get in touch with the support team through various channels. The method you choose depends on the type of concern you have; for instance:-

You can send them a message through the contact form on the website or through the email address omfo@shop437.com. If your inquiry is about wholesale, then reach out to them through wholesale@shop347.com. For partnerships, you can contact them using partnerships@shop347.com.

However, when you have a general question, you can equally chat with them using the live chat on their website. The team is available Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm EST.

That is only part of it; these guys are also on social media. You can collaborate and seek any issues solved using the Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.


Q. Where is 437 Swimwear located?

Initially, the brand was launched in Kingston, Canada; from there, the founders Adrien Bettio and Hyla Nayeri were studying at Queen's University. But to date, the company has headquarters located in Toronto.

Q. What sizes does 437 Swimwear have?

On the website, 437 Swimwear has a simple yet detailed guide. They offered products in sizes from XS, S, M, L, and XL, as well as the XXL. In addition, their guides explain how to differentiate the UK, Australian, and US sizes. Check out the bottom of every product on their website for the guide and how to go about it.

Q. What is the shipping policy of 437 Swimwear?

First, the company ships its items around the world. They offer free shipping for customers based in Canada and US as long as they place orders from $100 and above. However, when you place orders below the threshold, you must pay the shipping fee of $12. Their standard delivery period is from 1 to 6 business days. For international orders, they charge a flat rate of $25 and end up taking up to 7 business days to deliver. However, you must also keep the duties or customs in mind, which can add up the delivery time and extra charges. But for the regular period, processing takes 2 to 3 business days, and when a big sale is happening, processing takes 6 days. And due to this fast turnaround,  you only have the option to change the order once you place it. Therefore the brand recommends sending them a message before placing an order just for confirmation or to address a concern. There is also package protection when you are worried about package transit. It ensures your order against anything like stealing, loss, and damage while it's being shipped.

Q. What is 437 Swimwear’s Return Policy?

According to the return policy, 437 Swimwear offers exchange or store credit instead of a refund. There are tips you need to have to ensure the process is smooth and successful. All items bought with 30% and above discounts are final and do not meet the exchange or refund. For the item to be eligible, it must be in its original condition without marks or even a hygienic sticker. Also, note that the original shipping cost is not refundable, and all international orders must pass through customs, which might pose some charges. The package protection orders are not entitled to refunds.


437 Swimwear is a brand that offers all swimwear items, including swimsuits. The company has excellent customer feedback due to the high-quality products on the market and the fact that they offer international shipping with plenty of discounts and promotions. Our reviews have covered all you need to know, from the company overviews to the best-selling products and contact addresses. So head to their website and place an order today. The company is worth a shot.

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