Vilebrequin Review: Are Their Swim Trunks Worth the Premium?

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Are Vilebrequin swim trunks justifiably priced at a premium? Dive into our comprehensive Vilebrequin review to uncover the reasons behind the high cost of Vilebrequin swim trunks. This detailed review provides everything you need to know, from the brand's history and top-selling products to customer testimonials.

If you are the type of guy who never wants to spend money on a swimming costume, shorts, or trunk, then think again. While it seems reasonable, you might fall for something with low quality. Therefore, you are here because you need high-quality premium or luxury swim trunks. That is a cool move, and hopefully, you have heard about the Vilebrequin brand as the swimming trunks are concerned. If not, then don't worry because, in this Vilebrequin review, we are going to explore the company in detail.

Starting from the history, we will explore the best sellers, lucrative deals, contacts, and testimonies that will guide us through to give our readers an honest verdict. If you are wondering whether the Vilebrequin swim trunks are worth the cost, then keep reading our review article and find out what the company has for you.

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Vilebrequin Review

Vilebrequin is a winning brand that was founded in 1971, and the company has been in the industry for over 50 years, still delivering high-quality swimwear. The name Vilebrequin is a French name that means ' Crankshaft'. In fact, the brand was inspired by the profound founder Fred Prysquel, who has a passion for the automobile industry.

Therefore, the company established the first swimsuit, considering what these surfers were then wearing alongside the swim trunks. Ideally, Vilebrequin is a French company that focuses on swimwear and extends its collection to cover ready-made men's, kids' and women's clothing. It was established in 1971 and is based in Saint Tropez.

The founder was technically a professional photographer, as well as equipped with sports automobile journalism skills. They worked alongside the fashion designer known as Yvette. The company was founded to highlight the glamor of the 70s, which promises not only joy but also freedom, lasting ideas for fantasy, and deep, promising elegance. Vilebrequin is also famous for its reputable signature style, which is bold and bright swimwear.

They also feature impressive playful patterns like the sailboat, pineapples, and turtles. In fact, the Vilebrequin swim trunks are designed using drying, high-quality fabric with a soft mesh lining. Besides, the company also features other general clothing for all ages and genders, from dresses to polo shirts, as well as t-shirts. Just like other fashion brands, Vilebrequin is also eco-friendly, sustainable and environmentally conscious through their operation.

They are committed to conserving our mother planet and, hence, utilize recycled materials in packaging. Still, they have gone beyond to partner with Oceanographic, which is an organization that supports the conservation of marine life. Through the development, a young couple operated the brand, but in 1992, they sold it to a larger company.

But again, in 2012, the brand was acquired by the Large Apparel Conglomerate With Luxury and Mass Market Experience. It is at this point that these guys launched the new line to serve women. Indeed, history is long. But to make things simpler, we will sum up the highlights of the pros and cons of the Vilebrequin brand from our hands-on experience.

Vilebrequin Pros:

Vilebrequin Cons:

Why We Like Vilebrequin

To give you a wider picture when it comes to the Vilebrequin swimwear brand, we would like to go further and explore some of its features. Ideally, this is the company to trust when you want to upgrade your summer experience, sponsored by the 2024 Summer Olympics. They also pay homage to the Vilebrequin's tireless French playfulness, which acts as the starting block of the company.

Vilebrequin have dedicated their work to helping customers by refining the art and making seamless beach experiences. Their swimwear and clothes often come in playful optimism. In fact, the secret of the Vilebrequin swimwear's durability lies in its high-quality materials and craftsmanship. In Fact, swim trunks are made with waterproof technology.

Thus, it gives you the carefree freedom to read from the business slogan. The company is still dedicated to ensuring that it creates not only long-lasting swimwear but also high-end apparel that can be repaired, re-worn, worn, and passed on to the next person. Vilebrequin would be nothing without the ocean. Thus, they are still dedicated to reducing the environmental impact and ensuring sustainable operation and manufacturing processes.

Going ahead, the Vilebrequin bespoke program gives customers access to the sunny and luxury beach experience with family and friends without concerns. The specialized and designed men's swim trunks are unique, with not just embroidery but also exclusive prints. With the customized activation, you can bring the custom experience to life for any event.

Vilebrequin Swim Trunks

Vilebrequin is popular when it comes to swimwear and general clothing. Thus, in this section, we will only focus on the Vilebrequin swim trunks. In this collection, Vilebrequin serves men, women, girls and boys customers in separate sections. When it comes to the Vilebrequin men's swim trunks, the choices on the website include general swimwear, shirts, sweaters, outerwear, and accessories. Thus, this is where you get the perception of cut as well as print appeal.

It ranges from the iconic Merise to Moorea. These swim trunks are inspired by the know-how of the experts and unthinkable creativity. The swim trunk will embody chic alongside other menswear. From experience, I have seen linen shirts, polo shirts, beachwear, caps, and trousers. The company claims that they are constantly adding more prints and designs with added elegance Hence, some of the bestsellers in this men's category concerning the swim trunk include:

The company also offers other men's swim Trunk stretch classics. In this category, some of the best-sellers are Men Stretch Short Swim Trunks Valentine Stars, which features starfish holding hands and is well-designed with high-quality materials. Men Stretch Short Swim Trunks Starlettes And Turtles Tie & Dye is another, and this one contains starfish and turtles that are presented in aquatic hue. It makes it an elegant swim trunk.

The last category here of the best-selling swim trunks for men is Men Swim Trunks Ultra-light Classic. You will get the likes of the famous Men Swim Trunks Ultra-light and Packable Solid,etc.

Besides, the website features other general men's swim shorts, flat belts, swim shorts, long classic, swim trunk shorty cut, and Swim Shorts Embroidered No. Edition, Men Swim Briefs, polo, shirts, t-shirts, Rashguards, Shorts Bermudas for Men, etc. 

When you go for the women's swimwear selection, the list is long, with feminine design, messes, and sensual and vibrant swimwear. The swimsuit collection embodies the chic feeling. The collection of these luxury swimwear items ranges from dresses, pants, one-piece shirts, bikinis, and accessories.

Why Is Vilebrequin So Expensive?

Vilebrequin swim trunks are renowned for their luxury and high price tag, but there's a good reason behind their cost. It all starts with the quality of materials used in their creation. These trunks are crafted from high-density polyamide, known for their durability and resilience against elements like salt, chlorine, and the sun. This material isn't just tough; it's also sourced from prestigious locations like Italy and France, adding to its exclusivity.

The craftsmanship involved in making Vilebrequin swimwear is another factor that contributes to its high cost. The brand is known for its meticulous attention to detail, right down to the hardware like the metal tips on the drawstring and the Zamac-made back button, an alloy that's resistant to water damage. These details ensure both functionality and a stylish aesthetic.

One of the unique features of some Vilebrequin trunks is the Water-Reactive Technology. This innovative feature allows the trunks to be easily cleaned with just a light rinse, adding to the convenience and longevity of the swimwear.

The designs are another aspect that sets Vilebrequin apart. Known for their bright colors and unique patterns, which often mimic the scale of turtles, these trunks stand out for their aesthetic appeal. The embroidery and fabrics used are also of high quality, with many being sourced from the heart of Italy, further adding to the luxury feel.

Furthermore, the construction of these trunks is designed for both comfort and efficiency, featuring a mesh lining surrounded by cotton strands and patterns that help drain water quickly. This not only ensures comfort for the wearer but also contributes to the durability of the swimwear.

In conclusion, Vilebrequin's high prices can be attributed to the exceptional quality of materials, the craftsmanship involved in their creation, unique features like the Water-Reactive Technology, and the brand's commitment to stylish and durable designs. All these elements combine to make Vilebrequin swimwear not just a product, but an investment in quality and style.

Vilebrequin Outlets

If you want to find the Vilebrequin Outlets, then that is a simple task: head to their office website and use the store locator feature to make work easy. Additionally, you can reach the outlet using the zip code. Among the listed and profound outlets listed on the websites are:

The list is long, but you can easily access their website and many other online retailers.

Customer Review

To provide a more comprehensive and convincing perspective in our Vilebrequin review, we expanded our research to include a wider range of customer feedback from various sources online. The insights we gathered are quite telling.

Beginning with Vilebrequin's official website, we found numerous positive reviews across different products. For example, the Men's Stretch Short Swim Trunks have an impressive average rating of 4.7 stars, based on 168 reviews. Customers frequently commend the swimwear for its comfort, high-quality craftsmanship, diverse designs, and additional unique features. A typical review reads,

"Excellent quality shorts, well worth the price. Very fantastic stretchy fabric & pattern; may be worn all day by the pool or with a casual tee/shirt."

However, the picture isn't uniformly positive across all platforms. On Trustpilot, Vilebrequin has an average rating of just 1.5 stars from 55 feedbacks, which suggests a more mixed reception. It's important to note that this could reflect a discrepancy in customer experiences or expectations.

On Amazon, the Moorea Pattern swim trunk stands out with a perfect 5-star rating from 5 global reviews. Despite their higher price point, customers seem to agree that the value and quality justify the cost.

Additionally, Verified Reviews hosts a substantial number of customer opinions, tallying up to 2,214 reviews. From a subset of 522 reviews, Vilebrequin maintains an impressive 4.4-star rating, underscoring a generally positive customer experience and satisfaction.

This varied feedback from multiple sources paints a more nuanced picture of Vilebrequin swimwear. While most customers appreciate the brand's quality and design, there are some areas where experiences may vary, highlighting the importance of considering multiple viewpoints when evaluating a product.

Where to Buy Vilebrequin

If you want to grab some Vilebrequin swimwear or accessories, then you must be searching for a reliable place to make an order. We recommend their official stores. VisitVisit them on the website and get an extensive collection of swimwear, including swim trunks. Still, we were also able to spot the Vilebrequin clothing or swimwear from reputable online retailers. some of these retailers are the likes of:-

Is Vilebrequin Worth It?

You have been asking if Vilebrequin is worth the investment. To make it short, Vilebrequin is a luxury brand that offers an extensive collection of high-quality, durable, and versatile swimwear, as well as ready-to-wear clothing that serves women, men, and kids. In the collection, the company guarantees not only elegance but also lasting fantasy ideas all the time, as well as freedom while on vacation.

The brand has managed to get a reputation, ranking it as the market leader in the swimwear industry. The design blends versatility and styles alongside quality. It has all been endorsed by many celebrities. Looking at the craftsmanship, quality material, and durability, Vilebrequin is worth the investment. Still through the swim trunks, Vilebrequin is dedicated to remaining sustainable; hence, if you are an eco-conscious customer, this is the perfect brand for you to save the mother planet.

The collection comes with extensive designs, patterns, or colors for customers with different tastes, from classic to bold prints. Ideally, Vilebrequin delivers based on the demand of the customer and the promise of design elegance. The swimwear is stylish, versatile, and made with high-quality material that lasts. Thus, we highly recommend the brand for investment if you need swimwear.

Vilebrequin Discounts

As at the moment, we have found that the company has a few lucrative deals to help you save on the shopping spree. To start with, they are giving customers free waterproof phone cases for orders totalling €400 and above. If you are a customer based in the USA, then you can count on their free shipping as well as return services.

On top of that, you can join the Sun Collector family or subscribe to the newsletter to enjoy up to 15% off promotional code to mail. This is only applicable to the first order made on the website for the newbies. Follow them on social media platforms or subscribe to the mailing list for future updates on promotions.

Vilebrequin Contact

If you still have a question, skip to the FAQ section below. If not, then you can contact the Vilebrequin support team. We have found many methods based on the research. Starting with the website, they have listed the phone number for calls anytime at 1+1(888)458-0051. If you have a concern about the company services or department, you can still fill out and submit the online contact form.

They guarantee to reply soon. Other than the listed methods, we have also seen that Vilebrequin support teams are active on their social media platform; you can search and follow them on their Facebook page, Instagram, X(Twitter), etc. They will be happy to help you with any issue.


Q. Does Vilebrequin swimwear fit true to size?

The Vilebrequin swim trunks are generally sized according to the waist size, which ranges from the XS to the XXL. Some customers highlighted that some swim trunks are slightly small. Thus, check out the sizing chart first. Otherwise, the swimwear fits true to size.

Q. Are Vilebrequin swim trunks made with water-reactive swimwear technology?

Vilebrequin swimwear comes with the water-reactive swimwear technology feature. This is one of the aspects that makes this brand unique compared to available luxury companies. When the swim trunk is in contact with water, it reveals a hidden design that comes as an element of surprise to the swimwear. Thus, Vilebrequin has a popular choice of swimwear with this technology.

Q. What is Vilebrequin's shipping policy?

Vilebrequin has a good shipping policy. For all orders, they guarantee free shipping services. However, keep in mind that the costs of the shipping and delivery time vary, the major determinant being the distance or proximity as well as the order value. Generally, Vilebrequin promises to deliver the order between 3 to 5 working days after processing when using standard shipping. Vilebrequin also has other shipping methods for fast deliveries. These are expedited, though they come at an extra cost.

Q. Vilebrequin return policy

In case, upon delivery, you are not satisfied with the Vilebrequin swimwear, then the company has a free return policy and an exchange. A customer can initiate a return by contacting the support team to get the next steps and instructions. Without a return shipping label, you have to send the package with the tracking information to be sure. Thus, address your return order to the address  Beckman USA, Att: Vilebrequin E-Shop returns 2626 Port Rd Columbus, OH 43217.


Vilebrequin is a fashion brand that focuses on offering swimwear and ready-made clothing not only for men but also for women and kids. Many customers have complimented the swim trunk's true-to-size fitting, extensive collection, multiple styles, design, and versatility.

The swimwear is made with high-quality material to last long, and some feature water-reactive technology to make them unique from the competitors. While slightly pricey, the above customer testimonials confirm the brand is worth the investment. Explore the history and best-selling in the review article for more details.

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