BidetKing Review: *Pros and Cons* Why You Need It?

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Looking for the best and most reliable bidet toilet seat online? The BidetKing brand gives you a unique collection of the best Bidet seat models on the market made with expertise. Reading our review and evaluation of the brand is worth the investment.

The report indicates a shortage of excellent toilet paper, which brought challenges to the market. Through this case, many people took it as an avenue and market to bring in many alternative brands. Most customers opted to try out the ever-needful options. Americans had a growing interest in purchasing the Bidets. As a culture, many people are now getting used to washing their butts rather than using toilet paper.

This is because bidets not only make you realize the benefits of freshness but also you tend to switch and enjoy the sense of cleanliness. Still, using the bidets is one of the approaches companies are using to reduce deforestation and promote sustainability.

Many companies now offer bidets; among these is our favorite, the BidetKing. Therefore, today, we will focus on the BidetKing review, meticulously sexplore the brand in detail from the historical point of view through the best sellers, contacts, and promotions, and also analyze the customer testimonies to conclude. Let us start with an overview of the company.

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BidetKing Review

BidetKing is a company that offers you access to the bidet toilet seal line and is dedicated to ensuring that the customer has hygiene from the bottom of the toilet. Because Of technology, activities worldwide are also changing, including the bathroom. Though these seats might initially seem intimidating, the band design aims to give you a seamless experience and cleanliness to serve both men and women.

The BidetKing collection features multiple self-care seats to modern toilet seats. All these come with front and rear cleansing, heated seat capability, and an impressive drying cycle. The company has a reputable image online with an ever-increasing social media presence. And because of their dedication to serving the customer while considering hygiene, they have been able to feature on popular media outlets.

The fact indicates the benefits people are getting from these guys since the hoarding of toilet paper. If you are curious about this company, keep reading along with us. BidetKing as a brand was founded in 2010, specializing in rear hygiene. They established the site to keep you as clean and happy with the rears as possible. The brand is a simple decision from the primary WebGerms Health Inc.

Therefore, the company has its headquarters in the Sunny City in South El Monte, CA. The company boomed after a pandemic struck the world. Additionally, they have been featured on the famous Wired, where the present CEO, James Lin, was interviewed and spoke a lot about the self-care industry and how the firm is making its way through better bottom hygiene and making it a routine.

We all know we desire cleanliness, and the company makes us comfortable with each step. Before giving you the reason to smile, explore the bestsellers and other experiences aimed at taking your toilet cleanliness to the next level; here is a highlight on the pros and cons of BidetKing.

BidetKing Pros:

BidetKing Cons:

Why We Like BidetKing

We were so impressed to find out that the BidetKing toilet eats are the ultimate way to go for sustainable practices. These toilet seats are managed to replace toilet paper and come with many more advanced features. From the above data, we recommend the brand for many reasons. On top of the affordable pricing, the toilet seats are simple to install, manage and use.

BidetKing has an extensive collection of toilet seats and a combo that you can customize to meet your preferences. These devices come with lifetime guaranteed technical support and a top-notch return policy. To simplify things, we will highlight some of the platform's best-selling BidetKing toilet seats and combos. These are ranked based on the feedback and customer experiences. Let us start with the first category.

The Best-Selling BidetKing Toilet Seats

The brand guarantees you multiple features targeting to match the level of your toilet hygiene. overally, their ultimate goal is to make you feel comfortable and more sustainable since it still makes your toilet trip seamless.

These Bidet toilet seats also feature additional non-cleansing tools, as we are about to see. Although all these seats can wash your bottoms, you can customize them with specialized features and details. To help you decide, we have compiled a list of the best-selling Bidet toilet seats.

The first is Brondell Swash 1200 Bidet Toilet Seat. Though this is entry-level for newbies, it is ideal for people who have never used the cleansing type. It has few features but indicates its diverse functionality to meet your toilet hygiene needs. They are available in the standard front as well as rear wash, which makes them ideal for men as well as women.

This is the industry standard and sounds high. You can also utilize a remote to avoid the two user presets in the household. It also gives you heated seats as well as features a night light. Unfortunately, it does not come with a drying cycle.

The second we have is the Bio Bidet BB-2000 Bliss Bidet Toilet Seat. This gives you more advanced features and enables you to upgrade your toilet. The company understands how to treat your butts and gives you a solution for the sturdier toilet seats that automatically spray down using unlimited warm water. They also have the perfect stream control, enabling customers to adjust the temperature to match their needs.

You can also control the stream width and LCD strength.. remove still gives you the option to activate the pulse function that gives you extra cleansing after a typical wash cycle. Lastly, it contains the drying cycle, so you will no longer need toilet paper. Remember, there is also an impressive automatic self-cleaning nozzle that saves you time.

The next best-selling Bidet toilet seat on the website is Kohler Novita Bidet BH-90 / BH-93 Bidet Seat. this seat gives you an authentic toilet cleansing experience. It combines the features of the above two seats. Additionally, it comes with messaging functionality as well as a drying cycle.

For children, it also features the auto-clean function. Here is the hand-free experience and guaranteed ultimate toilet cleansing experience since you will be only using a remote all the way. In the standby mode, it senses the person and operates automatically.

Lastly is the Brondell Swash 1400. An impressive feature of this seat is the presence of the bottomless warm water functionality to cleanse your bottom. It carries all the advanced features found on the high-end toilet seats. You can purchase biscuits or white shades with the Affirm payment method option.

The Best-Selling BidetKing Toilet Combos

This is the genuine BidetKing Toilet brand. In this category, you will get an in-built Bidet with the highest dn toilet that matches your preferences when you get the Bidet collections. Here, the customer receives the Bidet and toilet in a single unit, and the overall pricing sums up the total costs of the two. You might be wondering now what these are. We will help you by highlighting some of the popular Toilet Combos from the store.

First, we have seen the Aquia Toto IV Washlet One-Piece Toile as a popular option on the site. In this type, you have access to the single Bidet as well as combined with the self-flushing toilet. This needs professional installation and is an excellent option for many dreamers. It also has front and rear cleansing, which utilizes the temperature, spray control, and strength. There is also a warm air dryer. You can also expect to find the two flush approaches using the remote. The seat automatically opens with a remote press and closes, giving you a fantastic toilet experience.

The second combo in this section is the Bio Bidet Prodigy P770 Integrated Bidet Toilet Combination. This sleeker toilet model comes with the design features of the high-end seats in a small all-in-one toilet, which seems more futuristic but gives you a hand-free toilet experience. It also features a sensor that detects the movement or presence of a person, which then automatically opens the seat and flushes when you are done.

The flush tech is strong and can clean any mess in the toilet. It also has a fully loaded and functional bidet with rear and front wash and other luxury toilet features.

The last combo is the Build Your Own Toilet Combo approach. This gives you a movie to customize your combo, and you can select from two toilets but use different flushing handles. These are the modern toilet bowl as well as contemporary toilet bowl on the sides and top of the tank, respectively. You must select the Bidet toilet seat from the entire catalog. This custom option does not have an all-in-one-piece toilet.

Customer Review

Before summing up the BidetKing review article, we would also like to see what the customers have said about the brand and evaluate if a company is worth investing in over its hype.

The research indicates that the brand has featured multiple testimonies, starting from its official website, . On top of these guys reviewing their top 10 Best Bidet toilet seats of 20233 based on the experts' ranking, the featured products also indicate numerous customer feedback. For example, the Alpha JX Bidet Toilet Seat has 556 reviews from verified buyers. The overall rating is 85%, five stars. One customer stated:-

"This was the best investment I've ever made." It is simple to use, convenient, quiet, and healthier. I like the nightlight, the warm water, & the heated seat. I'm going to get another one for our guest washroom!"

On Yelp, the company has 9 reviews, and the total gives the brand a rating of 3.2 stars, which is above average. Customers are satisfied with the purchase. Moving ahead to Sitejabber, the 4 reviews on the website indicate a general rank of 4 stars. It is very promising for such an upcoming brand on the market. When you evaluate the reviews on the CNN website, the editors have tested and verified the best Bidets of 2023.

The site presents a detailed company history analysis through the products, pricing, and where to purchase. The author then summarizes everything you need to know about the company through the performance of the products and quality & design.

The same extended reviews are also found on the Consumer Rating, but the author bases the honest experience on the BidetKing Alpha JX here. Get into the details about the performance rating from head to water efficiency, energy, and adjustability—comfort and control ability. The Amazon has numerous items reviews and ratings, which you can take time to explore. We would still insist on going through the reviews on Pinterest before making a judgment.

Gnereall, this brand is the perfect choice to upgrade your toilet hygiene and go paperless. BBB accredited it with A+ ratings. You can trust them.

Where to Buy BidetKing

BidetKing is a famous brand, and its products are easily accessible. From the research, we have noted that a customer can have a complete collection and lucrative deals from their official website.

Therefore, we recommend ordering from and waiting for the delivery to your location. Still, we have been able to come across the BidetKing products from online retailers. some of these items are available at retailers such as

Is BidetKing Worth It?

We have seen the collection of BidetKing products, from the toilet seats to the Toilet combos, and from the above claims, we can delightfully conclude that the brand is worth the investment. Regardless of the selection you order from the website, we guarantee the product will give you impressive cleansing functionality and a positive experience.

Customers will also have access to the advanced features of the Bidet toilet seats. The features you need are all satisfying from every perspective. Most customers have shown interest in purchasing the BidetKing Toilet seats featuring the warm air dryer. This gives you the option to go paperless. The brand also exists as the perfect alternative and sustainable solution. Many icing points are on the cake if you consider the extra features.

Depending on your preferences, customers can still opt for the automatic closing seat. Considering the above point and the fact that the products are delivered with a lifetime warranty, attractive shipping, and a return policy with access to lucrative deals, BidetKing is worth every penny.

BidetKing Discounts

There are many offers and lucrative deals active on the BidetKing website. Therefore, customers can save multiple dollars on their budget. The brand guarantees all members to access the mid-autumn sales open on the site, up up to 25% off sitewide. You can still customize your BidetKing toilet combo based on your preferences. They also have a dedicated sales section where all the featured products are available at a discounted price tag.

Therefore, you can sign up for the  Bidet VIP membership, which gives you access to exclusive deals and promotions on the site once launched. The company promises to provide you with fast and free shipping services. Enjoy the low prices, but your butts are happy.

These guys claim to offer you a lifetime of trusted technical support from the site. On top of that, there are wholesale and affiliate programs that you can count on and make some passive income. Constantly check out the site, subscribe to the mail listing, and capitalize on these lucrative deals, promotions, and discounts.

BidetKing Contact

If the above review has not addressed all your expectations, there is always an alternative to get clarification. Because of time, you can skip to the FAQ section. But if you have time or need more information on anything related to the brand, contact the BidetKing customer support team. There are numerous ways to reach the team and get help where necessary. First, you can use the live chat option on the website.

This will give you an instant reply. This also applies to phone calls. Give these guys a phone call and get immediate feedback. Their official number is 1-888-310-4511. The other option is to compose an email and send the concerns to

But you should note that the above methods give you access to the support team from Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm PST. The last move you can also count on is through their social media accounts. The marketing and support team is active on media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or  Instagram. Follow them and engage with the team for more clarification and updates.


Q. Where is the BidetKing brand headquartered?

As per the information online, the company is based in California.

Q. What should I do when my Bidet starts leaking?

The company recommends that when your Bidet starts leaking, you must seek the troubleshooting guidelines found on their website's main toolbar beneath the support page. From there, you will be able to see the My Bidet leaking, then go through the suggestions as well as t go through the Bidet toilet seat connection.

Q. What is the shipping policy of the BidetKing company?

BidetKing has a typical shipping policy that is still simple to follow. Currently, their shipping policy depends on the destination. For instance, for US-based orders, you can get free shipping when your orders surpass a threshold of $99. but when your order is below the threshold, you must incur a fixed flat rate of $6 for shipping. Customers must pay a fixed shipping charge of $40 for the Hawaii and Alaska orders.

Still, when you are based in Canada, you can qualify for free shipping when your order surpasses a threshold of $200. For anything below the amount, the customer pays the shipping charges of $20. Regarding international orders, customers must be responsible for international taxes, duties, and other customs costs. In this case, the BidetKing does not pay for you.

Q. What is the return policy of BidetKing?

Like other brands online, customers have up to 45 days to return their products to the store. This is when you receive the order and realize it does not meet your expectations or get the wrong package. But to be accepted, the item must still be in its original condition and never touched. The return shipping charges are passed to the customers as the responsibility—more on the site.


BidetKing is an authorized online retailer with an extensive collection of bidet and bidet toilet seats. The company is where to upgrade your toilet hygiene and general home improvement equipment. Although expensive, the products give you value for your money.

In the above review, many customers have complimented the company for blending the comfort and hands-free toilet experience while dedicated to remaining sustainable. The company is worth checking out because of the positive customer ratings, high-quality toilet items, lifetime top-notch technical support, and convenience.

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