Best Telegram Proxies for Managing Telegram Accounts & Scraping Data in 2023

Justin Shin

Are you looking for the best proxies to either manage your accounts on Telegram to maintain anonymity or scrape data from the platform? Then you are on the right page, as the article below recommends the best Telegram proxies out there and You can learn how to use residential proxies to manage Telegram accounts and scrape Telegram data without detection. Compare top proxy providers for maintaining anonymity.

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At A Glance: Our Top Telegram Proxies Picks

It is no longer news that most websites and apps on the Internet do not like proxies and VPNS, as they strive to track you and your activities online. However, there are a few exceptions, and one of those exceptions is Telegram. Telegram is a secure messaging and audio-calling app. It is cloud-based but provides apps for both desktop and mobile.

This platform does have its eyes on security which is one of the major upsides and why many people like it. One thing you will come to like about this service is that it does support proxies. Yes, it does so to protect you against other Telegram users that will want to track you. This makes it easier for us when we need proxies for Telegram, as we won’t be searching for undetectable proxies.

The only reason you will be looking for undetectable proxies is when you need to scrape Telegram. This is because while it allows the use of proxies to manage accounts, it does not allow scraping, and as such, you need to get more selective here. In this article, I will recommend the best Telegram proxies for managing accounts and scraping.

Best Telegram Proxies for Anonymous Account Management

Provider Pricing Speed Success Rate Pros
Proxy-Seller Starts at $3.49/month 72.75 Mbps 99.64% Fastest speed, wide location choices
Proxy-cheap Starts at $1.99 81.47 Mbps 98.16% Extremely fast speed
ProxyEmpire Starts at $2 per IP 56.94 Mbps 97.48% Static IPs good for session management
Proxy-Sale Starts at $1.57 69.47 Mbps 98.85% Cheapest cost

There are a good number of predators on Telegram looking to access your IP address. Telegram also on it part does not also want you to manage many accounts. The fix to use is to make use of static proxies to manage your accounts. For this, I recommend high-quality private proxies. It is important you know that many Telegram app versions do not support HTTP(S) protocol. The most supported protocol is SOCKS5, and that is what I recommend here.

1. Proxy-Seller — Best Telegram Proxies for Anonymous Account Management

The Proxy-Seller service is our recommended private proxy network because of the high-quality proxies they offer. Interestingly, the service does offer specialized social media proxies for Telegram. If you get their Telegram proxies, you can be sure the proxies will work for what they are meant for. The network does have support for SOCKS5, which is the required protocol for most Telegram versions.

In addition, there is also support for HTTP(S) protocol. The service has got great performance. I tested it out and recommended a success rate of 99.64% with an average download speed of 72.75 Mbps. The response time was also fast at 126 ms, which makes it one of the fastest proxies you will get in the market.

For this service, you can get IPs for over 50 countries around the world, which give you control over the geo-location you want people to see you from. The IPs have got low spam scores, making it possible for you to avoid getting blocked by default.

2. Proxy-cheap — High-Speed Private Proxies for Telegram

Proxy-cheap is quite popular in the market for its cheap rotating residential proxies. It might interest you to know that it also does offer private IPv4 datacenter proxies, which are some of the best for Telegram. You can use proxies from this network to manage your Telegram accounts anonymously without leaking your actual Telegram account.

This means that you can use it together with a bunch of mobile numbers to create as many Telegram accounts as you want. The location support for this service is limited compared to Proxy-Seller.

However, it is a performance beast and can even be said to have better download speed compared to Proxy-Seller. From the performance test carried out, I recorded an average download speed of 81.47 Mbps with a success rate of 98.16%. The response time was also quite fast at 143 ms. The pricing for the service is quite affordable, as you can get 1 proxy for $1.99. there is also a weekly and daily plan. But I would advise against them because of their cost.

3. ProxyEmpire — Best Static Residential Proxies for Telegram Account Management

Another provider I recommend for anonymous management of accounts on Telegram is ProxyEmpire. The proxies I recommend here are their static residential proxies that provide you with IPs that don’t change. This provides you better anonymity, not only on Telegram but to any website you are lured to. With this, IP grabbers won’t be able to tell whether you are using a proxy or not, giving you the highest level of anonymity possible.

However, it is not as fast as the other providers mentioned in this section. From the result of the performance test I got, the success rate was 97.48%, and an average download speed of 56.94 Mbps. The response time I got was 457 ms which is considered also slower compared to the other providers above.

In terms of pricing, the service is affordable, as you can get started at $2 per IP. The service does provide IPs from 17 countries around the world. You can create unlimited threads with this. As with the other providers, it does have SOCKS5 support which makes it perfect for Telegram.

4. Proxy-Sale — Cheapest Private Proxies for Anonymous Telegram Management

Last on the list of proxies for managing Telegram accounts anonymously is Proxy-Sale. Proxy-Sale is one of the best out there and does offer specialized Telegram proxies. These are basically nothing special, though. They are high-quality private proxies that have low spam scores and are quite performant. As with the other providers above, I carried out a performance test and got a success rate of 98.85% and an average download speed of 69.47 Mbps.

The response time I got was 156 ms. These metrics look quite similar to what I got for Proxy-Seller. It might interest you to know that I have used these proxies in the past, and the performance has remained consistent over the years. In terms of pricing, you will get the cheapest private proxies for Telegram here. You can purchase a proxy for $1.57. there is the option for you to change the rental period to between 7 days to 180 days, making it quite flexible too.

Best Proxies for Scraping Telegram

Provider Pricing Speed Success Rate Pros
Bright Data Starts at $15/GB 32.94 Mbps 99.14% Largest proxy pool, reliable
Soax Starts at $99 for 8GB 24.83 Mbps 96.58% Regularly cleans proxy pool
Smartproxy Starts at $8.5 for 1GB 31.59 Mbps 97.82% Cheapest cost, very fast
Netnut Starts at $255 28.47 Mbps 98.27% Reliable for large scale scraping

While Telegram allows you to make use of proxies to protect yourself from bad actors on its platform, you are not allowed to scrape data from its platform. If you need to collect the usernames of people in a group, scrape chats, or any publicly available data on the platform, then you need to make use of rotating residential proxies. Below are some of the best proxy providers out there for residential proxies for Telegram.

1. Bright Data — Best Proxies for Scraping Telegram

Bright Data is the provider I will recommend to you if you are looking for the best proxies for scraping Telegram. It offers undetectable residential proxies that are not only undetectable to Telegram but also rotate IPs after every request, making it difficult for Telegram to understand the behavior of your web scraper. It does have over 72 million IP addresses in its pool, making it the largest out there.

You can choose to use IPs from any region of the world. In terms of performance, this service isn’t as fast as the one provided in the first section above. However, I got an average download speed of 32.94 Mbps with a success rate of 99.14% which is considered excellent for a residential proxy network.

The response time recorded Wass 764 ms, which is also great. You just need to use their high-rotating proxies, and you will scrape all of the chats and contact data from Telegram without getting detected and banned.

2. Soax — Cleanest Proxy Pool for Scraping Telegram

Soax will give you unrestricted access to web data not only on Telegram but any other social media networks out there. This provider does have a little over 5 million IP addresses which you can use to scrape Telegram undisturbed. One difference between Soax and Bright Data is that while Bright Data will rotate IP for you after every request, IP rotation for this service is time-based.

However, it is changed early enough before the Telegram anti-spam system picks up. Another difference is that it is priced not just based on bandwidth like Bright Data but also ports. This means you can have many ports and rotate them on your own. This, together with the automatic IP rotation, makes it even more stealthy in its operations.

However, in terms of overall performance, reliability, number of unique IPs, and even location support, Bright Data is miles ahead. For the performance, I recorded a speed of 24.83 Mbps, a success rate of 96.58%, and a response time of 1.2 seconds.

3. Smartproxy — Cheapest and Fastest Residential Proxies for Scraping Telegram

On this list, Smartproxy owns two crowns. First, it is the cheapest for scraping Telegram. You only need $8.5 per GB to get started. This is cheaper compared to Bright Data ($15 per GB) and Soax ($99 to get started). Interestingly, it is even more effective than Soax and can be said to be at the same level as Bright Data. Secondly, it has the fastest response time in the residential proxy market, with a value of 658 ms.

The other performance metrics are also excellent, as it does have an average download speed of 31.59 Mbps with a success rate of 97.82%. The service also has one of the largest pools with over 40 million residential IP addresses in it.

In terms of location coverage, there are over 195 countries that support it, and you can choose to use IPs from any of the supported countries. Even though the proxies offered are high-rotating proxies, you can also use their sticky port options to maintain sessions for up to 30 minutes.

4. Netnut — Best for Large Scale Telegram Scraping

Another provider I will recommend for scraping Telegram is Netnut. It has got support for both HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 protocol which make them perfect for scraping Telegram. The service has got over 52 million IPs in its pool. These aren’t owned by it — it gets them via the devices of regular users but via ethical means. I have used this for scraping Telegram sometimes back, and the result I got was great.

In terms of performance, this provider is quite reliable. For me, I got a download speed of 28.47 Mbps with a success rate of 98.27% and a response time of 853 ms. Looking at the pricing of this service and for how long they have been in business, you can tell they are focused on enterprise customers. You need a minimum of $255 to get started with this service which is considered expensive compared to every other provider mentioned in this article.

How to use residential proxies to manage Telegram accounts

Effectively managing multiple Telegram accounts demands a careful approach to safeguard your identity. Residential proxies offer the anonymity required to conduct these tasks securely. Follow these step-by-step instructions to configure residential proxies for seamless Telegram account management.

Step 1: Choose a Reliable Proxy Provider

Begin by selecting a trusted proxy provider such as ProxyEmpire, SOAX, or NetNut. These providers offer static residential proxies, specifically designed for discreetly managing multiple social media accounts without triggering suspicion.

Step 2: Obtain Proxy Server Details

Acquire the essential server details, including the server IP, port, username, and password from your chosen proxy provider. These credentials will be necessary for configuring the proxy with Telegram.

Step 3: Set Up the Proxy in Telegram

For the Desktop Version:

  1. Launch Telegram and click on the three vertical lines located at the upper-left corner to access the main menu.
  2. Navigate to "Settings."
  3. Select "Add Proxy" and input the proxy server details.
  4. Activate the "Use proxy for calls" option to ensure comprehensive proxy usage.

For Android:

  1. Open the Telegram app and tap the icon at the top-left corner.
  2. Access the "Settings" menu.
  3. Choose "Data and Storage."
  4. Opt for "Proxy Settings" and click on "Add Proxy."

Step 4: Enter Proxy Server Details

Input the server IP, port, username, and password provided by your selected proxy provider. Telegram supports both SOCKS5 and MTProto proxy types for optimal performance.

Step 5: Save the Settings

After inputting the proxy server details, save the settings. Telegram will now utilize the residential proxy for managing your accounts, maintaining your anonymity and security.

Telegram Proxies FAQs

Q. Does Telegram Support Proxies?

Yes, Telegram is one of the few popular social media platforms that support the use of proxies. This is to provide you with an extra layer of security and keep you safe from online predators looking to get you by your IP address.

However, that is where its support for proxies stops. If you need proxies in other to abuse their system or scrape data from the platform, you need to know that the platform does not allow that. For this reason, you will need to make use of undetectable residential or mobile proxies in other to avoid detection, as that could lead to a ban from the platform if caught.

Q. What Internet Protocol is Supported by Telegram?

The Telegram app in the past supports only the SOCKS5 protocols. For this reason, you can only use SOCKS5 proxies for these versions of Telegram apps. However, there are current versions that now support both HTTPS(S) and SOCKS5. If in doubt whether your own version of Telegram supports both HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 or only SOCKS5, go to the proxy setting section of your Telegram app and see the supported protocol in other to know which proxy to purchase for it.

Q. Where to Buy Proxies for Telegram?

Your regular proxy providers will provide you with proxies for Telegram. If any provider currently provides just Telegram proxies, then just know that something is off. This is because there is no uniqueness to Telegram proxies. They are regular proxies and can be used for accessing other sites. In the article, I recommend I recommended Proxy-Seller, Proxy-cheap, Proxy-Sale, and ProxyEmpire as the place to get proxies for anonymous Telegram account management. In the case of scraping data from the platform, Bright Data, Soax, Smartproxy, and Netnut are the preferred places to buy them from.


As a way of concluding this article, you need to know that proxies are not a necessary tool to use Telegram. However, if you care about your security and privacy on the platform, then they are a must. But you need to make use of the right proxies if you must benefit from the power of Telegram proxies. The proxies above are the proxies that have been tested and have proven to work and are the best out there.

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