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Justin Shin

Are you looking for the best proxies to use for scraping e-commerce data from Amazon? Then you’re on the right page as I will describe some of the best proxy networks I have personally tested and have worked with their unique offering.

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Overview of Best Proxies for Amazon Scraping

10 Best Proxies for Amazon Scraping (Performance Compared)

Provider Avg. Success Rate Avg. Endpoint Response Time Proxy Download Speed IP Pool Size Cost Bandwidth Allowed
Smartproxy 99.8% 189 ms 29.76 Mbps Over 40 million IPs Starts from $12.5 monthly for 1GB Starts from 1GB
Bright Data 99.6% 192 ms 32.63 Mbps Over 72 million IPs Starts from $15 monthly for 1GB Starts from 1GB
Nimbleway 99.4% 218 ms 27.25 Mbps Undisclosed number of IPs Starts from $300 monthly for 21GB Starts from 21GB
Soax 99.02% 254ms 24.85 Mbps Over 5 million IPs Starts from $99 monthly for 8GB Starts from 8GB
Oxylabs 98.65% 209 ms 23.78 Mbps Over 102 million IPs Starts from $15 monthly for 1GB Starts from 1GB
Shifter 98.27% 218 ms 19.47 Mbps Over 31 million IPs Starts from $249.99 monthly for 10 special ports Unlimited
Proxy-Cheap 97.87% 298 ms 18.75 Mbps Over 7 million IPs Starts from $4.99 monthly for 1GB Starts from 1GB
Hydraproxy 96.22% 295 ms 14.87 Mbps Over 5 million IPs Starts from $5 monthly for 1GB Starts from 1GB
ProxyEmpire 95.97% 286 ms 12.76 Mbps Over 5 million IPs Starts from $45 monthly for 3GB Starts from 3GB
IPRoyal 94.97% 313 ms 11.54 Mbps Over 2 million IPs Starts from $7 monthly for 1GB Starts from 1GB
NetNut 94.73% 321 ms 11.09 Mbps Over 52 million IPs Starts from $300 monthly for 20GB Starts from 20GB

Amazon is the largest e-commerce platform on the platform with over 12 million products listed and sold on it. The share number of products on the platform together with the details of products and their associated review has made Amazon a target for web scraping. But if you decide to join the list of those scraping Amazon, you need to get prepared as Amazon is not your regular web platform.

You can’t use just any proxies you lay your hands on and expect to succeed — you will just get blocked after a few requests. For scraping Amazon, you need to make use of rotating proxies that leave no trace as proxies.

This is true even if you have the best Amazon scraper at hand as Amazon has a bot detection tool baked into its anti-spam system. Currently, the best proxies to use for scraping data from Amazon are residential proxies. In this article, I will recommend some of the best proxy networks you can purchase proxies for Amazon scraping.

1. Smartproxy — Overall Best Proxies for Scraping Amazon

Smartproxy is arguably one of the best residential proxy services in the market. And when it comes to scraping Amazon, it is the best. I know this because I have tested it. One area Smartproxy perform better than the other providers mentioned in this article when compared is in the area of response speed — all my requests got their response in less than 2 seconds.

And if you were to use a fast scraper that doesn’t load unnecessary resources such as CSS files, then the speed you get is even better. This provider has enough IP addresses for the average user as it has got over 40 million IP addresses in its pool sourced from over 190 locations across the globe.

This means that you can use proxies from this provider for scraping region-based Amazon websites without getting blocked or redirected. While the proxies are rotating proxies, there is an option for maintaining sessions that can last up to 30 minutes, making their proxies even more versatile.

2. Bright Data — Enterprise-Level High-Performance Proxies for Amazon Scraping

Bright Data has made a name for itself and has now distinguished itself from the rest of the market. This provider is regarded as the market leader and it is not just for saying sake. It has one of the largest proxy pools in the market with over 72 million IPs in it. While testing the performance of their proxies for Amazon, I found out that over 70 percent of the requests had unique IP addresses.

70 percent unique IPs are the best you can get from any provider. This, together with its undetectable nature does not only make it perfect for web scraping Amazon but also perfect for enterprise users. Bright Data supports unlimited concurrent requests and sending in more than 50 requests at a time didn’t result in any drop in performance.

The speed I got was generally fast with only a few errors experienced. The only major problem you will have to face with this provider is in the area of KYC. Users of their residential proxies are forced to go through their KYC process. But you get a free trial after that.

3. Nimbleway — Specialized Proxies for Web Scraping

Compared to the other providers mentioned in this article, Nimbleway is the newest proxy provider here. However, this shouldn’t in any way be seen in a bad light as unlike the others that are meant for all kinds of usage, Nimbleway proxies were built from growing up to be used for web scraping. Nimbleway is a web scraping service with different offerings and Nimble IP is its proxy service for web scraping.

I recommend you make use of their residential proxies for web scraping. This is because I used their datacenter IPs and was blocked. Mobile proxies work but are expensive so residential proxies are the best for you. This is the only provider you can be sure of getting 100 percent uptime.

Being a new provider, anti-spam systems of websites have not been able to identify their footprint yet, making it one you can be sure of using without getting blocked. The only major problem with this provider is its pricing — it starts from $300 which is not pocket friendly for small proxy users.

4. Soax — Clean Proxy Pool for Scraping Amazon

Soax is another provider worthy of mention when it comes to scraping data on Amazon. Most residential rotating proxies have one problem — a good number of the IPs in their pool are inactive. This leads to a lot of dropped connections, especially for heavy users. I tested Soax for scraping Amazon and noticed the number of dropped connections is down drastically.

This can be attributed to how this provider regularly cleans their proxy pool to remove bad IPs. Currently, there are about 5 million residential IPs in their pool which a user is allowed to make use of. In terms of location support, Soax has got support for over 100 countries across the globe.

It is also one of the residential proxy services that have granular support for geo-targeting with both state and city-level targeting support. Because it has only about 5 million IPs in its pool, I wouldn’t recommend this for enterprise users if they need to scrape millions of pages on Amazon as a large number of the IPs will be reused.

5. Oxylabs — Best for Scraping Millions of Products from Amazon

If the number of pages you want to scrape from Amazon are in the millions, then you might as well take a look at Oxylabs. This provider has over 100 million IPs in its pool. Testing out its performance, I notice that over 60 percent of its IPs are unique IPs. This means that you can be sure to scrape millions of pages without getting stuck so far compared to when you’re using a provider that has a much smaller pool.

In terms of performance, Oxylabs is also one of the best as it has one of the best response times in the market. In fact, when it comes to speed, Oxylabs is in the class of Bright Data and Smartproxy.

And even when I increase the number of concurrent requests, the performance was still decent. This provider has also got one of the best location support in the market with all countries and major cities supported. This makes it possible for you to scrape localized Amazon websites without being restricted and blocked.

6. Shifter — Amazon Proxies with Unlimited Bandwidth

Residential proxies are known to come with unlimited bandwidth — and Shifter is here to put an end to that narrative. This provider allows users to enjoy unlimited bandwidth and is charged based on the number of ports. When it comes to scraping Amazon using Shifter, you will need to take permission. I tried using it for scraping Amazon and got an error message.

It was only when I dig deeper I discovered you will need to speak to support to enable Amazon scraping. But when enabled, the performance I got was a stellar performance. Blocks and connection drops were minimal — I also didn’t have to deal with exhaustible bandwidth as Amazon pages are heavy compared to many other regular pages.

This provider has got over 31 million IP addresses in its pool with support for over 150 countries from around the world. However, small proxy users might not be able to afford this as you need a minimum of $250 to get started with their residential proxies.

7. Proxy-Cheap — Best Amazon Proxies for Small Users

Are you a small proxy user with a tight budget looking for proxies that are affordable and can still be used for scraping Amazon? Then Proxy-cheap is the provider for you. This provider from its name is cheap. But how cheap is it? With only $5 you can get 1GB from this provider and have access to its 7 million residential IPs. From the IP size, you can tell it is not the best for you if you have hundreds of thousands of pages to millions of pages to scrape from.

It is also not the best when it comes to performance in terms of speed. But away from these, its speed is generally acceptable and the IPs it assigns your requests through are undetectable. It is also important you know that its IPs are from over 127 countries from around the world. The proxies offered by this provider are rotating proxies but can maintain sessions for up to 30 minutes.

8. Hydraproxy — Best for Generating Unlimited Endpoints

In terms of pricing, the Hydraproxy can be seen as a contender of Proxy-cheap since its pricing also starts from $5 per GB. This provider also has a fairly small pool of over 5 million residential IPs in it. One feature you will like about Hydraproxy is its proxy list generator. Using this tool, you can generate as many proxy endpoints as you need, and each has its own session and IP.

This is especially useful for multithreaded scraping of Amazon where sessions need to be maintained. However, as you do this, you just know that it is best to avoid it for large projects. This is because the IP pool isn’t large enough to accommodate projects that require scraping millions of pages.

When it comes to speed, this service does not break any record and from my test, it can best be described as acceptable. Currently, Hydraproxy has got support for over 100 countries which you can choose to use proxies from, and all of the Amazon regions are captured in that.

9. ProxyEmpire — Best Amazon Proxies with Bandwidth Rollover

The ProxyEmpire service is another proxy provider you can use for scraping product data from Amazon. From the test, I carried out, over 95 percent of the requests sent to Amazon was successful at varying response speed of 3 - 5 seconds. This isn’t breaking any speed record but can be said to be acceptable for a residential proxy network. The proxies offered are rotating proxies that change IPs randomly.

It also does offer session proxies that can maintain sessions for up to 30 minutes. This means that you can use it for scraping tasks that require you to maintain a session on Amazon. This provider has got support for unlimited sessions and threads.

However, from experience using it, I will suggest you do not utilize too many threads as doing so will start to affect the performance you get from the service. ProxyEmpire does have support for rolling over unused bandwidth if you subscribe to their service again.

10. IPRoyal — Best for Unexpired Proxies and Small Proxy Users

IPRoyal offers some of the best proxies for scraping a few hundred thousand pages. It is the service for you if you do not consume a lot of bandwidth and your usage is irregular. With this service, you are not mandated to exhaust the bandwidth purchased within a month. The bandwidth you purchase never expires. While this sound like a good bargain for everyone, you need to have a rethink.

This is because the number of IPs in their pool is just a little over 2 million. Considering a good number of these are not always online, you can sure IP rotation won’t be effective for you if you have millions of pages to scrape from Amazon. However, for a few hundred thousand and below, it works perfectly. IPRoyal support all countries in the world and its IPs are ethically sourced. You can get both rotating and sticky ports from this provider making its usage quite versatile even for Amazon.

11. NetNut – Most Reliable Proxies for Scraping Amazon

When it comes to scraping Amazon's massive data, NetNut's residential proxies represent a solid option to get you going. Amazon is one of the strictest when it comes to the question of tolerating proxies. However, we expect a premium option like NetNut's static residential proxies to be too elusive for Amazon bots to lay a glove on. When you consider the versatility of residential proxies, it should be the only choice for marketing research and data extraction purposes on Amazon.

NetNut boasts a clean and expansive pool of over 52 million residential proxies and over 1 million static IPs across the globe. This is a very important feat because things like precise geo-targeting become easier to achieve, irrespective of your location. Thanks to country and city-level targeting, you can carry out targeted campaigns to specific audiences, conduct in-depth market analysis, and ensure regional brand protection. All of these are crucial for businesses hoping to position Amazon's wealth of insights for their decision-making processes.

About access and restrictions measures on the Amazon platform, know that even the most notorious bots won't flag them as spam or scrapers. First, NetNut's network of static proxies comprises genuine IPs from internet users worldwide. Achieving such high levels of anonymity and security is a remarkable feat. CAPTCHAs and IP bans become history with NetNut's private IPs, as Amazon doesn't want to upset their regular visitors by mistakenly banning them for no reason.

We won’t call it the cheapest, but NetNut is reasonably priced. They offer a range of paid options geared towards bandwidth allocation. With $5350, you get a substantial allocation of 20GB per month. And there's a free trial available which does go a long way, in my opinion. It's a chance for you to take advantage of. That's if you're curious enough.


Q. Are Proxies Compulsory for Scraping Amazon?

Amazon scrapers are known to send too many requests within minutes which is enough to trigger the anti-spam system of Amazon leading to a block. The only way to avoid getting blocked when scraping Amazon is to make use of proxies as this will provide you as many IP addresses as you require to exceed the request limits. Rotating proxies are the best for this as you only have to configure one proxy endpoint. Via these proxy endpoints, you have access to a whole pool that assigns and rotate IP for you randomly to avoid getting blocked.

Q. Is Amazon Easy to Scrape?

If you have tried scraping Amazon as a beginner, you will know how difficult it is to scrape Amazon. The anti-spam system of Amazon looks at every single detail to make sure a request is legitimate before it is granted access. The layout of the site can change within scrape to try and break web scrapers. There is just a lot you have to deal with but this is determined by the magnitude at which you are scraping. Small scrapers might not have a problem but when dealing with millions of pages, you will need all of the anti-blocking techniques setups to avoid getting blocked as it becomes easier to detect you because of the behavioral analysis being carried out.

Q. What are the Best Proxies for Scraping Amazon?

From the above, you already know Amazon has an effective anti-spam system for detecting proxies. If you try using datacenter proxies, you will get detected easily. For Amazon, residential proxies are the best. This is because they route your requests via the devices of real Internet users, making it difficult for Amazon to detect you are using proxies. These kinds of residential proxy networks are rotating proxies and as such, they take care of IP rotation for you, making your work easier for you than if you are to manage thousands of proxies individually.


There are a good number of proxies out there that are undetectable to Amazon that you can make use of. There are also bad ones out there that claim to be Amazon proxies that do not really work. The proxy networks mentioned above are tested and trusted providers as far as proxies for scraping Amazon is concerned. While the providers do the same work, they have some features that set them apart — use that to make a purchase decision for yourself.

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