6 Fast Residential Proxies for YouTube Web Scraping (2023 Guide)

Justin Shin

Are you looking to scrape data from YouTube and need the best proxies for the job? Then you are on the right page, as the article below will recommend the best proxies for scraping YouTube for the data you need.

YouTube is home to a wealth of valuable video metadata that researchers and marketers love to analyze. However, scraping YouTube directly can get your IP banned fast. The solution? Residential proxies.

With frequently rotating IP addresses from real homes, residential proxies let you mimic organic human traffic to fly under YouTube's radar. In this guide, we'll cover the 5 best residential proxy services for reliably scraping YouTube at scale.

Key factors like speed, latency, uptime, location targeting, and advanced rotating proxies are essential for smooth, uninterrupted YouTube scraping. Let's review the top providers based on these metrics:

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Overview of Best Proxies for Scraping YouTube

Things need to know before you scrape Youtube's data

YouTube is a treasure trove of data that ranges from video titles, descriptions, subtitles, comments, view counts, and more. Academic researchers turn to YouTube metadata to delve into pressing issues like misinformation, hate speech, and influence campaigns. No doubt, commercial uses are more restricted given YouTube's stringent policies.

Understanding YouTube’s Policy on Scraping

YouTube's Terms of Service are clear: they prohibit most scraping, especially on a large scale, without explicit permission. Violators might face account suspensions or even legal action. While YouTube does offer some data access through its Official APIs, this is mostly for permitted uses like limited analysis. But remember, large-scale scraping is a no-go zone.

What Can Be Scraped from YouTube?

Data ripe for scraping includes video transcripts, subtitles, comment text along with username and date, video details like duration, geo-restriction status, and more. However, certain data like view counts, ratings, and channel analytics are officially available but are updated dynamically, hence restricted for mass downloads.

Additionally, one must be wary of technical measures that YouTube employs. These measures, including CAPTCHAs, rate-limiting, and IP blocking, serve to prevent unauthorized large-scale scraping and automation.

Challenges and Considerations in YouTube Scraping

Scraping YouTube presents numerous challenges, some of which include:

  1. Bypassing CAPTCHAs
  2. IP blocking
  3. Session timeouts
  4. Dynamic web structure
  5. Data variability complexity
  6. Legal and ethical considerations

Moreover, scraping YouTube can unearth invaluable data like video titles, descriptions, metadata, view counts, number of likes and dislikes, comments, channel information, subscriber counts, and video URLs.

Best 6 YouTube Proxies for Scraping YouTube (Performance Compared)

YouTube comes immediately after Google as the second most used search engine. But this is not why you might be interested in scraping it. It has the largest video streaming site and contains video descriptions, comments, and video performance data such as likes, views, and number of subscribers to channels. Another important data is the ranking of a video for specific keywords.

Some of these might be important to you, and you need to scrape them. With the aid of proxies for scraping YouTube and a scraping bot, you should be able to get it done without getting blocked. In this article, the focus is on the proxies aspect. YouTube does not support botting, and one of the ways it detects bot activities is by monitoring IP requests and frequency.

If it gets too many requests from an IP for a short period of time, it concludes such an IP is being managed by a bot and blocks it. With the help of undetectable proxies, you get as many IP addresses to scrape YouTube without getting detected and banned. Let’s take a look at some of the best providers out there for scraping YouTube.

1. Smartproxy — Overall Best Proxies for Scraping YouTube

Smartproxy is the perfect proxy for scraping YouTube. I tested their residential proxies for scraping YouTube, and the performance was impressive. I recorded one of the fastest response rates in the market, with a response time of 683 ms and a download speed of 32.53 Mbps. The success rate recorded was 99.5%, which shows how undetectable the proxies are.

The service is undetectable since it route requests via the devices of regular Internet users around the world, making them indistinguishable from regular users. For context, the proxies used were their rotating residential proxies with IPs changed after every request. The service has got one of the largest proxy pools in the market, with over 40 million IPs.

In terms of location support, all countries are supported, and as such, there is no geo-location restriction if you choose this service. Whether you want to scrape comments and descriptions or even monitor rankings, Smartproxy is perfect for this. The pricing for the service is based on bandwidth, and the provider provides you with the best quality-price ratio in the market.

2. Bright Data — High-Performance Residential Proxies for YouTube Scraping

The Bright Data service is arguably the best proxy provider in the market. And for their residential proxies, I will score it as the most performant. I have used their residential proxies for scraping YouTube in the past, and the result was great. I recorded the fastest response time and download speed from this provider while testing out the best proxies for scraping YouTube.

The speed recorded was 36.11 Mbps with a response time of 627 ms. The success rate was 99.4%. As you can see, Bright Data edges Smartproxy in terms of download speed and response time. This is because of the high-performance infrastructure and engineering that went into it. The provider actually the most advanced in the market with a good number of achievements.

The service has over 72 million IPs in its pool against the 40 million of that of Smartproxy. It proxies are high-rotating proxies that change IPs after every request. Based on my test, it returns the most unique IPs than any other provider in the market, as I got over 80 percent unique IPs in my scraping test.  This service is also quite affordable and cheap. However, for you to make use of this service, you will need to go through their KYC.

3. Soax — Cleanest Proxy Pools in the Market

The Soax service is another proxy network I recommend for scraping YouTube. This service is under 3 years, quite younger than the other providers mentioned above. However, it has become one of the best services for scraping data from the Internet. This service has got a smaller proxy pool —quite smaller than what you get from Bright Data and Smartproxy, as it has only over 5 million IPs.

You can choose to use IPs from over 100 countries using their geo-targeting option. One thing you will come to like about the service is its clean pool. The network regularly checks its proxy pool to remove the bad and inactive IPs to keep the number of retries low.

The success rate I recorded while sending requests to scrape YouTube was 97.38%, with a download speed of 24.65 Mbps. The response time I got was 996 ms. While its performance is a little below what you get from the providers above, you need a minimum of $99 to get started with this service.

4. Proxy-Seller — Best Private Proxies for Scraping YouTube

On this blog, I do not recommend the use of private proxies for top websites with an effective anti-spam system. However, if you have a bunch of Proxy-Seller private proxies and can rotate them efficiently, then you can use them for scraping YouTube. This is because Proxy-Seller does offer proxies with low spam scores.

That makes the proxies less suspicious, which makes it possible for you to make use of them too. Scrape YouTube. Using this, you can scrape comments, descriptions, views, and like counts. If you also want to scrape video thumbnails or even scrape videos, Proxy-Seller is the best on the list. This is because it does not have a bandwidth usage limit which makes it better for the other providers on the list.

It is also the fastest on the list, as I recorded a speed of 73.6 Mbps with a response time of 451 ms. The service has got support for a good number of locations. However, you should remember to use only this service if you can efficiently and effectively rotate IPs —else, stick to rotating residential proxies that will get it done for you automatically.

5. NetNut – Static Residential Proxies

NetNut is another top-notch residential proxy that works perfectly with YouTube for large-scale data extraction. The impressive proxy count of over 52 million gives you enough options to carry out high-precision geo-targeting campaigns. In other words, you don't have to deal with any geo-location restriction if you choose this service.

Also, such a vast IP pool enables you to carry out advanced geo-targeting marketing strategies so that you can reach specific regions, demographics, or languages with ease. This can help you elevate the YouTube experience for you and your audience in no small measure.

Because a video streaming platform is data-intensive, only a fast proxy network should be considered suitable for YouTube data mining. NetNut is built on top of a partnership between one-hop connectivity and P2P partnership which gives it a bunch of performance gains, including super-fast proxy speeds that ensure smooth and uninterrupted YouTube data access. NetNut guarantees no delay or buffering experience that could sour views engagement. NetNut guarantees round-the-clock availability and more than 99% success rates.

NetNut offers a range of competitively priced bandwidth packages that should suit a variety of budgets and needs. The entry package will cost you some $350 for 20GB of bandwidth, allowing businesses or companies of all sizes to leverage the power of their residential proxies to carry out professional YouTube marketing and advertising strategies. There’s also a 7-day free trial that you can take advantage of to gain first-hand knowledge of the platform.  

6. Nimbleway — Best Enterprise-Level Proxies for Scraping YouTube

For this service, forget the caption, as Bright Data is the recommended service for enterprise-level usage. However, Nimbleway is also perfect for scraping YouTube if you are an enterprise. If you aren’t an enterprise, you might find it difficult to make use of this service as you are required to do a KYC and need a minimum of $300 to get started with this service.

For this service, you should use their residential proxies as the rest. Nimbleway didn’t reveal the number of IPs in their pool — I guess they aren’t proud of the number. However, I can assure you that it works because I used it for scraping YouTube. I measured the performance and got a success rate of 96.08% with a download speed of 32.16 Mbps and a response time of 845 ms.

The proxies are rotating proxies that change IPs for you automatically, as the others mentioned. The service is good for scraping comments, view, and like counts, as well as monitoring your video ranking in YouTube SERPs.

YouTube Proxies Buying Guide

Here are some additional tips for choosing the right proxies for YouTube web scraping:

Things to consider before your buying

Location Targeting

Proxy Rotation

Proxy Pool Size

Residential IP Providers


Bandwidth Limits

substant Captchas

Following these tips will help you choose the ideal proxies for scraping YouTube at scale smoothly and securely, without getting your accounts suspended. Reliable proxies are essential for YouTube automation and data extraction.

The market is saturated with YouTube scraper tools and software, but some stand out. Here are some of the best:

  1. Phantombuster
  2. Bright Data Web Scraper IDE
  3. ScraperAPI
  4. Apify
  5. ScrapingBee
  6. Octoparse
  7. YouTube Data Scraper Chrome Extension

Legal Landscape of YouTube Scraping

While scraping public data from YouTube is technically legal, there are caveats. Ensure your scraping activities don't disrupt the site's operations and avoid collecting personally identifiable information (PII). Adherence to YouTube's Terms of Service is paramount, and always strive to collect data ethically and responsibly.


Lastly, while YouTube scraping offers a goldmine of data for various endeavors, awareness of challenges and legal ramifications is crucial. By employing the right tools and techniques, one can navigate these waters efficiently and derive maximum benefits.


Q. Why Use Proxies on YouTube?

In the article, proxy usage was discussed in the context of scraping data from YouTube. However, there are many other use cases of proxies on YouTube. You can use proxies to access geo-targeted videos on YouTube. While many have not come across them, some videos on the platform are meant for users from specific locations, and proxies will unblock them.

You can also use proxies to unblock it if YouTube or your organization has been blocked. Botting to inflate engagement metrics for YouTube SEO also requires proxies. In general, proxies can be used to remove restrictions caused by IP addresses.

Q. What Kind of Data can be Scraped from YouTube?

YouTube might not seem to you an overly text-based platform. However, it still does contain a lot of data points of interest to researchers and marketers. The first detail one would be interested in is the video metadata, such as the title, description, and thumbnail.

Others include the engagement metrics such as likes and view counts, as well as comments on the platform. If you own a channel and want to grow it, you will also be interested in the ranking of your video and how the SERPs change — all of these is done via web scraping since you can’t monitor it manually all the time.

Q. What are the Free Proxies for Scraping YouTube?

There are free proxies in the market that you can use to scrape YouTube — and they potentially work. But I wouldn’t recommend them. This is because free proxies, in all cases except when they are used to trap you into purchasing paid proxies, are products of hacks. By using them, you also get hacked. Aside from the security and privacy dangers of using free proxies, free proxies are also known to be terribly slow, and their uptime period is unpredictable in most cases.

This makes them bad for scraping YouTube even though they could potentially be used. If you can’t afford the providers mentioned above, I recommend you purchase cheap rotating proxies from Proxy-cheap or Hydraproxy. With just $5, you get 1GB for scraping YouTube.


YouTube can be quite smart and effective at detecting proxies. However, if you use undetectable proxies the right way, it becomes quite difficult for it to sniff you out. There are a good number of providers out there that will provide you with proxies for scraping YouTube. The list above is made of the best providers based on the list of providers on our watch list. And you can be sure any of the providers you choose above will work for you as they have been tested and they have proven to be the best for scraping YouTube data.

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