Proxy-Seller Review 2024: My #1 ISP & Mobile Proxies (Performance Tested)

Justin Shin
Are you looking to purchase private proxies from Proxy-Seller but want to read an honest review of the proxies before making a purchase? Then you are on the right page as I will be reviewing the Proxy-Seller proxy network, including its performance.

If you have been researching private proxies for a while, there is every chance you will come across Proxy-Seller as one of the best in the market. For one, I constantly recommend this provider in my listicle articles recommending proxies. And this is not without reasons — I know this provider from its inception and have followed it all along through its journey of improvement.

With my experience with the Proxy-Seller private proxies over the years, I have the right experience and knowledge to write a review for this article. I will reveal to you all of what you need to know to get the most out of Proxy-Seller.

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Proxy-Seller Proxies — an Overview

Official Website:

Feature Description
IPv4 and IPv6 Proxies Proxy-Seller offers both IPv4 and IPv6 proxies for various purposes.
Affordable Pricing Proxy-Seller provides cheap proxies with flexible rental periods.
Multiple Countries Proxy-Seller offers proxies from 12 countries around the world.
Compatibility Supports HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, and SOCKS5 protocols.
User-Friendly Dashboard Proxy-Seller's interface and dashboard are intuitive and easy to use.
24/7 Customer Support Proxy-Seller offers round-the-clock customer support to assist users with any issues.

The Proxy-Seller is one of the popular private proxy providers in the market. But it has not always been like that when it started. While the proxies it is known for its private datacenter proxies, it is known to offer other kinds of proxies. From this provider, you can purchase both ISP and mobile proxies and the newer IPV6 proxies.

But Proxy-Seller is not popular because of all of these — what caught my attention then was the flexibility of its rental period and how that makes proxies available for smaller proxy users, as you can purchase weekly proxies. However, it is also favorable to big proxy users and those that want to stick to them for a long time with its amazing discounts.

Two things you will come to like about this provider are the number of locations it supports and the number of IPs in its pool which surpasses what is obtainable from other private proxies. The Proxy-Seller network is quite fast from my performance test, and you will be assigned unabused IPs. This solves a whole lot of problems associated with datacenter proxies. However, this does not in any way implies Proxy-Seller proxies do not have their problems. In fact, you are going to be dealing with issues of blocks for some site targets since they are easily identified.

Pros and Cons of Proxy-Seller Proxies

Proxy-Seller Pros

Proxy-Seller Cons

Overall, Proxy-Seller offers a range of proxy options with affordable pricing and multiple country options. However, there are some drawbacks, such as the lack of a free trial, limited information on their refund policy, and limited proxy types. Users should consider the pros and cons before deciding to use Proxy-Seller proxies for their specific needs. Pros and Cons of Proxy-Seller Proxies

Proxy-Seller Residential Proxies and Mobile Proxy Setup

As at the time this review article was written, the Proxy-Seller service only offers datacenter, ISP, and mobile proxies. The service has recently added residential proxy support, which to me, is a game changer. Using this network, you have access to a pool with over 15 million IP addresses sourced via P2P networks from over 200 countries across the globe. The IP addresses are real IPs from devices of real Internet users, making them undetectable. The proxy is a rotating proxy network that changes IPs frequently — it also has the option to maintain the same IP address where IP rotation is not needed.

Aside from the residential proxy, there is also a new added to their offering — a mobile proxy setup service. The service already has a mobile proxy network, which is part of what I reviewed in this article. However, if what you want is a mobile proxy network you can truly call your own, then you will need to set up a mobile proxy infrastructure, and the Proxy-Seller service will help you achieve that. For now, you can’t use your own infrastructure. Proxy-Seller will send you the infrastructure, which ranges from a mini PC server to a USB hub, and the number of modems you need.

You will be responsible for adding SIM cards to the modem. Each modem has the capability to provide you with about 1000 IP addresses. It is important you know that the IP addresses will carry the location you are in since you will be adding your own modem. But the performance and features will be great since you have a dedicated proxy server setup. You can learn more about the mobile proxy set up service offered by Proxy-Seller

Proxy Pool Size

This is basically the number of IPs in the network of a proxy provider. But this is seen differently for private proxy networks. This is because, unlike rotating residential proxies that you are given access to the whole pool with your IP rotated randomly, while private proxies assign you static IPs. The private proxy market is not known to reveal the number of IPs in its pool like the residential proxy market. Only a few providers do that, and Proxy-Seller is one of them. Currently, there are over 100K IP addresses in their network. The network is redundant against network and subnet ban as these 100K IPs are sourced from over 300 networks and 800 subnets.

You need to know that these numbers are not static as they change often, but this is what I got at the time of writing this article. And for each proxy package you purchase, you get IPs from multiple subnets and networks. This means that even if your activity with one of the IPs gets you a subnet ban, you still have other IPs that work. It is important you know that the IPs wouldn’t be replaced for you because your activities got the IP blocked. The time for IP replacement is usually at the end of one billing period — usually at the end of the 30 days circle.

Location Coverage

One other area datacenter proxy networks have a problem is in area coverage. From the above, you already know that Proxy-Seller does have over 100K IPs it assigned privately to its customers. But what are the locations covered? It might interest you to know that Proxy-Seller has got one of the best location coverage in the datacenter proxy market. Currently, there are over 50 countries you can purchase proxies for. This means using their network, you can appear to surf the Internet from over 50 countries.

One feature you will come to like offered by Proxy-Seller is that you can select the city/state you need the IPs from. For now, this feature is available in the popular countries like the US. For unpopular countries, you will have to just do with any IP from that country. For selecting a city or state from a specific country, you will need to speak to the Proxy-Seller customer support agent requesting for this. This is because it is not available for you to get it done from the dashboard for now.

Proxy-Seller Speed & Performance Test

One of the core strengths of private proxies compared to residential proxies is that they are generally faster. However, they are still proxies and can reduce your speed. I needed to test the speed of the Proxy-Seller to know how it performs in terms of speed. First, unlike other tests in that I made use of a script, I used the tool. This is because Proxy-Seller is not the best when it comes to sending thousands of requests without buying a bunch of their IPs. I do not have such a budget, so I used a web-based tool to do the testing. I choose 5 popular web targets to check the performance in terms of download, upload, and ping speed. Below is the result of the test.

Website Download Speed (Mbps) Upload Speed (Mbps) Ping
Amazon 72.31 295.54 13
Instagram 58.65 129.58 8
YouTube 77.19 212.96 7
Google Search 98.09 345.49 1
Booking 69.37 189.94 17

Looking at the result above, you can tell that Proxy-Seller is one of the fastest proxies in the market. There is currently no residential proxy network that beats it. Its competitors are in the private proxy network such as MyPrivateProxy and Highproxies. The ping is the best in the market. The values above are my own performance test. Yours will differ based on your actual speed without using proxies as the distance from your test servers. Because I used a web app for the next, I couldn’t test the performance when multiple threads are created.

Streaming and Response Speed Test

Even though you can use private proxies for scraping, it is not the best for such a task. This means that my usual scraping test won’t be effective. I even tried it and got blocked after only a few attempts. This is because I do not have as many IPs as required. I had to swap this test with a streaming test. The number one target for the streaming test is Netflix US. Unfortunately, Proxy-Seller failed. I used it for watching YouTube, and the performance in terms of speed was fast. I also configure it on my PS4 console and played a few online games with no issues — only Netflix detected and blocked Proxy-Seller private proxies. I used their ISP proxies, and it worked for Netflix, though.

Site Avg. Response Rate (sec)
Amazon 0.57
Instagram 0.87
YouTube 0.73
Google Search 0.68
Booking 0.98

The table above shows the response speed test result of Proxy-Seller’s private proxies. As you can see, the response time is less than a second for each of the targets. It is important you know that, unlike in the case of residential proxies, I did the test using an automation script, I had to get this done manually. Looking at the response speed result, you will agree with me when I say Proxy-Seller is one of the fastest datacenter proxy networks you can get in the market right now.

Plans and Pricing Compare And Recommendations

Proxy-Seller offers a variety of pricing plans based on the type of proxy, rental period, and location. Here are some examples of their pricing plans:

  1. IPv4 Proxies:
    • USA: Starting at $1.50 per month for 1 proxy
    • Russia: Starting at $1.20 per month for 1 proxy
    • Germany: Starting at $1.20 per month for 1 proxy
  2. IPv6 Proxies:
    • USA: Starting at $0.15 per month for 1 proxy
    • Russia: Starting at $0.15 per month for 1 proxy
    • Germany: Starting at $0.15 per month for 1 proxy

Except you are operating on a very small budget, you wouldn’t have a problem with purchasing private proxies from Proxy-Seller. The pricing is based on number of IPs, and you can enjoy unlimited bandwidth and create as many threads as you want. One thing you will come to like about the pricing system of Proxy-Seller is its flexibility in terms of number of IPs and rental period. You can purchase as small as 1 IP and as many IPs as you want. For the rental period, you can purchase anything from 1-week proxies to 12-month proxies.

Generally, the more proxies or duration you purchase, the cheaper the price per IP becomes. It is important you know that the price per proxy differ by location. The screenshot above shows a section of the packaged plans for US proxies. 10 proxies are sold for $20.3 at $2.03 per proxy. If you go for the plan with 100 proxies, the price per proxy is  $1.5. The pricing is quite cheap if you consider the high quality of proxies you get from them. Proxy-Seller does not have a free trial option. This means you will have to purchase their proxies to test them out. However, there is a 24-hour refund policy in place for you.

Customer Support

One area I will rate Proxy-Seller is in their area of customer support. This is because, aside from writing a review of their proxies, I used them for some of my personal projects. And I can tell you for a fact that they are responsive. Most of the time, I have heard the need to make use of the customer service; there was always a customer support agent to engage me for a live chat. And the good thing is you can chat with them anonymously without providing your email address or even a name. This makes it even easier to communicate with them.

However, live chat support is not the only channel for communicating with the team. If there is no agent online, you can contact them via Facebook Messenger or Telegram, and you should get a response in no time. The customer agents were not only responsive but helpful and had a good understanding of the technicalities surrounding their proxies. As a registered member, you can also raise a support ticket to have more personalized customer support.

Ease of Use

How easy to use is the Proxy-Seller proxy network? The first thing I notice is that your time is never wasted, as every functionality is automated. I created an account, purchase a plan, and get my proxy details from the user dashboard. It does not get easier than this. Th user dashboard is institutive and simplistic without boring you with unnecessary UI elements. With this service, you would not have the need to install any proxy client in other to make use of it. All you have to do is get the proxy details, such as the proxy address, port, username, and password and configure it in the software client you need to make use of proxies.

Should in case, you get lost along the way, you have the option of getting found. First, you can check their help documents and FAQs page to see if your inquiry has been covered before. If not, you can then go for the second option — customer support. And as I said earlier, the customer support agents have proven, based on my own experience, to be available for any inquiry.

Developer Support

Not many private proxy services bother to offer a developer API as they expect you just to retrieve your proxies and use them in your client software. If you are looking for a developer-friendly private proxy developer, then Proxy-Seller is the service for you. There is a developer API with a good number of endpoints available to you. You need an API key to access these endpoints, as they are all protected. There is a lot you can do with the developer API, including getting balance or adding to it and retrieving your proxies as a list or in a CSV format, among others.

For Proxy-Seller, I will give it up to whoever wrote the developer API documentation. It is not as cumbersome as most other documentation is. However, it is quite comprehensive without wasting your time with details you already know. Also important for you to know that the API is not dependent on any programming language, as it is accessed as a web endpoint.

Verdict: Is Proxy-Seller Good Enough?

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will already know the answer, as we recommend it in a good number of our proxy recommendations. This is because it possesses most of the features you will want from a good private proxy.

First, it offers you proxies that have low spam scores, which means the IPs will not get blocked immediately without any suspicion. The network is built on a powerful infrastructure and is quite one of the fastest in the market. Also important is its affordability and good location support.

However, you still need to know it is not the best for any form of automation except if you have a bunch of its IPs and you have experience using private proxies for automation.


Where is Proxy-Seller located?

Proxy-Seller is a Cyprus-based company with its address at Larnaca, Agias Faneromenis, 143-145, PATSIAS COURT, Flat/Office 201

Can Proxy-Seller be trusted and is it legal?

Yes, Proxy-Seller is a legitimate and trustworthy proxy provider that has been around for over 7 years, providing datacenter proxy services to internet marketers. They offer both IPv4 and IPv6 proxies, and their proxies are compatible with many proxy use cases, such as web scraping, social media management, online gaming, and SEO

Is Proxy-Seller worth buying?

Proxy-Seller has proven to be a reliable datacenter proxy provider that offers affordable proxies and a user-friendly dashboard, They provide proxies that work and are compatible with many proxy use cases, making them a good choice for various purposes. However, it's essential to consider the pros and cons mentioned in the previous answer before deciding to use Proxy-Seller proxies for your specific needs.

What is Proxy-Seller's refund policy?

Proxy-Seller offers a full refund within 24 hours after the purchase of the proxy. For Dofus and Silkroad proxies, the refund is available within the first 60 minutes since the order has been processed. It is strongly recommended to check the proxies as soon as possible after receiving the IP address.

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