12 Best Furniture Brands to Decorate Your New Home

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Online shopping has made shopping easy as you click to make an order and have the products delivered to you. However, when buying items like furniture online, you must consider factors such as their quality and lifespan. To help you understand more about online shopping for furniture, read these 12 best furniture brands.

Searching for the best furniture quality can be quite a task as you want to get the best quality at a reasonable price. Also, having good quality furniture in your home makes it easier to decorate your house. The good news is that many brands are now present online, so you can browse through their website to know what they have in stock. Here is a list of the 12 best Furniture Brands you can find some quality furniture.

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1. Wayfair

Wayfair is a brand based in the US that sells home appliances and furniture online. Besides Wayfair.com, Wayfair also owns AllModern, BirchLane, Perigold and Joss & Main websites. This brand offers over 14 Million products on its website and has over 11,000 suppliers worldwide. Some products on their website include décor items, rugs and outdoor furniture.

Key Features.

  1. Most of their products are reasonably priced.
  2. Offers a variety of products you can choose from.
  3. It does not have a warehouse but directly supplies the goods to the client.

2. Floyd

Floyd, founded in Detroit, has been another brand selling quality furniture online since 2013. You will get various items such as coffee tables, sofas and bed frames. Floyd has a robust website that is easy to navigate, and you will easily find products such as rugs, bed boards, and throw pillows.

Key Features.

  1. It sells high-quality furniture.
  2. Fairly priced products.
  3. Their packaging is thoughtful and has a greeting.
  4. They charge an extra shipping fee.
  5. The products are easy to assemble.

3. Ashley Furniture

Ashley Furniture is a brand based in the US that acts as a home furniture manufacturer, distributor and retailer. It has seven subsidiaries that market and distribute its products. Also, Ashley has a price match guarantee, although most of its products are reasonably priced.

Key Features.

  1. They sell a wide range of products.
  2. The website has a price match guarantee.
  3. Affordable prices for the products.
  4. High-quality goods.

4. Burrow

If you love modular furniture in your home, the Burrow brand is your best choice. This brand sells quality, convenience and affordable furniture, unlike other brands. Kuhl and Kabeer Chopra founded this brand in 2018 to offer clients fresh customized furniture. However, if you have to return an item, Burrow charges you 10% of the price if the item is in its original package and 25% if you don’t have the package.

Key Features.

  1. High-quality furniture.
  2. Affordable prices for their products.
  3. Their products are easy to assemble.
  4. They have a free shipping policy.

5. West Elm

West Elm sells furniture assembled in the US and also imported from other countries. This brand is well known as they’re keen to protect nature, so they recycle fabrics and use engineered wood. West Elm sells high-quality, luxurious furniture, but they have something for everyone.

Key Features.

  1. They have a wide range of products.
  2. It’s an Eco-friendly brand that uses recycled fabrics and engineered wood.
  3. They have luxurious, high-quality furniture.

6. Apt2B

Apt2B is a brand that has been selling quality, long-lasting furniture since 2010. Although it initially sold living room furniture, it now sells home office, bedroom and dining room furniture. This brand sells Mid-century furniture, and you can be sure to find a design that suits you.

Key Features.

  1. They have long-lasting and quality furniture.
  2. Their furniture is custom-made.
  3. A wide variety of products.

7. Castlery

Castlery is a Chinese company founded by Declan Ee in 2013. It sells beautifully designed furniture for every room in your house. Their designers have a great customer experience that helps them know what customers want and work with market trends to make furniture. Castlery planners search for raw materials available at the best prices in the market.

Key Features.

  1. They sell unique and long-lasting furniture.
  2. Reasonable prices.
  3. They have a team of experienced design professionals.

8. Benchmade Modern.

Benchmade Modern sells a high-end furniture collection with a great sense of style. Their furniture is well-handcrafted, so you can still use it for several years. What’s unique about them is that they issue a full-size printout to clients to help them determine if the furniture fits in the room.

Key Features.

  1. Minimalist and classic furniture.
  2. All their products are luxurious and high-quality.
  3. Benchmade has a collection of over 15 custom-made furniture.

9. Medley

Medley is a modern furniture brand that emphasizes providing cozy and long-lasting furniture. They use raw materials from the US with no added fire retardants or harsh chemicals to achieve sustainability.

Key Features.

  1. Focuses on selling cozy and durable designs.
  2. Affordable prices.
  3. They have a variety of furniture.
  4. It's an eco-friendly brand that recycles 20 million of its products annually.

10. Universal Furniture.

Universal Furniture is a brand established in 1968 in the US, but it manufactures its upholstered furnishings and case goods in Asia. This brand has some of the best furniture designs and has won 13 awards from the IFSD (International Society of Furniture Designers).

Key Features.

  1. Wide range of furniture options.
  2. Their furniture has a classic luxury look.
  3. You can filter your search to “in-stock” options.

11. Lulu & Georgia

Lulu & Georgia is the ideal brand for you if you want to furnish your home with minimalist but luxurious furniture. It’s a brand launched in 1912 by Sara Sugarman, an interior designer. Sara Sugarman used her skills and experience to create a great catalogue of furniture furnishing for every room in your house.

Key Features.

  1. Lulu & Georgia sells quality and luxurious products.
  2. Simple but stylish furnishings.
  3. You have a wide range of products to buy.

12. Lovesac

Lovesac is another popular American-based brand that retails furniture. They have specialized in Sanctionals, modular furniture with two pieces you can combine, furniture accessories and customizable seat covers. Moreover, they sell "Sacs," a bag containing foam mixture.

Key Features.

  1. They sell very comfortable seats.
  2. Customizable furniture.
  3. You can buy outdoor and indoor furniture.


A good number of furniture brands sell high-quality, luxurious furniture at affordable prices, such as Wayfair and Floyd. Furthermore, some of these brands are cautious about sustainability and recycle some waste materials or use engineered wood and glass in their manufacture.  

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