Novogratz Furniture Review: They Are Not Only Famous for Sofas!

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Are you up to grabbing the modern urban chic decor or furniture? Then understanding your best fashion designer is the first step. In our review, we will explore Novogratz in detail and let you evaluate if they deliver based on multiple ratings from customer reviews.

When it comes to interior design, it is good that you leave everything to the experts. You might be looking for a celebrity to help you spin your house and realize that maybe it is not a good move. Many companies offer interior designs, including Hollywood glam and a rustic camp house. With the perfect section of the brands, you can easily change your ordinary house to become a charming gateway.

In this article, we will cover one of the reputable interior design company-Novogratz, Furniture review. It is one of the reputable companies that has introduced new ideas not only to the bedroom but covering the whole house to look cozy and elegant. Our review will cover an in-depth look at the brand, the products, promotion, customer reviews, etc., which are relevant o help you make a decision. But, it is worth giving it a shot. Here is why.

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Novogratz Furniture Review

Novogratz Furniture is an interior design-oriented company, family-owned, dealing with the sales of Urban chick home decor and modern furniture. Their products range based on the unique design and twist capable of turning ordinary houses into charming highly, from old Hollywood glam to the rustic camp house, etc. The company has developed new ideas for bedroom decoration and house generating to make it elegant and cozy.

The brands have a simple design that complements the decor and style of your house. Going back, Novogratz Furniture is a company founded by Robert Novogratz and Corney that, to date, has over 25 years when it comes to home improvement. These husband and wife duo aimed at popularizing their passion and skills through television based on thousands of well-known and remodeled LA boutiques & residents under their management.

The two worked feverishly staring at Bravo shows and their own HGTV in expanding their coverage and operation. To get more reach, they have been partnerships with many affiliate programs over the years like CB2and Wayfair. With this in mind, to help their potential clients in amateur interior design, they decided to establish the furniture brand in LA-Califonia.

Today, the company sells a perfect collection of contemporary home decor, kitchen, video, fortress, and furniture. Customers can now select from a range of nightstands and rugs with multiple unique items with different designs and shapes. The company is now more than a home brand but an inspiration to become fearless in life and design. The company has over 208k followers on Instagram, which is impressive and is featured on multiple social media outlets like CNBC. The brand spans every element of interior design.

Novogratz Furniture Pros:

Novogratz Furniture Cons:

Novogratz is one of the best brands working as the Cheat Code with plenty of funky rugs, a sprinkle of modernized plant stands, and charming wallpaper pinch. The inventory has plenty of selections. With the above comparison of the cons and pros, let us now head to the next section and take a look at why we like the company in interior design fashion.

Why We Like Novogratz Furniture

It Offers Affordable Pricing

when it comes to pricing, Novogratz stands in between the cheap and expensive competitors. This company in the home decor niche considers its customers and guarantees reasonable pricing without interfering with the design as well as the quality of the brands. Thus, when operating within a fixed budget, you can consider furniture from this company that you will never regret.

Online Shopping

everything that Novogratz offers can be accessed through the online portal in the sales section. Though, the company claims they are planning to open the store in the future. Online shopping is a speedy choice for customers that prefer placing orders online. Thus, the best option that does not o0nly save you time but is also convenient with a return policy applies.

Unique Design

We would rank Novogratz on top compared with other rivals like Ikea for home improvement. This is because they offer furniture with unique designs. These designs are trendy but only cost less than competitors hence considered affordable. The company is also known for contemporary furnishing besides home decor.

There are many more things that make us rank the brand for interior design. Such aspects include customer support, the return policy, impressive reviews and ratings online, plenty of discounts and promotions, and many other things. The list is endless.

Customer Review

Regarding customers' reviews, Novogratz furniture has c8untless reviews online. The reviews have been searched far and wide, and you never have to tap on the checkout icon. First, review the reviews and find out how customers are satisfied with the home decor and contemporary interior design from Novogratz furniture. While you can get reviews on the official website, there is plenty of fantastic reviews on the Facebook page. It has 4.5 stars out of 5 after 95 reviews, and a recommendation here from a client states,

'I adore my pink futon! Fantastic! The color is exactly as displayed on the website, it's simple to put together, constructed of high-quality materials, and it's quite comfortable!'

These are all positive reviews about the brand, and most customers are pleased with the beautiful design, simple to put together, and the trendy nature of the design. This mainly covers the couch and bed from this company. Many people wrote on their Facebook page encouraging more potential customers to get in touch. Moving to Amazon, it also has a good and excellent rating, and the customers are all-around satisfied.

Put on the 8173 global reviews, and the brand has scored 4 stars out of 5, where 51% gave it 5 stars, meaning recommends it to their friends, while only 10% gave it one star. On the Novogratz Britany Sofa Futon. A happy client adds on amazon,

'I'm quite pleased with this couch, especially considering the price!' We installed it in our Airstream trailer, which elevated the design to a new level. I'm happy we went ahead and did it. I enjoy the mustard color; it's unusual and entertaining. It's firm yet not uncomfortable.'

Wayfair gives the brand a rating of 4.5, which is excellent after 20546 reviews on the platform. This is awesome and indicates how happy clients are based on these reviews. And sti8ll on the same platform, the Balck Bushwick platform bed scores 4.5 after 4520549 reviews online. From the above reviews alone, many of the reviews indicate that customers are impressed with the reasonable pricing, comfortability, and sturdy nature.

There are also other external sites where the brand has a good rating and received critics. You were considering the overall reviews from customers; the positive override the negative. Therefore, if you can assume or never mind the small negative testimonies, you have a high chance of ending up with this brand and delivering your dream products.

Where to Buy Novogratz Furniture

This brand has one of the widespread distribution channels. Therefore, when you want to purchase furniture, you can easily spot them on multiple platforms. First, you can access them on the official website Besides, the items are also available at the retailers selected based on the needs. these include:-

There are still other outlets, and the list is endless.

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Is Novogratz Furniture Worth It?

There are a few things that make Novogratz furniture a perfect choice for any budget. Some of these are affordable pricing, the functionality of their items, and gorgeous designs on the store. Also., location coverage and item distribution are other factors making the company worthy of everything. This is why we highly recommend adding the home decor from Novogratz furniture to your cart even when operating on a fixed budget. Additionally, the contemporary design from the brand will ultimately flair you to any space in no time.

Some clients also checked that the items from the brand feature unique charms, making them different from other rivals. And to make it even funny, every furnish comes in a simple composition so that it becomes so easy to pair your living room without the fear of conflicting colors, ideas, and patterns. Unlike West Elon, Novogratz furniture is a cost-effective brand compared to other competitors.

You never have to empty your pocket r savings combined with the budget to get the decorative lamp and futon to your cart. So the customers can own the best in the world at a low cost. This is the middle group alternative to many competitors online. Move forward and have it all with no second thought.

Novogratz Furniture Discounts

When it comes to the discount at Novogratz furniture brand is where you get a chance to save some bucks. There are some items in the store that come at a discounted price on the market. Still, when you sign up for the newsletter, you get the 10% off your next order from the platform. When you sign up for the platform, they send you the code for the discounted price on the new sales and exclusive products.

At the time of writing the brand reviews, we did not find any active promo codes, coupons, etc., that customers enjoy. But to get the latest arrivals and discounts as well as promo codes, keep on following the adverts and their social media platforms for updates and future promotions. They have good plans for you to save money for the following orders.

Novogratz Furniture Contact

Reaching out for help or contacting Novogratz Furniture is very simple. From the reviews and details on their website, you can reach out to the support team through the mailing address post office box 747 New York, NY 10014 or email address at The team is available anytime to address your concerns as fast as possible.


Q. Who makes Novogratz's future?

First, you must keep in mind that the cofounders who are Corney & Robert Norograz, are the one who oversees the collection of designs perfect for their furniture line. Then they have partnered with prominent firms like CB2 and Wayfair, with which they collaborate to come up with unique designs and brands.

Q. Who is the owner of the Norogramz brand?

If you are fun o of designs and the HGTV program at 9, then we assume that you have a rough idea and know who the owners of this famous home decor brand are. In short, the company is co-founded by the two core duo: wife and husband Cortney & Robert.

Q. Where is the Novogratz brand made?

From the review, we cannot locate where the furniture is made. But from the available details,  we were only able to locate where their headquarters are located in Los Angeles and NY city.


Novogratz is the best brand to look for when it comes to interior designs coupled with stylish and variety in terms of colors and design. These items are simple to pair with your space and pretty affordable other than comfortably. Many customers are impressed and satisfied with their products. They all come with an element of elegance, making them the perfect choice for decorating your living room regardless of the space, color, and ideas.

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