Amazon Video Game Return Policy (Opened, Used and How to Make It)

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Amazon is the biggest marketplace for video game sales. They have great deals on video games and consoles from well-known companies like Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, and Nintendo Switch. What happens when you realize you were sent the wrong game? Can you return video games to Amazon?

Yes, Amazon has a video game return policy to guarantee customers' satisfaction with their game purchases. The company allows you to return video games for a full refund if the product is incorrect, defective, or damaged. However, the return should be within 30 days of receiving it. What if you have already activated and used the game? Here are the most important details about Amazon's video game return policy.

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What Is Amazon Video Game Return Policy?

Amazon's return policy for video games varies depending on the condition of the product and whether it has been opened or used. Here is a summary of Amazon's video game return policy:

It's important to note that Amazon's return policy may vary depending on the specific product and the seller. Be sure to review the return policy for the specific product you are purchasing before making your purchase.

How to Return Video Games on Amazon?

Amazon’s video returning process is straightforward. The process is similar to that of returning other items on the platform. The procedure is pretty quick if it’s within 30 days of shipment. But before you get into the process, you must ascertain that Amazon’s 30-day global store return policy covers the game.

The return policy covers not all merchants and all brands. Thus, before buying any game on Amazon, check the return policy. The return option should be under your Account (Amazon) orders. If a return option is not visible on your orders, the video game may not be eligible for a return.

In such a case, contact Amazon for assistance. Some third-party sellers sometimes list their Return and Refund Policy on their profile page. Check the page when buying video games from third-party vendors on Amazon. Here are the steps to follow when returning a video game you ordered on Amazon:

Step 1: Go to your Amazon account and proceed to Your Orders All your latest orders are displayed here.

Step 2: Select Return a Gift

Step 3: Choose the order you want to return from your recent orders and click the Return or Replace Items button.

Step 4: Choose the games you intend to send back and choose either of the options under the Reason for return Selecting the reason for the return will help the support team understand why you are returning the game and help you accordingly.

Step 5: Now select how you want to process your return: choose a refund or replacement if applicable. If you bought the game from a verified Amazon vendor, click the Submit return request Before making any refund or replacement, Amazon sellers take their time to review all return requests.

Step 6: Pick your desired return method.

Step 7: Print a copy of the return slip and the return authorization sticker. To guarantee a refund or replacement, ensure you print the correct return label for the order you are returning.

Step 8: Follow the Returns Center's packaging instructions to package your items for a return securely.

To check the status of your return, go to Your Orders, and next to the returned order, select View Return/Refund Status.

How to Return a Video Game Gift?

Game systems and video games are some of the most popular gifts on Amazon. Unfortunately, sometimes these gifts don't work out, and you might have to return the product. However, when it comes to gifts, you will not get a refund but an exchange with another video game. Here is how to return and swap a video game gift on Amazon without any problems:

Step 1: Visit the Returns Center using a laptop or desktop browser. Sign in to your Amazon account if prompted.

Step 2: Enter the order number of the gift you intend to return and click the

Search Step 3: Choose the items you wish to return. And from the drop-down menu, select the return reason. You might have to click the Submit return request if you bought the gift from a third-party seller on Amazon. If the seller does not give you the necessary support, you can fill out the A-to-Z guarantee claim form, and Amazon will look into the matter.

Step 4: Choose your ideal return method and follow the on-screen instructions.

You can track the progress of your return through the Returns Center or via the Return Summary email sent to your email after requesting the return.

Things to Consider Before You Return a Video Game Gift on Amazon

Here are the key things that you need to consider before returning a video game gift on Amazon:

Return Amazon Video Games After 30 Days

Amazon's return policy states that you can return most items, including video games, within 30 days of receiving them. However, if the game is new and unused, you can still return it after 30 days. Other conditions to observe include:

Contact the customer support team by clicking on the help button adjacent to your order for further guidance.

Return an Opened/Used Video Game to Amazon

You can return an open or used video game to Amazon. However, you will be charged a high restocking fee equivalent to what you initially paid when buying the game. So, is the return of an opened or used game worth it? The restocking fee is determined after Amazon inspects your video games.

Once determined, Amazon will issue a refund if the return is within the standard 30-day policy. Be prepared! The refund might be much less. To guarantee your full money back, check the seller’s return policy and comply with the terms. You will get a full refund or replacement if the seller delivers defective or damaged video games.


Can you return video games to Amazon? Yes, Amazon allows customers to return video games and get a full refund or replacement. However, the return must be within the standard 30-day policy. Besides, the game must be unopened, unused, and in the same condition, it was received in, including all accessories, and be sealed in its original packaging.

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