Amazon Shoe Return Policy (All You Need to Know!)

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Amazon is the web's go-to shopping destination that sells virtually anything, and shoes are no exception. Despite the appeal of shopping on Amazon, buying shoes is more complicated than any other product on the platform. This is because shoe sizes vary between manufacturers, or you might not know your actual shoe size or width, which makes it challenging to buy a shoe without trying it.

Since shoes require the perfect fit, you could find yourself with shoes that are too small, too big, or fail to meet your expectations. Therefore, you'll have to first understand the Amazon shoe return policy before buying them. In this article, we'll cover the Amazon shoe return policy and help you learn whether you can return worn shoes to Amazon.

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What is the Amazon Shoe Return Policy?

Amazon's Shoe return policy states that customers can return their shoe package within 30 days of receipt. It falls under Amazon's Clothing, and Accessories return policy, which offers free returns on various fashion items, including clothes, jewelry, and shoes.

Therefore, if you're not satisfied with the pair of shoes you bought, you'll have 30 days to request a return from the day you received them. While there is no minimum purchase required for you to receive free returns, whether you qualify for a free return or not depends on the shoes you ordered and whether Amazon fulfilled them. Continue reading this article to learn more about the Amazon shoe return policy.

How Long Do I Have to Return Shoes to Amazon?

Following the Amazon shoe return policy, you'll have 30 days to return your shoe purchase if, for any reason, you're not satisfied with it. However, this might not be the case for third-party sellers and brands.

This is because some third-party sellers use Amazon as a selling platform and therefore have their own policies, which may differ from Amazon shoe return policies. These policies vary from seller to seller, making it crucial for customers to understand their return policies before purchasing.

Do I Need the Original Packaging to Return the Shoes to Amazon?

Yes, most Amazon products, including shoes, must be returned with all their original packaging. Amazon will not accept your shoes if you try to return them without their original packaging box. Therefore, after buying shoes on Amazon, you should keep their original packaging if you need to return them.

This is also the case for tags, certificates of authenticity, and other relevant documentation. Without all the documentation you found in the package, Amazon will reject your return package and will not offer a refund or exchange.

How to Return Shoes to Amazon?

After buying shoes on Amazon, you'll have 30 days to submit a return request, after which Amazon will not accept your package. Therefore, if you're within this timeline and would like to return shoes to Amazon, you can do this by taking the following steps:

Step 1: Go to the Your Orders page to display your recent orders

Step 2: Then find the shoe order and click on Return or replace items

Step 3: Select an option from the Reason for return menu.

Step 4: Then select how you would like Amazon to process your return. You can choose to issue a refund or replacement

Step 5: Select the return method you would like to use.

Step 6: After that, you can now print the return label and return authorization.

You can then add the printed documents to your shoe package and mail them back to Amazon. If you bought the shoes from an Amazon seller, you'd see the Submit return request option. The seller will have two days to issue a response, failure to which you can file an A-to-Z Guarantee to receive a refund.

Will I Pay a Shipping Fee for Amazon Shoe Returns?

This depends. In most cases, you'll not have to pay shipping fees when returning boots, flats, or other shoes to Amazon. However, in some cases, such as shoes purchased from The Drop, customers must pay the shipping fee when returning them. This is because items in The Drop are made on-demand for you.

Therefore, you cannot exchange them, and in case they were damaged, defective, or incorrect, you'll receive a full refund, including the return shipping fee. When buying shoes on Amazon, read through the details to know whether they qualify for free return shipping. Generally, your shoes qualify for free return delivery if:

Amazon will deduct return shipping fees from your refund if you include any shoe package ineligible for free returns.

Can You Return Worn Shoes to Amazon?

Unfortunately, you cannot return worn shoes to Amazon. Amazon does not accept shows that show significant wear and tear, damaged after delivery, altered or resized. Wearing shoes may cause damages such as non-removable scuff marks, torn shoe material, or damage to the heel that could result in Amazon rejecting the shoes.

However, if your shoes experienced minimal cosmetic wear, they may be eligible for a return. Therefore, you should first contact Amazon customer service to know whether your shoes are acceptable for a return. This will help you avoid returning shoes with significant damages that will be rejected and are ineligible for a refund. You should also remember that Amazon does not accept any returns delivered by hand.

However, customers are allowed to return their shoes for whatever reason they may have. Whether the shoes were damaged or defective before delivery, different from what you expected, or you simply dislike them, Amazon allows you to request a free replacement if available or a refund.


While Amazon ensures that your dream pair of shoes is only a click away, online shoe shopping is always a little bit of a struggle. The lack of ability to try them on could make you buy shoes that don't fit, or you end up disliking them. Luckily, the Amazon shoe return policy gives you 30 days to return shoes for whatever reason you may have.

If you plan on returning shoes to Amazon, you should avoid wearing them to increase your chances of a replacement or refund. You should also remember to return the package as you received it, including its original packaging tags, certificates of authenticity, and any other relevant documentation.

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