Amazon OTP Text 2024: Everything You Need to Know

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Amazon is a popular e-commerce website with a reputable global presence. The company has multi-million USD daily sales on its online marketplace. The company is also responsible for making more than 66,000 hourly shipments in the US alone. The company delivers more than 1.6 million packages in a single day. Amazon uses OTP texts to secure the accounts of its shoppers. 

Online shopping has become the most preferred way to shop among the young generation. The online shopping industry was estimated to be worth over 4.9 trillion USD in 2021. Amazon claims a majority share of the e-commerce industry. Amazon has grown to be a household brand, and it has become synonymous with online shopping. The company implements rafts of security features to secure online transactions on its platform. OTP text feature is one of the security features that protect the accounts of Amazon users.

Below is an ultimate guide on Amazon OTP text 2024: Everything you need to know.

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What is Amazon OTP?

OTP feature is one of the most remarkable developments in cyber security. OTP is an acronym that means one-time password. It is common to hear the security feature referred to as a one-time PIN. Amazon OTP is a pinpoint management feature used to authenticate users. The security feature automatically generates character strings to validate a user login. The character strings can only be used once and expire within a prescribed time-out period.

Why did I get an Amazon OTP text?

Amazon OTP service has been tested and proven to be a reliable security layer to safeguard your package delivery. Check if you have provided the correct phone number if you have not received an OTP code from Amazon. Poor network connectivity might cause a delay in getting your OTP text. Make sure you have a reliable internet connection before logging into your account.

How do I use Amazon OTP?

Amazon OTP is a user-friendly pinpoint feature. Open your browser and log on to Amazon’s website. An email/phone prompt will appear during the Amazon login process. Enter your phone number and check if it is correct before clicking on the send OTP option. You will get a six-digit numeric PIN from Amazon sent to your phone within seconds. Copy the six-digit code and paste it on the Amazon OTP verification page. You will be redirected to the captcha verification feature if everything OPT verification checks out.

How do I find my Amazon OTP?

Amazon sends out an OTP PIN every time it utilizes the pinpoint or authentication feature. You can find your OTP code in your phone’s inbox if you select the text option. Check your email for the OPT code if you opted for the email verification process. You can look for the OTP code in your spam folder if you don’t get a new inbox from Amazon.

Amazon delivery OTP not received

Amazon will send you an OTP if your delivery is valuable or sensitive. The Amazon OTP PIN will remain valid until your package is delivered. You can expect your package to be delivered the next day if no one was available to receive your item during delivery. Do not share your OTP code with anyone because of safety reasons. You may share your OTP with someone you trust if you are unavailable to receive your package.

Why is Amazon OTP not working?

Amazon OTP is compatible with all the popular browsers, and it should work without any glitches. However, OTP can fail on rare occasions. To solve this problem, wait for at least 1 minute before pressing the resend button. You can try to clear your browser’s cache and restart your browser if the problem persists.

Why am I receiving Amazon OTP without requesting it?

Amazon OTP is a security feature that Amazon members use to secure their accounts. It is possible to have random OTP messages sent to your phone or email address. Receiving random OTPs could mean that someone is trying to access your Amazon account without your consent. Contact Amazon customer care if you keep receiving random OTP texts.

Is Amazon OTP legit?

Yes, Amazon OTP is a legitimate security feature from Amazon. OTP feature exists to protect your Amazon account from unauthorized access. Amazon is bound by its terms and conditions policy not to share personal data like phone numbers with third parties.

How do I verify OTP on Amazon?

You can verify your OTP code on Amazon by following a few steps. First, enter your phone or email address as the preferred verification method. Wait for a six-digit numeric PIN message on your email or phone. Copy and paste the six-digit pin on your Amazon account to verify that you are the legitimate administrator of the said account.

What is the Amazon OTP authenticator app?

Amazon OTP authenticator is an independent mobile application program that you can install on your smartphone or tablet. You can use this mobile application program to generate an OTP PIN. The app generates legitimate PIN codes that you can use in a two-step verification process to your account. The Amazon OTP generator program is a standalone program. The OTP generator cannot access your Amazon account directly.

Does Amazon ask for OTP for payments?

Yes, you are required to use OTP whenever you make payments with a debit card. Amazon prides itself on playing an active role in developing OTP as a verification process for debit card users. Amazon requires you to verify online debit card payments using an Amazon OTP and ATM PIN.

Why do some purchases require an Amazon OTP?

Purchasing valuable items on Amazon will necessitate you to use the OTP feature. The OTP feature is essential because it makes sure your package is delivered directly to you. Amazon OTP ensures unauthorized parties do not intercept your delivery.

How to call Amazon delivery agent with pin

You can open the account section on your Amazon application. Select the track package option to confirm that your package is in transit. Go back to your home screen on the Amazon App click on the contact us link at the bottom of the page. Click on the “Call-Us” link and select your order. Tap on the order tracking and delivery option on your mobile application. Note down your PIN and use it to call your delivery agent and track your package.

Can you set up an Amazon delivery OTP by yourself?

Amazon OTP delivery feature is an automated program. You can easily set up your Amazon delivery OTP by yourself. Just provide the correct details of your email address and phone number whenever prompted on Amazon.

Amazon OTP and Amazon 2SV: what’s the difference?

Amazon OTP is an automated code generator that sends you a different 6-digit numeric PIN. The OTP feature sends you a unique and disposable numeric PIN each time you log into your account. Amazon 2SV is a secure login procedure that uses two layers of verification. You require a password and OTP PIN to authenticate a login attempt using Amazon 2SV.

How do I bypass Amazon OTP verification?

You can bypass the Amazon OTP verification process by going to your Amazon account settings. Bypass your Amazon OTP verification by disabling the 2SV in your login and security settings.

How to disable Amazon OTP as a shopper

You can bypass Amazon OTP verification by disabling the Amazon 2-step verification process. Follow the following steps to disable your 2-step verification process.

  1. Go to your Amazon account settings and select the login and security section.
  2. Locate the 2SV option and click the edit command box on the left.
  3. Select the disable the 2SV option and wait for an OTP code.
  4. Copy and paste the 6-digit code to confirm that you want to disable the 2-step verification process.
  5. OTP is automatically disabled if you opt-out of Amazon 2SV.

Can you disable Amazon OTP as a seller?

It is not possible to disable Amazon OTP as a seller. You cannot access Amazon Seller central if you have disabled OTP.

How to set up your Amazon OTP via the authenticator app

Use the following steps to set up OTP on your Amazon app.


Amazon OTP is a trusted and efficient way to secure your account from unauthorized access. It takes only a few minutes to set up your Amazon OTP. That said, we come to the end of this extensive guide on Amazon OTP text. Hope you found the post very useful. If you have any questions or suggestions, be sure to drop them in the comments section below.

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