Amazon Drone Return Policy (Read Before Making a Purchase!)

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Drones continue to increase in popularity, with more people buying this advanced gadget, including photographers, hobbyists, videographers, and enthusiasts. People can effortlessly take aerial photos and videos, experience FPV racing, or fly them for fun. If you're considering getting into the world of drones, your first stop will be at Amazon.

Being the most prominent platform for online shopping, you're sure to find a drone that suits your needs on Amazon. However, since drones are among the most fragile items on Amazon, you might receive a damaged drone or one that does not meet your expectations.

Therefore, you'll want first to understand how the Amazon drone return policy works so that you can know what to do in case you run into problems with your purchase. Keep reading this article to uncover the ins and outs of the Amazon drone return policy.

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What is the Amazon Drone Return Policy?

Amazon's drone return policy allows you to return a drone within 30 days of purchase. However, to receive a full refund, the drone must be returned in a new, unaltered condition unless it arrived damaged. Otherwise, you'll not get your money back. Before buying a drone from a third-party Amazon seller, you should check their return policy, as it may differ from the Amazon drone return policy.

Does the Amazon Return Policy Apply to Drones?

The Amazon global store return policy allows you to return products fulfilled by Amazon and request a refund within 30 days of receipt, and drones are no exception. Most Amazon drones, from beginner to high-tech camera drones, are subjected to this policy.

Before buying a specific drone product, check the seller's return policy under the Add to Cart and Buy Now buttons. This will help you purchase a product you can return without any hurdles. You can also opt for Drones fulfilled by Amazon, which have a much simpler, quicker, and easier return policy.

Can You Return Drones to Amazon After 30 Days?

Amazon's return policy varies from product to product. In some cases, Amazon might only allow you to return an item after the 30-day timeline if you agree to pay for postage and restocking. While this option may be available, it depends on the make, model, and merchant. Therefore, you should check the product detail page before proceeding to checkout.

If after 30 days you no longer see the return button, you can contact Amazon customer service by clicking on the Help button. An Amazon representative will confirm whether or not your drone can be returned after 30 days and walk you through the steps of doing it.

Can You Return Used or Opened Drones to Amazon?

You can return a drone to Amazon as long as it falls within the Amazon drone return policy.

However, the longer you stay with the product, the more unlikely it will become eligible for returns. If you used the drone, you should first contact Amazon to explore your options and seek further assistance. You should keep in mind that Amazon does not have to accept it or issue a refund.

Drones are expensive products making it difficult for Amazon to accept returns without reselling them. Therefore, once in a while, you can see refurbished drones listed on Amazon. However, with the strict product regulations and technical requirements of drones, you'll mostly find new drones on Amazon.

Does Amazon Accept Damaged Drone Returns?

Unfortunately, Amazon does not accept returns for damaged drones. Amazon will only allow you to return a damaged drone if it arrived damaged.

Given how fragile drones are, they may get damaged during shipping and handling. If that's the case, you should immediately inform Amazon and initiate a return. Amazon will issue a full refund for drones that were damaged before arrival.

However, once you open and fly the drone, Amazon will not accept a return unless there is a significant fault on the drone. Amazon will assume that you damaged the drone while using it; therefore, ineligible for a return and a refund. You should always strive to return drones as new as the way you got them.

What Drone Models Can You Return to Amazon?

Amazon has thousands of distinct drone models and accessories, including popular brands such as DJI, Autel Robotics, and Holton. While you'll have 30 days to return most of these drones, some manufacturers and third-party sellers may have varying return policies.

With so many drone models and sellers on Amazon, checking their eligibility is the best way to know whether a specific drone model can be returned to Amazon. You'll have to read the drone's return policy stated on the product detail page to see whether it's eligible for return on Amazon or not. Customers can also check the drone return terms in the confirmation email and under your orders in their Amazon account.

How to Return a Drone to Amazon?

The process of returning drones to Amazon is similar to other returns. Therefore, if you would like to return a drone to Amazon, all you have to do is:

  1. Log into your Amazon account
  2. After that, look at your orders by clicking on Your Orders
  3. Here, you'll see your drone and the Return button next to it if it's eligible
  4. Click on that button to start the return process.

This includes how Amazon should process your return and your preferred return method.

If you cannot find the return option, it could be that the drone purchase has been more than 30 days since delivery or the seller does not process returns. You can leave the seller feedback or contact Amazon customer service if you have severe issues with your drone purchase.


Equipped with extremely advanced cameras, drones open up a whole new world of airborne photography and videography options. However, before buying a drone, read through the return policy listed on each product detail page.

The Amazon drone return policy gives you 30 days to submit a return request. However, it would help if you kept in mind that third-party sellers might have a different return policy or may not accept returns. You can always contact Amazon customer service for further clarifications and assistance.

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