Amazon India Complaints (A Complete Guide!)

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In India, Amazon acts as an intermediary, connecting sellers with customers from all around the country. However, not all customers who buy items online are satisfied with what they get. Here is everything you need to know about customer complaints on Amazon in India.

If a customer is unhappy with the service they get from Amazon India, they have a chance to file a complaint. You may voice your dissatisfaction using several different channels, including email, social media, and calls. Amazon India takes customer feedback seriously and often checks for resolutions.

If you want to learn more about how Amazon India's complaints, how efficient they are in responding to complaints, how to file a complaint to Amazon India against their seller, and much more, keep reading!

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What is the Amazon India Complaint Procedure?

If you have a problem with Amazon India, you may contact the firm using their website's Customer Services section. Amazon’s website will allow you to engage with various questions other customers have asked before to help you learn more. This strategy may help you solve your problem without contacting customer support.

Now assume you choose the "Call Me" link. If that's the case, an Amazon India customer service representative will call you once you fill out some more purchase information and provide your contact information. You can also contact Amazon India at 1 800-3000-1571 to contact a salesperson.

To contact Amazon India, you may also email or send a direct message to one of the company's social media accounts.

How Efficient Is Amazon India At Taking And Responding To Complaints?

Reviews on the Indian website Consumer Complaints indicate that Amazon India takes a long time to address customer concerns. Amazon India has over 17,000 recorded incidents on their site, yet they have handled only 1274 cases. They have a backlog of 16494 instances that they are yet to address.

However, Amazon India promises consumers that it will fast-track their difficulties and give solutions as soon as possible, despite the slow nature of case resolution.

What Are The Most Typical Problems That Customers In India Have With Amazon?

There have been several recent complaints regarding Amazon selling damaged or faulty goods to its consumers. Some of these complaints have become the norm because of how often they occur. Types of complaints usually received by Amazon India include the following:

How to File A Complaint To Amazon India Against Their Seller?

You should access Amazon Seller Central and follow the procedure to complain about listing abuse or seller breaches of Amazon's rules and relevant legislation.

It's worth noting that Amazon India merchants are the only ones who may follow this approach and that filing a complaint may need special permission. To file a complaint, go to the site's abuse reporting page and follow the instructions:

After doing so, explain the situation in as much detail as possible, including the following details:

How to File A Complaint With Amazon India?

You may file a complaint with Amazon India by contacting them at either 1 800 3000 1571 or 1 800 419 7355, visiting the store and requesting a callback or starting a live chat; emailing; tweeting at @AmazonHelp, or sending a direct message. You may also send a direct message to Amazon India's Facebook page once you've followed the company.

How to Make A Complaint Against Amazon India?

If you are still unsatisfied after using the above methods, you may always go the legal route and file a lawsuit against Amazon India. There's the Customer Court and the Consumer Forum, where you may air your grievances as a consumer. Here is a checklist of everything you must do before formally filing a lawsuit against Amazon India:


Amazon India allows its clients to complain if they are unhappy with its services. A customer can call, send an email or even use social to make a complaint. If you are dissatisfied with how Amazon India solves your complaint, you may file a lawsuit against them.

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