1800PetMeds Review: Is Safe and Effective for Your Pet?

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Do you have a crying pet that needs medication to cure certain health conditions? Try out the 1800PetMeds supplements and pills. Though telecare is efficient, safe, and effective, we still wanted to keep you tuned through an in-depth review before deciding. Read and find out if the company is a hype on the market today.

People are becoming aware of their surroundings and awake. Adapting and learning to survive in the environment, we also understand why life is so precious. With your pet at hand, there are a lot of health benefits you might be enjoying. However, our pets are attractive and playful and give us guaranteed company, but the problem comes in when they are sick and need medications.

Many pharmacists today are after making money, and you need to be careful with the medication you administer to your pet as it's between life and death. In between such situations, you might be having a hard time making decisions on where to start.

We are here to guide you with the perfect step to curing your crying meow. Through our research, we came across 1800PetMeds. This is a reputable online pharmacy that provides telecare for animal medications. While it claims to be approved and effective, we had to take time, research, and experience and present you with what we discovered.

Read our 1800PetMeds review and make relevant decisions. We will explore from the company overview to the best-selling medication and how these work. From the customer feedback, we will give you a legit conclusion. Here we go.

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1800PetMeds Review

1800PetMeds is a firm that was founded in 1996 based in Florida-Summer Square. The company. While it was a brainchild of the founder Marc Puleo, today, it conveniently operates online as a pharmacy shop offering animal medications. Animals here cover the treatment for cats, horses, dogs, etc. In the inventory, through its online store, they have a large collection of supplements as well as pills that cover NexGard & Apoquel.

Through its operation, the company has gained a robust reputation and experience of over 25 years within its belt. Today, they have developed and rank among the largest pharmaceutical brands in America regarding animal drugs. The prescriptions are certified legally in roughly 50 states. Their products have been featured on popular media outlets, including Yahoo Finance.

Specifically, 1800PetMeds products have been approved by the National Association Of Board of Pharmacy because they have tested their products on both safety and efficacy. They have served over 11 million clients and are still adding. Many sites online have highly rated it, as we will see in the next section.

From their data, they claim that their products are made using organic ingredients in the formulation. Hence, their animal medication is approved by EPA and US FDA. If you are a pet owner or a veterinarian, this is the time to take a breath and relax, as their medication is harmless.

1800PetMeds gives customers access to a large number of medication options and goes ahead to educate them on health cautions and many more on their website.

With all that information, it is time to move ahead and explore other review sections. Beforehand, we have also collected some of the pros and cons of 1800PetMeds.

1800PetMeds Pros:


Why We Like 1800PetMeds

1800PetMeds is a unique online pharmacy store that provides its target users with animal medication.            There is a reason why you need to take care of your pets, especially when they are having health concerns. Today, 1800PetMeds has made everything simple, and you don't need to call a doctor to your home as the company has ever standby veterinarians to help you with the medication and delivery.

There are countless reasons why we rank this brand, and among them is that their medicines and supplements are safe for your pet and your health since they are FDA approved as effective and convenient. But remember that before purchasing a drug, customers must present a written prescription which acts as a legal form of approval to ensure safety.

The company presents you with a large option ranging from prescription to non-prescription medicines in their collection. However, the package's quantity depends on your pet's drug and weight. This way, you get the right dosage for instant results.

From their website, ordering is very simple, but once you are checked out, the team approves from their end before delivering medication to your doorstep. For every prescription presented, it comes as a one-time package; previously, the company has not been offering a subscription, but today, they have an auto-ship that comes with many deals. On top of the medication, 1800PetMeds also has a dedicated section where they share health advice and keep your pets safe and healthy at no extra cost. The team is ever present to help you when you get stranded.

Still, they have a detailed FAQ page to give you extra information. To simplify things, we have highlighted some of the best and most popular medications for their website, but this is based on customer ratings.

The Best-Selling 1800petmeds Medication And Supplements

1800PetMeds offers you access to a large collection of veterinarian and FDA-approved medication. Therefore, if you have difficulty selecting the perfect medicine, we are here to streamline your selection and have stress-free navigation. You can select From the category based on conditions, animal, and brand. Some of the best-selling and our favorite medications from the site are as discussed here.

First is Trifexis. These are chewable tablets that are prescribed to deworm. It is efficient in whipworms and adult hookworms, preventing future diseases. It is also flavored using beef to make it digestible when your pet does not like swallowing pills. They are recommended for 8-week puppies and above, which must weigh 5 lbs. They are available in 6 and 12 packs.

The second popular medication is Heartgard Chewables for Cats. They are perfect for disintegrating the wrigglers in the shortest time possible. This is only if the kitten has swallowed at least one or two real things. They are designed to help evade immature hookworm and heartworms, which clears the circulatory of fur balls and the intestine. It can treat cats with any weight but 6 weeks old. The sale also features beef flavor if your kitten is a picky eater.

Lastly, we have Apoquel. We all know that allergies affect not only humans but also pets, and once your dog gets such a condition, it seasonally sneezes, but Apoquel tablets can help you relieve its pain. They are designed to target those puppies at least 12 months but weighing 6.6 lbs. It effectively fights all allergic reactions to atopic dermatitis, food, and contact. It shows results in 4 hours, and customers can purchase these medications in 3 unique quantities at the same costs.

As we started, to receive these medications, you must order alongside the written prescription for the veterinarian to approve the package delivery. While ordering, you need to mention the specification of your pets, including their age, breed, weight, etc. These medications are designed for animal owners to purchase, but when you cannot access them from your locality, order from the official store for an affordable price and convenience.

1800PetMeds does not have any monthly subscription plan as a mandatory program but focuses on one-time purchases with the option to go for the auto-ship, which has been introduced recently. In terms of pricing, this depends on the quantity of medication and the pet's weight. You can go with advantage multi, simpatico trio, or rather opt for the Gabapentin packages, which each have different pricing.

Customer Review

1800PetMeds Review also decided to go into the toughest session, and we wanted to evaluate the customer feedback before giving the final verdict. We gathered numerous ratings online from different sites.

For a start, we will head to their official website 1800petmeds.com and out of the 12105 reviews, the company has managed to garner 4.8 stars. This is awesome, and the company claims they have served over 11 million happy clients worldwide. One of the happy clients left a recent feedback claiming:-

" Extremely effective with competitive rates. Orders were simple to place & arrived in less than a week.' Most people were happy with faster delivery and helpful as well as friendly customer support.”

Though Trustpilot 1800petmeds.com has a poor rating of 2 stars with 51 feedbacks on the site, few customers have complimented them. Regarding Sitejabber, 1800PetMeds scores 3.41 stars with about 147 reviews. A large number of customers are generally satisfied with the package. Here is what one customer had to say:-

"I absolutely love this provider! You've come to my aid numerous times. I consistently come here to acquire some essential pet products or other similar things, so thank you!"

The brand also has an average rating on the BBB and Reseller Ratings of 115 reviews giving it 1 star. But heading to Indeed, there are 67 reviews, and generally, the company scores 3.5 stars which is still amazing and rated based on aspects like advancement, benefits, life balance, as well as culture or management. You can also go through a detailed block on the company from My Healthy Cat.

Though few customers go disappointed, there is numerous positive feedback online who love such telecare service that the company offers.

Where to Buy 1800PetMeds

1800PetMeds medications are very sensitive products. Therefore, the only place to access them is simply by creating an account and requesting orders from the official store. Head to the website at 1800petmeds.com  and sign in to get started using your email address with your credentials.

From this research, we never spotted any online retailers offering 1800PetMeds medication packages. Always remember this before ordering the pet medication.

Is 1800PetMeds Worth It?

From the ongoing research, we have identified that 1800PetMeds has many features to enjoy. Among them are numerous promotions services,  price matching on their inventory, a large collection of drugs and prescription and non-prescription drugs to purchase, many positive customers reviews online, and when you buy them, the company delivers medication with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

These advantages, with many others, make us rank the brand. Though not available through online retail stores, they deliver to various regions.

We, therefore, highly recommend that this brand is worth your money. These products are sold at an attainable price tag. Ordering is very simple; you must sign up and send your prescription to wait for delivery. Their updated blogs give customer advances and safety guidance, valuable information for your pet, and personal safety.

Their products are FDA and EPA-approved; thus, we term them as a one-stop shop for your pet's medication. Give them a try today and enjoy the outcome.

1800PetMeds Discounts

If you are looking for discounts, promotions, and other lucrative deals, you are at the right place. There are numerous lucrative deals that 1800PetMeds offers customers to save on their budget.

Among them is free standard shipping services for US-based orders, but the package must surpass the threshold of $49. When you opt for the auto-ship, you can enjoy the offers upto 50% off, but using the promo code DELAY50 here, the max value is $20. keep this in mind. Though one-time purchase also gives you 20% off on all orders with the promo code DR20 at the checkout.

You can also access form $5 to 20 bucks off for the pet treats as the summer's sales promotion. New arrivals are sold at 25% off code NEW4U  if you are a one-time customer, but auto-ship enjoys upto 35% off with the NEW35 code. And if you are a new customer, sign up and get a guaranteed 15% off the first order, but it also applies to the exclusions using the code NC15.

Currently, the company also gives a reward program, and you can go for the medication and supplements, which guarantee you 2% back on any package. Otherwise, sign up for updates and newsletters in the future. To an extent, 1800PetMeds consistently offers the draws to win a free box for sharing their social media handle.

1800PetMeds Contact

Our 1800PetMeds review might be limited in the information. Thus, if you still have a pending query concerning this brand, you can address it to their support team for help. Therefore, this review also sought to provide you with the approaches to contact the technical support team. We found that 1800PetMeds has listed many methods to connect their team. First, you can compose an email and send it to customerservice@1800petmeds.com. Secondly, you can directly call them through their open number at 1-800-738-6337.

When the above options are insufficient, refer to their mailing address or physically pay them a visit to 420 S Congress Ave #100, Delray Beach, FL 33445. Otherwise, they are lively and active on their social media platform. If needed, engage with the team on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for updates and clarification.


Q. Where are the 1800PetMeds warehouse facilities situated?

We could not identify where these guys' ships form from the above review and research. However, from what we know, the company has its headquarters facilities built in Delray Beach in Florida.

Q. Can I cancel my 1800PetMeds auto-ship or subscription plan?

From the information we have shared, these guys are not subscription-based. Their products are sold as one-time purchases. But they also have an auto-ship plan which brings you closer to numerous lucrative deals.

Q. What is the shipping policy of 1800PetMeds company?

The company has been reported to offer free standard shipping on all US-based orders that sum up to $49 and above. They are also trying to expand to other locations soon.

Besides standard shipping, 1800PetMeds also gives you shipping services like overnight as well as priority. Currently, this brand offers services to customers based in the US and Canada region. In the research, we never found whether they have tracking and order confirmation services before transit.

Q. Does 1800PetMeds have a favorable return policy?

The company operates on a mission to 100% satisfy its customers. Thus, all the products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Currently, the company has not highlighted anything on the return window or limits or whether they take charge of the return shipping charges.

Initiating the return process is very simple. You have to connect with the support team using the above methods and wait for the next step on how to return the products.


In summary, 1800PetMeds is a reputable American online pharmaceutical shop in Florida that provides pet medication in the US and Canada. This company has your back if you want a prescription and non-prescription medication approved by the EPA and FDA.

In the above article, the firm has recorded multiple positive feedbacks as they are sensitive to safety and guarantee numerous lucrative deals and options to sign up for auto-ship. Access their information blogs and stay woke with pets' health.

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