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If you're looking for the best gifts for coders, you're in the right place! 

Coders are a unique breed, and they can be hard to shop for. They love gadgets and gear, but they also appreciate thoughtful gifts that show you understand their passion. We've got you covered. Whether your coder is just starting out or they're a seasoned pro, we've got the perfect gift for them. Check out our top picks below!

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CoderMindz Game for AI Learners! NBC Featured: First Ever Board Game for Boys...

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SHASHIBO Shape Shifting Box - Award-Winning, Patented Fidget Cube w/ 36 Rare ...

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Coder Bunnyz - The Most Comprehensive STEM Coding Board Game Ever! Learn All ...

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The Best Gifts for Coders Rated by CherryPicks

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Top 30 Gifts for Coders on Aamazon (Verified You can Buy)

Top 1

CoderMindz Game for AI Learners! NBC Featured: First Ever Board Game for Boys and Girls Age 6+. Teaches Artificial Intelligence and Computer Programming Through Fun Robot and Neural Adventure!

11.8 x 2.0 x 9.1 Inches

Ratings for CoderMindz (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
Coder Bunnyz Coding Board Game -


HIGH QUALITY - The future is here and it's ready to play! Coder Mindz is the only board game and STEM toy, that teaches Coding and Artificial Intelligence concepts using a fun gameplay.
EASY PLAY - Use it at home, in school, coding clubs, Montessori, STEM clubs, boys girls scout, summer clubs, tutoring, after school, day care, maker space, hackathons and for Girls who code!
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SHASHIBO Shape Shifting Box - Award-Winning, Patented Fidget Cube w/ 36 Rare Earth Magnets - Extraordinary 3D Magic Cube – Shashibo Cube Magnet Fidget Toy Transforms Into Over 70 Shapes (Blue Planet)

2.3 x 2.3 x 2.3 Inches
113.4 Grams

Ratings for Shashibo (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
Fun In Motion Toys 1,661


Unlike other puzzle box toys that turn out disappointing & dull, the patented, award-winning Shashibo fidget box features 36 rare earth magnets for an innovative design that transforms into over 70 shapes. Fits comfortably in the hand for hours of mind-challenging fun, stimulate the senses with unlimited creative possibility! Can you master the Shape-Shifting Box?
Nothing compares to the quality & unique design of the Shashibo, durably constructed of premium injection-mold plastic, 36 rare earth magnets, and a tear-proof, matte or high-gloss surface. Each magnetic puzzle features 4 unique, artistic patterns of vibrant, mesmerizing artwork, for an ever-changing array of beauty at your fingertips.
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Coder Bunnyz - The Most Comprehensive STEM Coding Board Game Ever! Learn All The Concepts You Ever Need in Computer Programming in a Fun Adventure. Featured at TIME, NBC, Sony, Google, Maker Faires!

Coder Bunnyz
11.75 x 2.0 x 10.75 Inches

Ratings for Coder Bunnyz (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
Coder Bunnyz Coding Board Game -
Fid Creations LLC -


HIGH QUALITY - STEM Education Toy and Gift for Girls and Boys ages 4 - 104! Program the Bunnyz with the Code Cards to traverse through the maze, eat the carrot and reach a playful destination.
EASY PLAY - Use it at home, in school, coding clubs, montessori, STEM clubs, boys girls scout, summer clubs, tutoring, after school, day care, maker space, hackathons and for Girls who code! Within less than an year of launch, CoderBunnyz is already being used as a STEM coding tool at over 600 schools and over 380 libraries in US and all around the world!
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Top 4

Educational Insights Artie 3000 the Coding & Drawing Robot, STEM Toy, Gift for Boys & Girls, Ages 7+

Educational Insights
7.9 x 8.0 x 5.2 Inches
0.99 Pounds

Ratings for Educational Insights (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping -


SPARK MORE CURIOSITY: Artie 3000 the coding robot is the fun and artistic way to introduce curious kids to the power of programming
ART MEETS CODING IN ARTIE 3000: Kids create the code and Artie 3000 draws the lines on paper; With pre-programmed designs, beginners can start coding right away, learning to code everything from tic tac toe boards to artistic masterpieces
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Mastermind Game : The Strategy Game of Codemaker vs. Codebreaker (Packaging May Vary)

11.5 x 2.25 x 10.5 Inches
0.0006 Pounds
  • Unknown: English

Ratings for Pressman (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping -


Fast, simple strategy game - one of the best-selling games of all time
Players take turns setting and solving Secret codes
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Cleaning Gel Universal Dust Cleaner for PC Keyboard Cleaning Car Detailing Laptop Dusting Home and Office Electronics Cleaning Kit Computer Dust Remover from ColorCoral 160G

2.69 x 2.69 x 2.35 Inches
0.3527 Pounds

Ratings for ColorCoral (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
ColorCoral 3,862


【Universal Fit】ColorCoral cleaning gel, simple and convenient cleaning kits for PC/laptop keyboard 💻 and other rugged surface, such as the car vent 🚖, camera 📷, printer 📹, telephone 📠, calculator, Instrument 🎺, speaker 🔈, air conditioner, TV 📺 and other appliances.
【Safe Cleaning Gel】This universal dust cleaner is made of biodegradable gel, no sticky to hands, smells sweet with lemon🍋 fragrance, no stimulation to skin👌.
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Joking Hazard by Cyanide & Happiness - a funny comic building party game for 3-10 players, great for game night

Joking Hazard
4.0 x 8.0 x 2.75 Inches
0.71 Pounds
  • Published: English

Ratings for Joking Hazard (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping -


Joking Hazard is an extremely not-for-kids party game from the minds of Cyanide & Happiness, the hit webcomic
Three or more players compete to build funny and terrible comics.
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Makeblock mBot STEM Projects for Kids Ages 8-12, Learning & Education Toys Gift for Boys and Girls to Learn Robotics, Electronics and Programming While Playing, Coding Robot Kit

6.69 x 3.55 x 5.12 Inches
2.23 Pounds

Ratings for Makeblock (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
Makeblock -


【Entry-level Coding Robot Toy】 Designed for learning electronics, robotics and programming in a simple and fun way, mBot is an excellent educational robot toy. From scratch to Arduino, it helps kids to learn programming step by step via interactive software and learning resources.
【Easy to Build】 mBot STEM building kit can be easily built within 15 minutes with just a screw. Kids will learn more about electronics, machinery, and robotics components through building. You can also play it as a remote control car with its multi-functions: line-follow, obstacle-avoidance and so on.
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Top 9

Pushmick 9 Pcs Finger Magnetic Rings Fidget Toys, Colorful Magnet Rings, Great Fidget Rings for Training Relieves Reducer Autism Anxiety.

5.0 x 4.8 x 1.0 Inches

Ratings for Pushmick (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
Pushymile -


【Magnetic Rings Set】: Professional magnetic rings are made of safe materials. They are of high quality and very durable. The smooth surface protects your fingers from scratches and does not require oiling and maintenance. There are 6 magnets installed in each ring, which are strongly attracted to each other for better rotation. The 9 pcs include 3 green camouflage, 3 blue camouflage, and 3 black-white camouflage.
【Great Fidget Toy】: The magnet rings have many ways to play, learning the techniques from the video to make the ring flip and rotate on your hand. Concentrate quickly through a simple spinning game, enhance your hands-on ability, relieve work pressure, study pressure, etc., and make your irritability disappear unconsciously.
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9 Pcs Fidget Magnetic Rings, Colorful Finger Magnet Rings, Decompression Finger Magnetic Toys.

5.0 x 4.8 x 1.0 Inches

Ratings for WOCNIB (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
Heylin Store -


【Upgraded Magnetic Rings】: 9 pcs of camouflage magnetic ring set, including 3 of multicolored, 3 of yellow-black, and 3 of black-white. The surface coating is upgraded with a protective layer, and the color is bright and does not fade. The rounded corner design protects the fingers from being scratched.
【 Anti-Stress Toys】-When you are under a lot of pressure, feel anxious and irritable, quickly disperse the pressure and release it through a simple spinning game. Fingertip magnetic ring toys slowly calm your anxious thoughts and concentrate them in one place. You will fall in love with it.
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Top 11

Infinity Cube Fidget Toy, Sensory Tool EDC Fidgeting Game for Kids and Adults, Cool Mini Gadget Best for Stress and Anxiety Relief and Kill Time, Unique Idea That is Light on The Fingers and Hands

Small Fish
1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 Inches
0.16 Pounds

Ratings for Small Fish (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping


AWESOME HANDHELD FIDGET CUBE TOY GIFT FOR FIDGETERS – Fidget like a boss. Playable with one hand. Prime fidgeting toy for little children, teens and adults. Perfect for girls, boys, women and men.
ANTI-ANXIETY AND STRESS RELIEVER STRESS CUBE – A great way to release stress from school and work. Avoid nail biting, knuckle cracking, leg shaking and other fidgeting habits with the use of this gadget.
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Battleship With Planes Strategy Board Game For Ages 7 and Up (Amazon Exclusive)

Hasbro Gaming
2.87 x 10.51 x 10.51 Inches
0.6834 Pounds

Ratings for Hasbro Gaming (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping -
Amazon Export Sales LLC -


A twist on the classic battleship game: This battleship game features airplanes in addition to Ships for awesome strategic gameplay and epic battles
Sink Ships and crash Planes: with this edition, fans of the battleship game can crash enemy Planes in addition to sinking Ships to win
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Daily Vibrations | Blue Infinity Cube Fidget Toy | Durable Stress Relieving Fidget Toy | Stress and Anxiety Relief Fidget Cube | Relaxing Hand-Held Fidget Toy for Adults and Kids

Daily Vibrations
1.6142 x 0.8268 x 3.189 Inches

Ratings for Daily Vibrations (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
Daily Vibrations -


CALMING AND COOL: Our soothing light blue tie-dye fidget infinity cube was created to help kids and adults improve focus and deal with daily stress. The non-distracting colors and size of our mini cubes allow you to take your fidget toy discreetly anywhere you go. It fits easily in the palm of your hand for one-handed operation ability and portable fidgeting relief
REDUCE ANXIETY AND STRESS QUICKLY: We all need a little help sometimes dealing with life's challenges. Our fidget cubes work to diffuse anxiety related to overwhelming daily routines or other stressful moments in life. Anxiety relief toys are ideal for both the adult or child who crave a sense of control or who need to appropriately channel energy quickly and efficiently
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Top 14

Thames & Kosmos Code Gamer: Coding Workshop & Game | Ios + Android Compatible | Learn To Code | Four Sensors | Powerful Arduino Board | Winner Toy of The Year Award | Parents' Choice Gold Award Winner

Thames & Kosmos
16.8 x 3.2 x 11.5 Inches
1.6 Pounds
  • Manual, Unknown: English

Ratings for Thames & Kosmos (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
Attric -


Learn to code by playing a video game
Gaming: use the sensors to control the game with this innovative gamepad
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Top 15

Base Kit Computer Coding for Kids 8-12. Learn Code and Electronics. Great Gift for Boys and Girls to Learn STEM Skills!

Let's Start Coding
8.25 x 4.0 x 2.25 Inches

Ratings for Let's Start Coding (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
Let's Start Coding -


Packaging May Vary. 𝗚𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗧 𝗦𝗧𝗘𝗠 𝗚𝗜𝗙𝗧: Coding for kids 8+ has never been easier! Perfect for boys & girls interested in science, technology, engineering, & math (STEM) - all of which are integrated into this coding toy.Great for teens, too!
𝗦𝗘𝗟𝗙-𝗣𝗔𝗖𝗘𝗗 𝗙𝗨𝗡: Over 55 online projects & 3.5 hours of video walkthroughs, plus coding ‘challenges’ for kids. Develops critical thinking and logic through fun coding play.
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Osmo - Coding Starter Kit for iPad-3 Educational Learning Games-Ages 5-10+ -Learn to Code,Coding Basics & Coding Puzzles-STEM Toy Gifts - Logic,Coding Fundamentals,Boy & Girl(Osmo iPad Base Included)

2.75 x 12.0 x 9.6 Inches
2.2046 Pounds

Ratings for Osmo (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping -


Actual product packaging may vary from the image displayed. Components within the box remain the same. OSMO IS MAGIC: Fun-filled & award winning learning games. Children interact with actual hand held pieces & an iPad, bringing a child's game pieces & actions to life (No WiFi necessary for game play). An Osmo Base is included, an iPad is not included, both are required for game play.
TEACHING: Use hands-on physical blocks, coding commands, to control the character Awbie on a fun-filled adventure (Coding Awbie), an introduction to coding. Use coding blocks to learn coding's creative side while developing an ear for rhythm, melody, and harmony - make your beat come alive, learn patterns & loops with over 300+ musical sounds (Coding Jam). Share a composed Jam with family, friends & the Jam community. Solve advanced side-by-side coding puzzles solo or with others, playing at their own level, using teamwork & strategy to unlock new worlds & coding 60+ puzzles (Coding Duo).
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Top 17

ZAYALI 100 PCS New Version DEV Stickers of Front-end dev,Back-end Languages for Developers, Coders, Programmers, Hackers, Geeks, and Engineers

0.1102 Pounds

Ratings for ZAYALI (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
nicetrade -


FUNNY 100 PCS STICKERS - Package includes 100 pcs funny laptop stickers, such as C++, XML, Power Supply, NET, SQL, JAVA, React, Python, Bing, C#, Chrome, Docke, PHP, Swift, etc.
HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL - Made of high grade vinyl, which makes the laptop sticker are totally waterproof, sun protection, non-toxic and not easy to fade, durable and long lasting.
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Top 18

PlayShifu Interactive STEM Toys - Tacto Coding (Kit + App) | Visual Coding Games for Kids | Preschool Educational Toys | Early Programming | 4-10 Year Olds Birthday Gifts (Tablet Not Included)

6.8898 x 1.5354 x 1.5748 Inches
1.6535 Pounds
  • Original Language: English

Ratings for Shifu (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
PlayShifuUS -


TACTO CODING by PlayShifu helps early learners THINK code with exciting gameplay and bite-sized sequences. Did you know, it has been designed and created by coder parents?! Tacto makes coding fun and easy through interactions with VISUAL elements, NOT blocks of code. Kids drive the games on screen using real figurines, hands-on play that turns the tablet into a coding adventure!
Unlike many coding kits, Tacto Coding focuses on a LOT MORE than just direction-based coding. It incorporates the fundamental concepts of coding – inputs-output, loops, sequencing, decomposition, and branching. But, with engaging and age-specific storytelling!
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Top 19

NG2D58 206 PCS New Version DEV Stickers of Front-end dev,Back-end Languages for Developers, Coders, Programmers, Hackers, Geeks, and Engineers,Mix Color,Mix size

5.7 x 4.9 x 0.36 Inches

Ratings for NG2D58 (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
NG2D58 -


FUNNY 206 PCS STICKERS - Package includes 206 pcs funny laptop stickers, such as C++, XML, Power Supply, NET, SQL, JAVA, React, Python, Bing, C#, Chrome, Docke, PHP, Swift, etc.
Hacker stickers are made of high quality PVC, sun protection and waterproof function.
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Top 20

Magic Mixies Mixlings Sparkle Magic Mega 4 Pack, Magic Wand Reveals Magic Power, for Kids Aged 5 and Up, Multicolor

Magic Mixies
3.05 x 2.97 x 3.33 Inches
0.33 Pounds

Ratings for Magic Mixies (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping -


Your magic wands reveal your Mixlings magic powers! Use that magic wand that unlocks your Fliers power by touching the wand to their gem. Or you can use the Pippette wand to unleash your Vanishers power. Or, you can use the Glow In the Dark wand to unlock your Spellsters magic
Channel your inner magic to find out who the mystery sparkly Mixling in the Cauldron is! Rub the gem on the Cauldron to find out if your Mixling is Common, Rare or Ultra-Rare, then say the magic words 'Magicus Mixus' to discover who's inside the Cauldron
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Top 21

Ruko 1088 Smart Robots for Kids, Large Programmable Interactive RC Robot with Voice Control, APP Control, Present for 4 5 6 7 8 9 Years Old Kids Boys and Girls

11.0 x 4.7 x 15.8 Inches

Ratings for Ruko (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
Ruko -


🤖【MULTIPLE CONTROL METHODS】The RC robot toy operates with a 2.4GHz remote control, your phone's Bluetooth connection can also be controlled by the Carle App, and the gravity sensor control is activated when you tilt your phone. Voice control is of course the basis of intelligent robots, "Dance for me!", Ruko robot will dance for you after listening to you, to kill your boredom.
🤖【INTELLIGENT PROGRAMMING】The programmable 200 actions robot facial emoji changes with different commands, and the touch sensor on the head will respond to your command. There are 10 pieces of music, 24 hand movements, 14 body movements, and 10 expressions available for programming, built-in powerful motors ensure to make programming is smooth. This interactive robot will playback using the archive function to replay your edited actions.
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Video Camera Camcorder Vlogging Camera for YouTube TikTok Full HD 1080P 20FPS 36MP Digital Camera Recorder with 2.8-Inch Rotation LCD Display Camcorders for Kids Teens Beginners

0.8 Pounds

Ratings for Heegomn (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
Heegomn -


🎥【FULL HD1080P & 36MP VIDEO CAMERA】 Heegomn video camera camcorder supports shooting Full HD1080P video and 36 Megapixel crystal-clear images. This digital camcorder come with 2.8"/270° flip screen, 8X digital zoom and built-in fill light, Low-speed video,USB 2.0, TV output etc. This camera for youtube support installation standard tripod at the bottom.
🎥【TV OUTPUT and PC CAMERA FUNCTION】The vlogging camera can be connected the PC or TV with USB cable to play videos or images. it be used as an online PC camera to make video calls with your family and friends or across the YouTube,TikTok, Facebook and Instagram pages to live streaming. it would be a perfect camcorder for kids video camera and your parents.
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Top 23

Gaming Keyboard, 7-Color Rainbow LED Backlit, 104 Keys Quiet Light Up Keyboard with Wrist Rest, Multimedia Keys, Whisper Silent, 19 Anti-ghosting Keys, Waterproof Office Wired Keyboard for PC Mac Xbox

17.32 x 8.46 x 1.1 Inches
1.8342 Pounds
  • Original Language: English

Ratings for yesbeaut (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
yesbeaut -


🔥【Ergonomic Wrist Rest】Integrated ergonomic hand rest, the appropriate height enables the wrist to be comfortably placed on the wired keyboard and supports the wrist effortlessly. The scientific stepped keycap design allows easy finger access to all keys, maximizing hand comfort for long hours of gaming or work.
🔥【Brilliant Rainbow backlight】The rainbow backlit keyboard adds to the gaming atmosphere, making it easier to type in the dark, but not so bright that it's blinding. Choose between static or breathing modes, or disable the lights entirely if desired. You can adjust the brightness and backlight speed according to your style. (✅Note: Colors are not customizable.)
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Top 24

Learning Resources Coding Critters MagiCoders: Skye the Unicorn, Screen-Free Early Coding Toy For Kids, Interactive STEM Coding Pet, 22 Pieces, Ages 4+

Learning Resources
10.0 x 9.0 x 5.0 Inches
1.0 Pounds

Ratings for Learning Resources (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping -


DISCOVER the magic of preschool coding with Skye the Unicorn and her screen-free coding spellbook!
CAST 12 preschool coding spells that make Skye light up, dance, chase her ball, and more!
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Top 25

Sillbird STEM Projects for Kids Ages 8-12, Remote & APP Controlled Robot Building kit Toys Gifts for Boys Girls Age 7 8 9 10 11 12-15 (468 Pcs)


Ratings for Sillbird (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
Fantasy® US Store -


➤【3 Colors Glowing Eyes and Movable Joints】: he robot is equipped with 3 different colors of luminous eyes: white, blue and red. The hand and head of the robot are spliced with movable parts, the eyes can adjust the angle of placement, and the arm joints can be rotated 360° up and down freely. Different shapes enable the robot to show a cool posture. The robot can walk on most of the ground, providing children with endless creativity and fun of games.
➤【Phone Remote & APP Control】: The stem robot can be controlled not only by a 2.4Ghz remote control (the maximum distance is 20m), but also through the Bluetooth connection of the mobile phone APP. It has remote control mode, path mode, voice control, STEM programming and gravity sensing, which is simple and easy to use. Robot can move in all directions indoors or outdoors, including left, right, forward, backward and 360-degree rotating stunts. Go to experience the build-and-play fun right now!
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Top 26

Educational Insights Kanoodle Flip 3-D Brain Teaser Puzzle Game for Kids, Teens And Adults, Featuring 100 Challenges, Addictive Social Sensation, Stocking Stuffers, Ages 7+

Educational Insights
5.5 x 3.2 x 1.5 Inches
0.3999 Pounds
  • Spoken: English
  • Manual: Unqualified

Ratings for Educational Insights (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping -


TIKTOK MADE ME BUY IT–OVER 3 MILLION SOLD! Millions of players around the world can’t get enough of this best-selling, award-winning, brain-bending, puzzle game
INCLUDES: 3 game pieces in increasingly difficult shapes, carrying case/game board convenient for travel, 100 puzzle challenges, and guide
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Solar Robot Kit for Kids Age 8-12, STEM Building Toys,12-in-1 Build Your Own Robot with Solar Panel & Battery Power, Science Engineering Christmas Birthday Idea Gifts for Boy Age 8 9 10 11 12

7.0 x 2.5 x 11.2 Inches

Ratings for RAESOOT (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
TimeLove -


⚙️ Latest Upgrade 12-in-1 Engineering Robot⚙️: 12 different building robots can play in any place, like the robot running under the sun and swimming in the water, which can let 8-12 years olds learn about robot construction and various basic physics while playing and develop children's hands-on and imagination skills.
⚙️2 in 1 Solar & Battery Power ⚙️: Compared with other STEM building robots, our 12-in-1 solar robots can be solar-powered and battery-powered. Our solar robot toy sets are equipped with solar panels for the toy to drive, but also the option to install battery slots to battery-powered robots. Not limited to the weather, you can also play anywhere, anytime .(Not include battery)
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Top 28

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo Backlit, seenda Rechargeable Full-Size Illuminated Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Set, 2.4Ghz Silent Keyboard and Mouse for Computer/Laptops/Windows/Gaming, White


Ratings for seenda (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
Tonb Shop -


Light up Mouse & Rainbow Backlight Keyboard - This lovely wireless keyboard and mouse set lights up with backlighting while you use it. The rainbow backlit keyboard has 3 levels of adjustable brightness and the mouse has 15 different LED modes to choose from.
Wireless Rechargeable Keyboard and Mouse Set - This keyboard and mouse combo uses 2.4Ghz wireless connection technology to connect your devices cordlessly. Use the Type-C connector charging cable for power supply to avoid using batteries to pollute the environment. A single charge can be used for 1 month and more of complete use (without backlight).
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Top 29

Makeblock mBot Neo Programming Robot, Coding Robot for Kids Compatible with Scratch and Python Support WiFi, IoT, AI Technology, Educational Remote Control Car, STEM Toy Gift for Kids Ages 8-12

7.0079 x 5.9055 x 3.5433 Inches
2.4912 Pounds
  • Unknown: Japanese

Ratings for Makeblock (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
Makeblock -


【Makeblock mBot Neo】As STEM toy for kids ages 8-12, Neo offers three stages, building, cognition, and creating. Learning while playing, this programming robot allows children to learn programming scratch and python, electronics assembling, and robotics knowledge more intuitively. It will enhance children's hand-eye coordination, concentration, logical thinking, and creativity from building to playing.
【More functions, more fun 】Besides the basic functions such as line-follow, obstacle-avoidance, object follow, and mobile app, neo's playability is greatly increased; this STEM toy can be controlled by voice, can hear, remember and speak. Voice commands are supported, e.g., move forward, dance. The piano music module in the app can enlighten kids to play music. Microphone and scratch programming can implement the function of recording. Expand your imagination to create more ways to play!
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Top 30

Learning Resources Coding Critters Ranger & Zip, Screen-Free Early Coding Toy for Kids, Interactive STEM Coding Pet, 22 Piece Set, Ages 4+, Gifts for Boys and Girls

Learning Resources
10.0 x 5.0 x 9.25 Inches
1.3007 Pounds

Ratings for Learning Resources (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping -


EARLY CODING SKILLS: Code along with your first coding friends and their screen-free storybook coding adventure
PLAY MODE: Play fetch, hide and seek, and more with brave Ranger and mischievous Zip
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Buyer's Guide: How to Choose the Best Gifts for Coders!

What are some good gifts for coders?

Fun and Special

  • a nice new laptop bag or a cool new pen that doesn't smudge the ink.  
  • a nice mug to drink their coffee from while they work.
  • Gift cards to their favorite store or online retailer.
  • A new tool or gadget they've been wanting.
  • A subscription to their favorite magazine or online publication.
  • Tickets to a conference or event related to their field.
  • A gift certificate for a coding or software development course.
  • A binary watch may be a bit more of a chore, but it's still possible to have a nifty timepiece on your friend's wrist.
  • A Shiatsu neck massager can help you unwind and relieve some of those muscle tensions. (It's perfect for programmers!)
  • A text editor or a full IDE are both software tools that a developer might use. While every software application has unique benefits, most programmers wouldn't mind additional tools in their toolkits.

Computer Accessories

  • Quality Keyboard: A precise, digital keyboard will allow coders to work at a faster pace and be more productive. A comfortable keyboard that is designed for ergonomics will safeguard their hands and wrists in the long term.
  • Vertical Optical Mouse: It's a good choice if you have trouble with wrist pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, or any other pain caused by using a regular mouse.
  • Noise-Canceling Headphones: Noise-canceling headphones block distractions and allow coders to listen to focus-enhancing music. 
  • A Backup Hard Drive: Backing up the computer is important, and using an external hard drive is one of the best ways to do it. They're also great for extra storage space.
  • An Extra Monitor: Many developers love multi-monitor setups.

Kindle Books and Devices

A Kindle device would be the perfect gift for your coder friend because they can bring an entire reference and training library with them wherever they go. The lights are backlit, and the battery life is unprecedented.

Automation Tools

  • Smart Speakers: Smart speakers are small computers in your home. You can speak to receive information or initiate action in a smart home.
  • Home and Office Automation: These devices allow household appliances, lights, and more to be connected to your computer and controlled in a variety of ways.

How do I know what to buy as a gift for a coder?

If you're not sure what to buy for a coder friend or family member, here are a few tips to help you out.

  • First, coders may have special interests. So when shopping for a coder gift, it's important to consider their individual preferences and needs.
  • Another thing to keep in mind is that coders are always learning and expanding their skillset. So if you're not sure what to buy, consider getting them a coding book, course, or membership to a code academy.
  • Finally, don't be afraid to get creative! There are many different gadgets and tools that can be useful for coders, so feel free to browse around and find something that fits your budget and your coder friend's interests.

What to get a kid that likes coding?

If your child likes coding, there are a few different things you can get them to help them continue their coding hobby.

  • One option is to get them a new coding book to help them learn new tricks and techniques.
  • Alternatively, you could get them a new laptop or tablet so they can start coding on the go.
  • Finally, you could also get them a membership to a code academy so they can continue learning in a structured environment.

Can a coder Be A Millionaire?

Coding can be a lucrative career choice, but it is not always easy to become a millionaire through coding alone. There are many talented and skilled programmers out there, and the competition for high-paying jobs is fierce. However, with hard work and dedication, it is possible to make a good living as a coder and eventually become a millionaire.

There are a few things that programmer millionaires have in common. First, they are typically very good at what they do and have a lot of experience and expertise in their field. They also tend to be self-starters who are not afraid to take risks and challenge themselves. Finally, they are usually very passionate about coding and love working on new projects and solving difficult problems.

If you want to become a millionaire coder, you need to develop your skills and stay up-to-date on the latest technologies. You also need to be creative and innovative, and always look for ways to improve your productivity and efficiency. And most importantly, never give up – keep working hard and chasing your dreams, and you will eventually achieve success.

Who is the richest coder?

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates remains the richest coder in the world, with an estimated net worth of $86 billion. Gates has been a computer programmer since the early days of personal computing, and he continues to dabble in programming and technology investments today.

Other notable tech billionaires include Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who is worth an estimated $72 billion, and Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison, who has a net worth of $54 billion. All three billionaires are self-made tech entrepreneurs who have built some of the largest and most successful companies in the world.

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Fun In Motion Toys [2188] ColorCoral [1207] SMALL FISH [800] Ruko [441] [386] Makeblock [372] Mega Deals & Savings [352] Fantasy® US Store [321] Attric [319] PlayShifuUS [273] Fun In Motion Toys 33% ColorCoral 18% SMALL FISH 12% Ruko 7% 6% Makeblock 6% Mega Deals & Savings 5% Fantasy® US Store 5% Attric 5% PlayShifuUS 4%

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