Where Can I Buy McDonald's Gift Cards? (Learn All You Need to Know!)

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The McDonald's gift card is a convenient alternative to carrying cash when shopping at any Macdonalds' store. Gold cards, which are for VIPs, are also up for grabs. But where can you buy McDonald's gift cards? Learn all you need to know about purchasing a McDonald's gift card right here.

Using a Gift Card from McDonald's to pay for your purchase is quick and convenient. If you prefer not to carry cash, the McDonald's gift card, often called the Arch Card, can be a great option. They are pretty easy to use and are quite affordable. Learn all you need to know, including how to activate your McDonald’s gift card and how you can send it as a gift, in this article.

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Where Can I Buy McDonald's Gift Cards?

Many different stores and websites sell McDonald's gift cards. Several online gift card vendors also provide e-gift cards that you can use at McDonald's, unlike McDonald's gift cards (Arch Cards), which are only available in physical form. McDonald's restaurants and McDonald's.com are all authorized to offer McDonald's Arch Cards.

It's a bummer that you can't buy McDonald's gift cards (Arch Cards) from places like Amazon, Target, or Walmart. McDonald's gift cards, however, may be purchased at a wider variety of retailers, such as Safeway, Walgreens, Kroger, Ahold, and The Food Lion, among others.

Activating Your Gift Card from McDonald's

You may use your gift Card from McDonald's after adding funds to it, but you must register the card first. You may activate your McDonald's gift card over the phone or on their website. To activate your Arch card online, go to McDonald's and select "Reload Your Card" on the menu, but you have to either log in or register.

Next, choose "Register New Arch Cards" to add new cards to your account. To register your card and enable the option to reload it, provide the card number, PIN, and a description.

How Much Do Gift Cards from Mcdonald's Cost?

Gift cards from McDonald's are available at prices ranging from $5 to $50, and there are no hidden costs associated with purchasing, activating, or storing a McDonald's gift card. You can reload the gift card at any time with the amount of money you'd like, and you will not incur extra fees if you never use the card.

Using a McDonald's Gift Card for an Online Purchase

Even though both the McDonald's website and the McDonald's mobile app provide online ordering for pickup and delivery, you cannot pay for online purchases using a gift card. They are only eligible for in-store purchases at McDonald's.

Checking Your McDonald's Gift Card Balance

McDonald's provides a convenient online gift card balance check, so you can see how much money is on your card at any time. After entering your Arch Card number and PIN, click the "Check Balance" button.

You may load money onto a McDonald's gift card at a physical shop or online. A member of the McDonald's staff may add any dollar amount to your card when you visit a location that accepts them.

You may also go to the McDonald's Arch Card Reload website on the Internet, Sign into your account, or create one if you don't already have one.

Does McDonald's Offer a Variety of Gift Card Options?

Unfortunately, McDonald's only sells one gift card you can use at any of their outlets, but other cards with the McDonald's name are available at other retailers. However, the online shop has gift cards with attractive patterns from which to choose.

Also, there is a Gold Card at McDonald's, but you can't buy this VIP gift card. Even if Warren Buffet and Bill Gates were awarded these cards as a reward for their work with McDonald's, you have a better shot at getting one by winning a McDonald's monopoly game. The VIP gift card grants you free McDonald's for a year or forever.

When Do McDonald's Gift Cards Expire?

Luckily, McDonald's gift cards do not expire. No costs are associated with their issue, activation, or storage, and they are reusable. However, McDonald's gift cards (Arch Cards) are non-refundable, non-exchangeable, non-returnable, and do not have a monetary value.

What Happens If You Misplace Your Gift Card from McDonald'?

Your first action should always be to contact McDonald's customer care if you have lost or damaged your McDonald's gift card, and they will promptly deactivate your card. But, you should have the initial activation and reload receipts.

You may then request a replacement Arch Card by filling out a form and sending it in with the original activation receipt for the gift card. A new card will arrive within four to six weeks.

What’s the Proper Way to Send a McDonald's Gift Card?

Did you know that you could also buy an Amazon gift card for someone else and mail it to them? Please enter the recipient's mailing or electronic address at checkout to get a McDonald's gift card sent directly to them. Postal Service delivery of gift cards typically takes between three and ten business days. Sadly, P.O. Boxes are not acceptable addresses for mailing gift cards. Similarly, sending an electronic McDonald's gift card works in much the same way.

How You Can Get a McDonald's Gift Card for Free

Several external websites offer visitors free McDonald's gift cards as a reward for joining their program or meeting their requirements. Common ways to get free McDonald's gift cards include cash Back on Groceries and Credit Card Benefits.

In some countries, playing McDonald's monopoly games may also earn you a free McDonald's gift card. You can find out what months of the year the competition is hosted by checking in-store or online.


If you are a McDonald's restaurant regular, an Arch Card is a convenient and enticing addition to your wallet; surprisingly, you cannot use them for online transactions. However, Gift cards from McDonald's are wonderful since you can use them several times, reload, and manage them conveniently online. Amazon doesn't sell them, but Safeway, Walgreens, Ahold, and The Food Lion all do.

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