When Does Lowe’s Have Sales? (Your Full Guide)

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Lowe's has sales year-round. However, there are particular months when the retailer offers products at discounted prices which is relatively cheaper than buying from other stores. Knowing the most significant sales days at Lowe's, can save you hundreds of dollars on your shopping.

Lowe's sales days are during the time of most holidays (major and minor). These holidays include Memorial Day, July 4th, Father's Day, New Year, and Christmas. Besides, Lowe's has big sales on particular products during different times of the year and has a clearance section for highly discounted items. Here is a detailed post on Lowe's significant sales days and when you can get deals on appliances.

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When Does Lowe’s Have Sales?

There are several sale days held by Lowe's throughout the year, they include:

How to Get the Best Deal at Lowe’s?

Lowe’s offers its clients different methods to save money on various home remodeling projects and improvement needs with coupon codes, storewide promotions, and rebates. Here is a handy guide on how to get the best deal at Lowe's.

1. Ask for a price match: Lowe's is known for being generous when it comes to price matching. The retailer will price match what the competitors like Walmart, Amazon, and Target are offering. However, price matching is only available in-store and doesn't include shipping fees. So if you find a better deal elsewhere, ask them to match it! You will need to show them the website where you found the lower price.

2. Buy in bulk: If you are looking for a better price on a particular item, take advantage of buying in bulk. This is a strategic idea, especially when you are working on a big project, for instance, when you're building or remodeling your home. To get the best deals, look for items labeled Contractor Pack and buy them in high quantities. Depending on your purchase amount, you can score between 10% to 30% in discounts.

3. Use Lowe's credit card: If you're looking for good deals for your home improvements at Lowe's, apply for the retailer's Advantage credit card. The card gives you 5% off shopping across Lowe's stores. Besides, you will get a special financing package for purchases above $299. For purchases of $2,000 and above, you'll get 84 fixed monthly repayments.

4. Understand the best months to shop: Lowe's offers discounts on home improvement items. However, you can save more during specific months. For instance: You can save on gardening supplies like mulch, patio furniture, grills, and outdoor decor from March through September. However, if you have an upcoming home remodeling project that needs flooring, lighting, paints, cabinets, and faucets, you can get good deals when you shop from May to August.

Lowe's Markdown Clearance: When Does It Happen?

Lowe's offers stock clearance promotions when there are items with minor damages, discontinued products, or when the retailer wants to clear the current stock. Ideally, Lowe's markdown clearance usually is on Thursdays. Thus, if you want to buy quality items at an affordable price, check Lowe’s clearance section on Thursdays. The best part? Lowe’s markdown clearance runs throughout the year. You can therefore check out the clearance section when shopping at Lowe's any time of the year.

Will Amazon Have Another Sale Before Christmas?

Yes, Amazon will have two sales; the budget bazaar, which runs from the 15th to the 18th of December, and the Amazon Christmas Bonanza Sale, from the 22nd to the 25th of December. During the budget bazaar sales, you can save up to 50% on your kitchen appliances, including the top brand of washing machines, refrigerators, and microwave ovens.

The Amazon Christmas Bonanza offers discounts on home decor, Christmas gifts, electronics, fashion, and mobile among other items. Get your Christmas tree and tree ornaments at 40% and 50% off, respectively. If you're looking to score a Christmas gift at a record-low price, check out the Amazon Christmas Bonanza!


Lowe's has several sales throughout the year, which happen frequently. Even so,  there are a few specific times of the year that you likely want to pay close attention to; Match and September, April and May, & September and October. During such times, you'll get amazing discounts for your home improvement needs.

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