What is Walmart Neighborhood Market? (Your Full Guide)

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Neighborhood Market is a great option for people living in urban areas or seeking a convenient and affordable grocery store. You can get fresh groceries, meat, and seafood from the smaller Walmart store. You can also get a full-service pharmacy, bakery, and deli when you visit any of the Walmart neighborhood market retail stores. Here is a comprehensive guide to the Walmart neighborhood market stores.

You might be wondering what a Walmart neighborhood market store is if it is your first time hearing about it. The Walmart neighborhood market store is typically a smaller-format Walmart store. You can expect to find the usual products like fresh groceries, meat, and seafood when you visit any of the Walmart neighborhood stores.

Other products available at the retail store include a full-service pharmacy, bakery, and deli. You can read the post below to get the ultimate guideline about the Walmart neighborhood market.

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What Is Walmart Neighborhood Market?

Technically, a Walmart neighborhood store is a smaller-format Walmart store. The Walmart neighborhood market store is smaller than the typical Walmart Supercenter, approximately about 40,000 square feet in size.

Apart from the difference in size, the retail store shares qualities with the Walmart Supercenter, like the products and services they offer customers. However, you may find the Walmart neighborhood market sells products/services at a higher price because of the small volume of inventory.

History of Walmart Neighborhood Market

Walmart began rolling out the first Walmart neighborhood market stores back in 1998. Walmart’s initial plan was to implement the idea of smaller stores using three pioneer stores in Arkansas. The concept of beginning smaller stores began to gain traction, thus informing Walmart’s decision to open the first Neighborhood Market outside of Arkansas in Kansas City, Missouri, in 2002.

After a successful trial run with smaller stores, Walmart’s next bold move was accelerating the expansion of Neighborhood Market stores in other urban centers across the United States in 2010.

Walmart’s experiment with smaller urban stores was successful because, in 2013, the company announced the opening of 100 new neighborhood market stores the following year. It is easy to see the success story behind Walmart's neighborhood market stores because, by January 2022, there were over 1000 neighborhood market stores in existence across the United States.

Walmart Neighborhood Market Target Audience

Walmart neighborhood market stores cater to a particular clientele, and below is the target audience for Walmart neighborhood market stores.

Features of Walmart Neighborhood Market

Below are features you can expect to find at any Walmart neighborhood market or help you identify one if you ever come across such a retail store.

Advantages of Shopping at Walmart Neighborhood Market

You are probably now familiar with a Walmart neighborhood market but may still be wondering about the benefits of shopping at such neighborhood market stores. Below are the advantages of shopping at a neighborhood market store.

Disadvantages of Shopping at Walmart Neighborhood Market

Below are the disadvantages of shopping at any of the Walmart neighborhood market stores across the United States.

Walmart Neighborhood Market Service Hours

The opening hours at most Walmart neighborhood market stores are from 6 am to 11 pm on weekdays. Neighborhood market stores are also open on the weekends, with service hours from 6 am to 11 pm. However, you can expect the service hours to vary slightly depending on the retail store, and it is advisable to check the service hours for your nearest retail store.

Can You Return Walmart Items to Walmart Neighborhood Market Store?

You can return products from a Walmart Supercenter to a Walmart neighborhood market. However, it is essential to note that the neighborhood market stores stock fewer items, making it impossible to return products like electronics or appliances to your local Walmart neighborhood market.

Forms of Payment at Walmart Neighborhood Market

The growth of e-commerce platforms and modern shopping patterns has brought about numerous forms of payment. Walmart's neighborhood market is a traditional brick-and-mortar store, but the chain of retail stores embraces modern payment methods, including:


Walmart has become a trusted retail store across the United States, ever since its inception on 2 July 1962, in Rogers, Arkansas. The chain of retail stores continues to serve American consumers, and the smaller neighborhood market stores are a welcomed addition to the existing Walmart Supercenters.

You can visit any of Walmart’s smaller neighborhood market stores if you are an urban dweller seeking quality produce or want to fill a pharmaceutical prescription. Neighborhood stores offer competitive prices and remain to be an ideal retail store for a one-stop-shopping experience.

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