What is an Amazon Personal Shopper (How to Get and Is It Worth It)

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What is an Amazon personal shopper experience, and how can it help you get the best shopping experience from Amazon? You can read the post below to understand better how the Amazon personal shopper experience works.

You will likely stumble on the Amazon personal shopper section if you like shopping for the best fashion products via an online store. However, the Amazon personal shopper experience is limited to only Amazon shoppers. Get to understand what is an Amazon personal shopper and how it can help you get the best fashion products from amazon.

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What is an Amazon Personal Shopper?

The Amazon personal shopper experience is a premium service from Amazon. You can access the Amazon personal shopper experience if you have a Prime membership on Amazon. The premium shopping experience allows you to purchase the trendiest clothes and fashion accessories. And, you have a full week to try out the clothes before making a final decision on which ones to keep.

How to Get Started Amazon Personal Shopper?

You have to check off a couple of stages before accessing the personal shopper section on your Amazon prime account. You can follow the steps below to access the Amazon personal shopper section.

Step 1: Creating your profile  The first step is completing an Amazon survey to narrow your styling preferences. It is essential to share your styling preferences and additional detail before Amazon can suggest fashion and styling accessories on your prime account.  

Step 2: Customizing your styling request 

The second step is customizing your styling preferences before submitting your preferred styling request. You can remove or add items from your shopping cart to suit your styling preferences.

 Step 3: Previewing your items 

The third step is previewing your Amazon styling items and confirming that it is what you want. You can select up to 8 items to try out at home. You can revert to the second step if you need to edit the items on your shopping list.

Step 4: Use the 7-day trial period You have a maximum of 7 days from the day you receive your styling products before you can decide whether you want to purchase them or not. You can try the Amazon styling products you selected within the 7-day try-on period before keeping the items you like or returning items you do not like. You can return products within the 7-day-trial-period at no extra cost to your Amazon account.

The Style Survey Process

The styling survey process is essential to help your stylist recommend the best products on Amazon. The process begins with you creating your profile before undertaking a short styling survey. The styling survey helps your stylist identify your budget, style, fit, and brand preferences.

The styling survey also helps capture extra details, such as specific items you may want. You can change and update your styling by taking a styling survey, and you can access it anytime by clicking on your profile name at the top-right corner of your Amazon account.

How Does Amazon Select Your Recommendations?

Amazon selects your styling recommendation by using an automated and human filtering process to give you the best styling combination. The automation process and human input provide you with the best styling recommendations based on the results of your styling survey. Amazon also considers your feedback and uses them to refine your Amazon personal shopper recommendations.

Who Are the Stylists On Amazon Personal Shopper?

The stylists who help you select the best styling recommendations come from different backgrounds like fashion, styling, editorial, retail, and creative professions. Professional stylists consider your styling preferences and generate recommendations based on your preferred styling, color, fit, current styling trends, and season.

How Often Can You Submit A Styling Request?

You can opt to submit a styling request on Amazon personal shopper every month, after every two months, or every three months intervals. However, you opt for the Amazon automation styling process in the preferences section and let your Amazon stylist decide when to give you a styling recommendation.

How Long Does It Take to Get Your Amazon Personal Shopper Recommendations?

It takes a couple of days before you can receive your Amazon personal shopper picks. The selection process takes a couple of days to perfect your styling picks based on your preferences. You can check the email address you used to create your Amazon Prime account for notifications before you can access your customized styling lists from Amazon.

You can also get your recommendations via the Amazon app before selecting your preferred items from the styling list. You can start shipping your items immediately after you get your picks and avoid missing out as a result of your Amazon picks running out of stock.

How Do You Ship Your Amazon Personal Shopper Picks?

It is a requirement that you must select between 1-8 items before your Amazon package can ship out to you. You can try your Amazon picks once they get to your delivery address, and you can expect a charge on the items you decide to keep within the 7-day trial period.

Amazon personal shoppers have a 7-day-trial-period policy after receiving your package. You can return unwanted items in re-sealable containers within seven days at no extra charge to your account.

How Can You Pay for Your Amazon Personal Shopper Items?

You can pay for your Amazon personal shopper items directly from your Amazon Prime account. However, you must link your Amazon Prime account with a debit/credit card. The debit/credit card should have at least more than 90 days before expiring for it to work. There is a 1 USD charge to your debit/credit card to facilitate the temporary authorization process, but the charger will revert once the process is complete.


The Amazon personal shopper is convenient because online shoppers can get the trendiest fashion items in the comfort of their homes. The Amazon online shopping process is easy and is available for anyone with an Amazon Prime account.

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