What Is Amazon's Choice? (All You Need to Know)

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Have you ever wondered what Amazon's Choice is? It's a designation that Amazon gives to highly rated and well-priced products. But how does Amazon choose these products? 

Amazon's Choice is one of the best features that Amazon offers: it allows you to quickly filter the best-selling items on Amazon.com and immediately purchase them at wholesale prices. Let's look at what Amazon's Choice is and how it's determined. We'll also explore some of the benefits of the designation. So if you're curious about Amazon's Choice, read on!

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What Is Amazon's Choice?

Amazon's Choice is a designation given to products on Amazon that are determined to be highly rated and well-priced. The algorithm used to make these determinations is not fully disclosed by amazon. Still, Amazon has stated that it considers customer reviews, price, shipping speed, availability, and whether or not the product is an "Add-on Item."

The Amazon's Choice feature on the website allows shoppers to find products from Amazon with high ratings by a voice search, which could help them save time when buying online. The product search results will display products that have received the most customer reviews and feedback from other shoppers. When you click on a product, you'll see additional information, including its price and availability.

How Do I Get Amazon's Choice Label?

If you're a seller on Amazon, you may have noticed the "Amazon's Choice" label on some of your competitor's products. You may wonder how they got this label and, more importantly, how you can get it for your products.

The Amazon's Choice label is given to products that Amazon selects as the best option for a customer. The selection is based on several factors, including positive customer reviews, high ratings, availability, and price.

To increase your chances of getting the Amazon's Choice label:

By posting positive reviews and high ratings for your products, you can help increase the number of people who see them when they search for them on Amazon. It will increase their visibility when someone does a keyword search for your product listing.

If you sell on Amazon, you'll want to do everything possible to increase your chances of receiving this designation. It includes maintaining high standards for cleanliness, speediness, and customer service — all of which are essential factors in keeping your products eligible for this prestigious designation.

Ensure that your product meets all the criteria listed above. Reach out to Amazon and let them know about your product. Include information such as why you think it would be a good fit for the Amazon's Choice program.

How Do I Know an Item Is Labeled Amazon's Choice?

If you see the Amazon's Choice badge on a product, it means that Amazon has given the product this label. The Amazon's Choice label is given to products determined to be highly relevant and well-priced by Amazon. You can know an item is amazon's Choice if:

Why Does Amazon's Choice Matter?

The "Amazon's Choice" badge is given to products that Amazon believes are highly rated, well-priced, and will be a good fit for most customers. In other words, these are products that Amazon thinks are worth buying. The criteria that Amazon uses to choose "Amazon's Choice" products are not entirely transparent, but we know that they consider customer reviews, price, and availability.

So why does the "Amazon's Choice" badge matter?

If you see the "Amazon's Choice" badge on a product, it means that Amazon has already researched the product and believes it to be a good option. It can save time and help you narrow your choices when looking for a new product.

In addition, the "Amazon's Choice" badge can be a helpful indicator of quality. If a product has good reviews and is chosen as "Amazon's Choice," it's likely to be a high-quality product. Of course, this rule always has exceptions, but in general, the "Amazon's Choice.

How Is Amazon's Choice Selected?

Amazon's Choice products are carefully chosen and tested by Amazon staff. The company calls this process "100% customer-driven."

The Amazon Choice badge signifies that a product has been selected based on its performance, customer feedback, and sales data.  The algorithm considers factors like freshly stocked shelves, pre-order items, availability, and price. It allows them to recommend products that are likely to be popular and convenient for shoppers.

Products with this badge will appear on their page within the product's category, information about how many reviews it has received, and a link to the product page on Amazon.

Do Sellers Need to Pay Amazon to Have Their Products Labelled as Amazon's Choice?


No, sellers do not need to pay Amazon to have their products labeled as Amazon's Choice. Amazon's Choice is a label given to products deemed the best-of-the-best by the Amazon algorithm. The label is based on customer reviews, price, and overall product quality.

Benefits of Amazon's Choice

So what are the benefits of having an Amazon's Choice badge? Here are a few:

Since being named an Amazon's Choice product comes with a stamp of approval from the e-commerce giant, it can boost a product's visibility. Standing out is critical in a sea of millions of items, and the Amazon's Choice badge can help do just that.

Amazon's Choice product tends to increase sales. After all, if Amazon is recommending your product, chances are good that shoppers will take notice and put it in their carts.

Becoming an Amazon's Choice product can also help build your brand's reputation. When customers see that even Amazon trusts your products, they'll be more likely to give them a try themselves.

Does Amazon's Choice Tag Make a Difference to Sales?

Amazon's Choice is a tag that Amazon gives to products that they believe are the best of the best. The tag can make a big difference in sales because it shows shoppers that the product has been vetted by Amazon and is worthy of purchase. Amazon's Choice products are often featured prominently on the site, leading to increased sales.


The Amazon Choice is a label given to items that Amazon.com determines to be the most popular and best-selling products. Amazon's Choice listings, which appear on product search results and some product detail pages, are based on data provided by customers who have bought a particular product.

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