What is Amazon Prime Shipping? (A Complete Guide)

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As a Prime member, you can take advantage of Amazon's expedited shipping options. However, is the one to two-day shipping option available for all Amazon's products? Read on to learn more about what is Amazon Prime shipping.

In this article, you will learn everything you need about Amazon Prime shipping, how one can sign up for its membership, what Amazon prime day is, and much more.

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What is Amazon Prime Shipping? 

One perk of being an Amazon Prime member is receiving free expedited delivery, often one to two days, on any item you purchase. Amazon prime members get this advantage for $139 a year or $14.99 monthly. However, you will get the first six months for free if you are a student.

How Does One Sign Up for Amazon Prime Membership?

You must first create a basic Amazon account before upgrading to Amazon Prime. Here are the measures you take to become an Amazon Prime member:

  1. Log into your basic Amazon account.
  2. To access your profile, use the account icon in the upper right (it should say "Hello, [Your Name]," and Sign in").
  3. Select the Prime Membership option from the drop-down option.
  4. If you are a student and can prove it, start a free trial on the next page; you should select the six-month option.
  5. Choose the Amazon Prime subscription that best suits your needs and budget, from the $8.99/month video-only option to the $119/year all-access membership.
  6. To continue your subscription, enter your payment information when requested, or use the payment method you had set up for your basic membership.
  7. Ensure that you double-check your delivery and billing address.

Which Products Qualify for Amazon Prime's Free Two-Day Shipping Offer?

Most of Amazon's products come with free two-day delivery when you sign up for Amazon Prime. Standard delivery is free; however, expedited shipping isn't available for large products like machines and basketball hoops. Furthermore, unless the seller explicitly provides free delivery, Amazon does not cover the shipping cost for any products sold by third parties through Amazon Marketplace.

Why Is Your Tracking Status Not Changing?

If you can't track your order, it could be that Amazon's monitoring systems are not fully integrated with the carrier, the carrier's tracking database is not up to date, or the carrier's tracking system is too complex. Please wait an extra day or two for your order to arrive if the expected delivery date for your product has passed and there has been no update to the tracking information. Most shipments arrive on or just after the scheduled delivery date.

It could also be that a package's initial check-in will occur at a regional hub close to the final destination. When the number of packets being sent is high, this usually happens. Therefore after the first assessment, the shipping company will confirm the receipt of your goods.

Moreover, not all packages can be tracked, especially Standard International packages, and there are also instances when marketplace vendors fail to provide Amazon with order tracking details.

Is There a Discounted or Free Amazon Prime for Students?

Amazon Prime Subscriptions are yearly and cost $14.99 per month or $139 per year, and the first 30 days are always free. Again, there is a significant discount available for students. Most of the same Prime features are available to students with Amazon accounts, and the first six months are free.

After that, you will need a Prime membership at 50% savings. As a Student, you will have access to free shipping for the duration of the six-month trial, but you will be unable to use the streaming services or borrow Kindle books.

Can One Use Amazon Prime Delivery In A Foreign Country?

Amazon delivers to more than 100 nations and regions outside of the United States, but the products that are available for purchase can vary based on where you want them delivered. You must change your default delivery address to see products available for delivery in your desired foreign area.

What Is a "Prime Day" on Amazon?

If you have been oblivious to the shopping holiday mayhem that is Amazon Prime Day, it's a special event that lasts for forty-eight hours and takes place once a year on average. During this event, Amazon offers great deals on thousands of goods in each one of its product categories. However, this sale is only open to members.

What Are the Advantages of Using Amazon Prime Delivery?

Prime members may have a wide range of products delivered the day after they buy them, with no minimum order requirement. You may quickly find out what you can get online and have delivered to your door by 9 p.m. the following day by selecting the "Get it tomorrow" filter.

You also have free same-day delivery on orders placed before 8 p.m. local time in several cooperating cities, such as Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Houston, and Seattle. You may have qualifying products delivered on the same day for as little as $9.99 per purchase, even without a Prime membership. Same-day delivery is free for Prime members on purchases over $25, or customers may pay a cost of up to $3 per item for deliveries of less than $25.

Another perk of being a Prime member is that if you pre-order an eligible product and choose Two-Day Shipping, it will arrive in time for the release date at no additional cost. Lastly, In exchange for delaying the arrival of their items, members who choose no-rush shipping will be awarded points they can use for future purchases.

Do Amazon Prime Members Have to Pay the Return Shipping When Returning An Item?

The cost of return postage will be deducted from your refund if you use the return label provided in the Returns Center to return an item and the reason for the return is not due to Amazon.com's error. You will be charged a single fixed price for each return shipment and a smaller fee for each item included in that return shipment.


Amazon Prime shipping will not only ensure that you will get your order on time but will also help you save money. Although you will have to pay a subscription fee of $14.99, you will enjoy more perks. If you are a student who regularly buys from Amazon, you should consider signing in since you will enjoy a 50% discount.

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