What Happened to Amazon Underground? (Here Is What You Want to know)

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Amazon has never been shy about releasing apps for Android and iOS Phones. However, after being available in the Play Store for over a year, Amazon's Underground app has been removed from future updates. Read on to find out what happened to amazon underground.

Over the years, Amazon released several mobile applications praised for their innovation. With the growing popularity of apps and demand for them, Amazon often sets itself apart from other companies by focusing on creating unique experiences with its apps. One of these fantastic programs was Amazon Underground, which allowed users to enjoy free or discounted books purchased through Amazon's site or services.

If you're an Amazon customer, you may wonder what happened to the Amazon Underground app. This article will examine what happened to amazon underground.

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What Happened To Amazon Underground?

When Amazon first launched the Underground app, it was seen as a way for the company to give back to its customers. The app offered a selection of free and discounted apps and in-app purchases and was seen as a way for Amazon to reward its customers for their loyalty. However, it seems that Amazon has had a change of heart regarding the Underground app. In December 2017, Amazon announced that it would shut down the app immediately.

It's been over five years since Amazon announced it was shutting down its Underground Actually Free program, which gave Android users free access to thousands of otherwise paid apps and games. At the time, Amazon said it would continue to support the app until the end of 2019, when it was closed.

If you go to the Amazon Appstore on your Android device and search for Amazon Underground, you'll see a message saying, "This app is no longer available." When you download it, you'll get an error saying that the app is incompatible with your device.

Why Did Amazon Close the Underground App?

Amazon announced they would close the Underground app and replace it with their app store. The reason for closing the Underground app was that Amazon wanted to launch its app store.

Amazon wants to make its users more loyal by ensuring they only use their official app store for downloading apps. It will allow users to download any app on their device without worrying about downloading an app from a third-party site.

Also, many people complained that the experience of using Amazon Underground was poor compared to the other stores. They criticized the underground app for being a small app and having any restrictions compared with the Google Play store.

Does Amazon Underground Still Work

Unfortunately, after amazon shuts underground down, the app is unavailable and not working. Although the apps the users purchased from underground are still working, third-party apps are also available on the Play Store.

What Was Amazon Underground Used For

Amazon Underground was a service that allowed Android users to access thousands of apps and games at no additional cost.

The store allows users to download apps and games from the app for free but does not offer any advertising revenue for developers or publishers. Amazon would instead pay developers $0.002 per minute from every individual user.

Amazon Underground was an app that allowed users to access different content from Amazon, including apps, games, and in-app items, for free. Users were only required to pay the app fee before using it.

Was Amazon Underground Actually Free

Downloading Amazon Underground was free, and you could only pay less than $2 for apps that required purchase. The app was advertised as "Actually Free" because there were no subscriptions or in-app purchases.

Amazon charges an upfront fee for apps and games, but it's worth it if you're looking for a way to get all the apps and content you want without paying any money.

How Did Amazon Monetize Underground

The Amazon Underground app was free. The app offered free content to customers, but it also had ads as a way of earning.

Amazon must make money from some other source to offer this free service. The apps in the Underground store served ads. Every time you opened the app, there was an ad service by amazon. The ads were a way for Amazon to earn to pay the developers.

The app allowed users to download other apps and games without paying for them. Amazon Underground was popular among many Android users, especially those without access to the play store or who couldn't afford to buy apps from it.

Will Amazon Bring Back the Underground App?

It's not clear if Amazon will bring back the Underground program. Amazon has pulled this feature from its app store and will no longer be offering it in the future.  To make these apps more accessible by removing some of the barriers preventing them from being purchased, Amazon launched its own Amazon Appstore.

The Amazon Appstore has similar features to those of the underground, which customers can take advantage of.


Amazon Underground offered many of the apps and games you wanted. The apps and games provided in Underground were available for your use at no cost, but Amazon did not see all the potential of Underground, and in 2019, they decided to end its service.

Amazon launched its app, which has similar and better features to underground. Customers who need the underground experience can use the amazon Appstore.

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