What Font Does Amazon Use in 2023?

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Ever wondered what font Amazon uses? Many people don't know that this is a custom and exclusive font designed by the American e-commerce giant. But, with this quick guide on how to find it and install it on your computer, you'll be able to use this font in no time.

It was one of the most frequently asked questions about Amazon.com for a long time. The font has a unique style that can be difficult to replicate and is often mistaken for Helvetica. But what exactly is the font used on Amazon?It turns out that it's not just one font, but several. This article will look at each one in detail and discuss why the fonts are so hard to replicate with traditional methods.

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What Are the Amazon Font Types?

When you're reading on the Amazon Kindle, you may notice that the font type changes depending on where you are. The primary font types you will see are Ember and Bookerly. Ember is primarily used in regular or italic style for all written content, depending on the connection and the fonts available on your computer. You may see Times New Roman or Arial, the font for Amazon Kindle depends on the generation.

Bookerly is the standard default on older Kindles, but Amazon Ember is now available on newer versions. Amazon introduced Ember for the Amazon Oasis e-reader. Ember is a sans serif font, whereas Bookerly is not, making it easier to read long text passages in an eBook format.

What Fonts Look Similar to Amazon Fonts

Bookerly is the font used by Amazon for its Kindle ebook reader, and it's also the font that Amazon is using for its entire website. It's designed to be easy to read on screens, and it's also a great choice if you want a font that looks like a print.

The font Bookerly was created by Amazon as part of their Kindle ebook reader development process, and they've made it available to web designers as well. It has a unique look that makes it easy to read on screens (especially if you're using a high-density screen) but still has some of the old-fashioned feels of print in its design.

Other popular alternatives for Bookerly include Lato and Roboto. Lato is another sans serif font with clean lines, making it ideal for use on screen. Roboto is also a sans serif font with clean lines but with some additional weight at the top of letters such as "A," which gives it more personality than other sans serif fonts like Lato or Ubuntu.

Ubuntu and Sofia Pro Semi Bold are serif fonts that have an old-fashioned feel compared to other fonts like Lato or Roboto.

Have the Fonts on the Amazon Logo Changed Ever Since?

Amazon's logo has been a work in progress since founded in 1994. The first six years of Amazon's history saw the company go through six different logos before settling on its current design in 2000.

The company has settled on a font that would appear above the yellow arrow—Officina Sans Bold, a sans serif typeface similar to Franklin Gothic and Rotis Sans Serif.

This change in the font is interesting because it shows us just how important design is to create a brand identity. It also illustrates how much effort goes into deciding what makes a good logo: Amazon has tried out several different fonts before finding one that worked for them.

Have the Web Fonts on Amazon Ever Changed?

The Amazon website has been using Ember since 2015. It's no secret that Amazon is always trying to improve its services, including the fonts on its website. Amazon recently updated its web font from Bookerly to Ember.

Amazon changed in response to customer feedback and technological advancements, such as new gadgets like the Echo. The company tested Bookerly on its website and received mixed reviews from users—so it decided to stick with Ember for now.

Ember was released in 2016 as an update to the original OpenType font. It has been applied across Amazon apps, too, so you'll see it on your Kindle or Fire tablet if you're reading this article on one of those devices!

Are There Different Styles of Amazon Fonts?

Amazon is known for its innovative approach to e-commerce, and its font choices are no exception. The Ember and Bookerly fonts have been specifically designed to make it easier for customers to read on their e-readers, smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Ember is the default font for Amazon's Kindle e-readers, and Bookerly is the default font for Kindle Fire tablets. Both fonts have several weights: thin, light, book, regular, medium, semi-bold, bold, and heavy. Menus, screen texts, and digital reading displays all use different weights of the same font family--Ember's refined weights make it ideal for headlines across the website. In contrast, Bookerly's three weights can be adjusted with font size while reading on your Kindle.

Can Amazon Fonts Be Downloaded?


Amazon fonts are available on the Amazon developer website. Ember is the font used for Alexa Home and Echo branding, and a download for this font is available for these devices on the Amazon developer website. Fonts in the folder also include Amazon typeface library usage guidelines.

If you don't want to download these fonts and follow Amazon's guidelines, you can use one of Amazon's OpenType font files in your projects. However, note that if you do this, you won't be able to embed any of the fonts into an app or device.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, you can only download the fonts available in Amazon's Kindle Fire line of e-readers directly from the device. However, Ember and Bookerly are open-source fonts that can be downloaded for use on a computer and then transferred to your Kindle Fire via email.

Ember and Bookerly are both sans serif fonts created by Amazon to be used on the Kindle Fire line of e-readers. They are designed to make reading more comfortable when using a tablet or other screen device by reducing eye strain and fatigue and improving readability.

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