Buying a MacBook on Amazon (All You Need to Know!)

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Are you looking for a discounted MacBook or iPhone? Well, Amazon is the place to find the best deals. Here we will teach you how to buy a MacBook on Amazon. We will also drop a few tips and tricks for getting the best prices on MacBook, iPhone, and other apple products on Amazon. Read on for the details.

Amazon is an approved Apple reseller. You can be sure to find some of the best deals on iPhone and Mac on Amazon. Amazon makes mass purchases of Apple Mac laptops, enabling the company to provide customers with better price deals than most retail outlets. In addition, to lower prices, Amazon sells pre-owned computers.

All MacBooks offered for sale on Amazon are authentic Apple products and come in original packaging with serial numbers that are verifiable on Apple's website. Customers interested in purchasing a MacBook through Amazon are strongly encouraged to pay close attention to the product listing details to confirm that they will be purchasing the product from Amazon itself and not from a third-party vendor.

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Are the MacBooks on Amazon Real?

Are you looking for an authorized Apple store? Yes, Amazon is one of them. Amazon is one of the few approved Apple dealers in the world. Other retailers include Walmart, B&H, Adorama, Best Buy, and Target, where you can also purchase online. In late 2018, Amazon become an Apple Authorized Reseller via a signed agreement.

Therefore, Apple directly supplies Amazon with its products for resell purposes. Buying a MacBook from Amazon is therefore identical to purchasing from Apple itself.

Which MacBooks Are Available on Amazon?

There is a wide selection of MacBooks available on Amazon. The following are their current offerings: MacBook (Air & Pro) and MacBook (Mini & iMac). It is recommended to check out the most recent available models directly on, as Amazon's Mac stock is always updating to include new and refurbished laptops.

How to Check If a MacBook from Amazon is Real?

A buyer of a MacBook on Amazon who has doubts about the authenticity of the product can do one of two things:

Procedure 1: Verify the Serial Number

Every Apple computer has a unique serial number that may be used to verify the machine's model on Apple's official site. Clients should know their laptop is not a MacBook if the serial number is not on the device or cannot be located using Apple's online database.

Procedure 2: check the MacBook packaging

Apple always ships MacBooks to authorized resellers in the original packaging. A MacBook offered on Amazon that isn't in official Apple packaging likely wasn't sold by Apple at all, but rather by a third-party vendor. Customers are cautioned against buying used MacBooks from third-party dealers due to the increased likelihood of a defective product, even though some of these vendors sell well-maintained machines.

Why is MacBook Cheap on Amazon than in Apple Store?

Worry not, as it's quite simple for amazon to offer discounted prices. Amazon is able to sell MacBook devices at a discount as the company buys the products in large quantities, in advance, and at a wholesale price. This is a subtle hint to Apple's resellers, who benefit from being able to sell products at a lower price than Apple. The process is the same for all Official Apple Retailers.

Do a MacBook from Amazon Have a Warranty?

There is no difference in the warranty coverage between buying an Apple gadget from Apple and buying one from Amazon. Apple allows customers to return products to the company during the first year if they discover a problem, even if purchased from Amazon.

Finding the serial number of your Apple product and entering it on their support page will reveal the remaining time on your warranty. For customers to extend their warranty on purchases, go on and purchase AppleCare through Amazon, which is identical to the AppleCare sold by Apple.

Is the Macbook Return Policy In Amazon the Same As In Apple Store?

No. Apple and Amazon may or may not have the same return policy for your MacBook. If you buy the product straight from Apple, you have 14 days from the day you purchased it. But if you buy the product from Amazon, you can usually return it up to 30 days after purchase. Now that it varies double-check the return policy when purchasing.

What Are the Advantages of Buying a MacBook on Amazon?

Amazon is an approved Apple reseller, so all of the Apple products it sells are authentic and eligible for free Prime shipping. Customers can choose from a large inventory of MacBooks on the site. Getting the greatest prices on Apple products on Amazon is possible with the help of these few pointers. When you search for something on the platform, you will be shown a selection of relevant items.

Products marked as "Amazon's Choice" will be shown at the top of the page. This usually means that the product is among the best-selling products, has the highest ratings, receives the most positive reviews, and can be shipped quickly. Products on Amazon are given a Best Seller's label if they have shown to be very popular with customers.

Thus, this label is refreshed every hour, giving rise to Lightning Deals and shining more information on what you are purchasing. Advertisements featuring Apple products are another great source of sales. These items are included in sponsored content, where the manufacturer competes for ad placement. On Amazon, you will find customer product reviews on the product page. You can tell if a product is of high quality by reading reviews.


Amazon has been an authorized reseller of Apple products since November 2018. As such, customers have a wide array of MacBook products to choose from at affordable deals. Amazon buys bulk orders of Apple Mac computers, allowing them to offer slight discounts compared to

You no longer have to walk into an Apple store to purchase Apple products. It's even more advantageous to buy MacBook on amazon as you can check customer reviews to authenticate the devices you seek. Nevertheless, Amazon will deliver your MacBook in the comfort of your home at no extra fee.

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