What are Prime Video Channels? (Benefits, Cost, and Hot Channels)

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Are you bored and thinking of adding some enticing content worth your time and money to your Amazon Prime subscription? The Prime Video channels got you covered. Read on to find out.

Why do you have to subscribe and end up bored? Prime Video channels simplify access to a wide variety of films and television series from mainstream studios and more specialized independent producers. 

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What are Prime Video Channels?

Prime Video Channels are an optional add-on to your primary Prime membership to keep you as entertained as you prefer. Expanding your Prime membership enables you to access other networks and streaming services that aren't part of the initial Prime package.

Subscribing to Prime Video channels ranges from $3 to $15 monthly, depending on the channel. However, subscribing and unsubscribing from any channel at any given time is all up to you. To find out more on the Amazon Prime Channel list, keep reading.

How Much Do Prime Video Channels Cost Per Month?

It depends on the channels you want to pay for. Subscribing to major channels ranges from $6 to $15 a month on top of your current Prime membership. However, in most cases, you will have a 7 days preview on channels before deciding on the final package to acquire.

However, a Prime Video Channel subscription costs the same as a subscription to the individual service provider. Thanks to Amazon Prime Channel List, members with a Prime subscription have all their subscriptions managed in one place.

What Are the Benefits of Using Amazon Prime Channel List?

Do you want to upgrade your current streaming services yet retain all your subscriptions in one place? You may find an everlasting solution in the Amazon Prime Channel list.

The primary advantage of using Prime Video Channels is having a centralized location for all your channels. Such as using a Fire tablet, a Fire TV, or the Prime Video app to access content from various providers. That proves that Prime Video channels are more advantageous than a standalone subscription.

How Are Different Channels on Amazon Prime Channel List Billed?

Are you worried about how over 100 different channels can be billed at a centralized location? Worry not, as a single office officially manages the billing process, "the Amazon". This saves you all the hustle to access and subscribe to each different site. Additionally, channel content is frequently indexed by Amazon's search systems, making it more accessible via Fire TV devices and Alexa voice searches.

What Content Is Accessible Via Amazon Prime Video Channels?

The Amazon Prime channel list comprises third-party channels, some of which offer live TV and on-demand entertainment. They charge between $2.99 to $14.99 per month. The Prime Video channels let you browse content based on your interests as you have the power to choose from several categories such as outdoor channels, Sports, health and wellness, etc.

What Are the Top Channels on Amazon Prime Channel List?

Now that there are over 100 channels on the Amazon Prime Channel List, you need to be aware of its services to make an informed decision on a Prime Video channel membership. Here are the top-ranked ones:


CBS All Access was the previous name for Paramount+. This renamed channel continues to broadcast popular and well-known shows like Team America, 1883, Seal Team, NCIS, Star Trek, The Legend of Korra, etc.

Blockbuster films are released through Paramount+ a few weeks after being released in theatres. Movies such as Jackass Forever, Scream (2022), The sequels to A Quiet Place, and Mission Impossible 7 will be released 35 to 45 days after their theatrical debuts.

In addition, the channel broadcasts live news and sports programming. Watch the Latest Headlines, CBS Evening News, and live sporting events on Paramount+. However, Amazon Prime Video is available in ad-free and ad-supported editions. The commercial-free version of Paramount+ costs $9.99 per month but lacks live channels and sports.


STARZ is available on the Amazon Prime Channel list. Its subscription goes for $8.99 a month. The channel offers on-demand titles such as Spider-Man, Venom, Homecoming, and Jumanji.


Watch content such as Billions, Yellowjackets, Ray Donovan, Chi, and Shameless on the SHOWTIME channel. SHOWTIME Prime Video subscription goes for $10.99 per month. SHOWTIME provides ad-free access to popular TV series, hit originals, and new movies.

PBS Kids

PBS Kids charges $4.99 per month for family-friendly movies and series. Its popular shows include Odd quad, Dinosaur Train, Zooboomafoo, and Hero Elementary.


CuriosityStream has been added to Amazon Prime Video for $2.99 per month. This channel features original and exclusive documentaries on crime, culture, science, history, technology and nature. Its popular shows include The Story of Math’s, Today in Africa, Dangerous Borders, and Hidden Killers. Nevertheless, documentaries such as Richard Hammond, David Attenborough, and Nick Offerman are also available.


Now you know that the Amazon Prime Channel List is a one-stop shop for all your channels. Prime Video channels make watching movies and television shows from mainstream studios and more specialized producers easier. We can finalize this by saying that Prime Video Channels are an optional add-on to your basic Prime subscription that will keep you engaged at a reasonable fee.

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