How to Fix Amazon Prime Buffering, Skipping, and Freezing?

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You can experience Amazon Prime buffering, skipping, and freezing while streaming videos on Amazon Prime. This article addresses how to fix buffering, lagging, and freezing issues on Amazon Prime. 

Amazon is a reliable platform because it has endured the test of time ever since its inception on July 16, 1995. However, you can experience challenges when using the best e-commerce websites worldwide. Amazon users can testify to the quality of service from the e-commerce platform. Amazon users with a Prime account access extra features while streaming content on Amazon Prime.

However, you can expect to experience challenges while on Amazon Prime because it relies on technology. Technology solutions are not immune to technical glitches, and Amazon Prime has its fair share of glitches.

It is common to experience Amazon Prime buffering, skipping, and freezing issues when on its video streaming platform. The article below focuses on how you can solve the prime buffering, freezing, and skipping issues yourself.

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How to fix Amazon Prime Buffering, Skipping, and Freezing?

The troubleshooting tips below contain a raft of measures you can perform to resolve the Amazon Prime buffering, freezing, and skipping.

Troubleshooting Tip 1: Testing Your Internet Connection Speed

The first thing to do is test the internet stopped on your device to ensure you have a functional and fast internet connection. You can download and install a third-party bandwidth app/software to help you test your internet speed.

The recommended internet speed for your device depends on other programs/apps sharing your internet. You can switch to a better internet connection if you experience slow internet speed on your current network. Another solution is switching to a different server if you use a VPN to secure your internet connection.

Troubleshooting Tip 2: Restarting Your Router

Sometimes you can test your internet connection but fail to get readings on the third-party bandwidth testing app/software. In such a case, your internet connection could be experiencing challenges in establishing an internet connection. You can restart your router to reset and fix your internet connection in just a few minutes.

Troubleshooting Tip 3: Restarting Your Amazon App

The third solution you can try is restarting your Amazon Prime app. Mobile applications are prone to malfunction because of bugs in their architecture. The Amazon application is not immune to bugs, and you can experience challenges when using it. However, you can fix most of the bug issues by restating the mobile application on your device. Restart your Amazon app or internet browser to fix buffering, lagging, or freezing issues.

Troubleshooting Tip 4: Updating Your Amazon Prime Video App/Browser

An outdated Amazon app or browser can cause advanced code from executing and prevent you from getting the best user experience while on Amazon Prime. You can check the current version of your Amazon app/browser before counter-checking if there is a newer version of the app/browser on the internment. Download and install the latest Amazon prime video app/browser to ensure all the features execute on your device.

Troubleshooting Tip 5: Downgrading the Video Quality on Amazon Prime Video App

Some areas can have poor access to high-speed internet. You can experience challenges while streaming videos on a low-speed internet connection while using the Amazon platform. You can still enjoy Amazon Prime Videos if you are on low-speed internment.

However, you must downgrade to a lower video quality before enjoying video content on Amazon Prime. Locate the video quality icon at the bottom of your stream before downgrading to lower video quality.

Troubleshooting Tip 6: Updating Your Firmware

Firmware issues on your device are also a leading cause of applications/software malfunctioning. You can check the current firmware on your device before checking if there is a newer firmware release from the device manufacturer. Download the latest firmware release for your device, and ensure you read the installation guide carefully before installing it to prevent bricking your device. You should also ensure you download the firmware only from the official manufacturer of your device to avoid bricking your device.

Troubleshooting Tip 7: Updating Your Drivers

Check if your drivers are up-to-date if you are using a computer to stream content on Amazon Prime. Ensure your video drivers are up-to-date to prevent video skipping, buffering, or freezing while streaming videos on Amazon Prime.

Troubleshooting Tip 8: Contacting Amazon Support

Contact the customer support team if you still have problems streaming content on Amazon Prime. Give specific details of the problem you are experiencing and wait for the Amazon Prime support team to direct you on how to resolve your video streaming issues.

Why Does Amazon Prime Keep Buffering?

Several reasons can cause you to experience buffering issues when on Amazon. You can experience delays in page loading or videos taking ages to play. One of the common reasons for buffering includes network issues. The second reason could result from problems relating to hardware or software on your device. You can fix both issues by reading the troubleshooting tips below.

 Why does Amazon Prime keep skipping?

The skipping issues on the Amazon platform result mainly from problems relating to a poor or faulty internet connection. The skipping problem could also result from errors on your browser affecting how the page loads. You can tread the troubleshooting tips below to skip problems when streaming videos on Amazon Prime.

Why does Amazon Prime keep freezing?

Most Amazon Prime users experience a freezing problem if there is an underlying issue with their hardware or software. Having outdated software/drivers or faulty hardware could cause your device to freeze or crash. You can read the troubleshooting tips below to fix hardware or software issues on your device.


Fixing issues with the Amazon Prime videos buffering, skipping, or freezing requires patience and knowledge to troubleshoot the problem. You can resolve the video streaming problem by following the above troubleshooting tips. The troubleshooting tips are simple to follow, and you can perform them in a few minutes. You can always reach out to Amazon Prime customer care service if you have other issues affecting the quality of streaming service on their platform.

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