Original Grain Watches Review: Why Say It Sustainable?

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Are wood watches from the Original Grain watches legit, or are they just gimmicks? Please find out more in our Original Grain Watches reviews. Also, get to know the brand and the best-selling watches from the experts.

Though mobile phones have tried outshining the watches brands on the market, brands are still booming in the industry. However, they are different and have come up with unique features to keep growing.

In our reviews today, we will cover the Original Grain Watches. Therefore, we will cover the company's history, the best-selling or featured products on the market, and the deals they offer their customers while shopping. Hence, keep reading and find out if this brand is legit or just trying to gimmick. Then, learn from the expert and make the right decision.

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Original Grain Watches Review

Original Grain is a brand founded in  2013 by two brothers, Andrew and Ryan Beltran. The company is based in San Diego and specializes in crafting watches from steel and wood. From the tagline, they make clear that they manufacture the watches from the material which carries a message and comes with a journey you can trace. These range from the barrels they used to store bourbon to the retired seats obtained for the stadium; the items are sustainable, with the repurposed materials to take you in time. That is, reclaimed.

The two duos, the founders of Original Grain Watches, grew up and often used to play in wood on the stunning landscape in the pacific northwest area bound with the pacific ocean and the rocky mountain found on the east. Therefore, the two adults decided to wove the blue ocean and the brown mountains to create time. Figuratively, the story works; of course, it's not real.

The two brothers noted the failure of innovation in the watch industry and then decided to design unique timepieces from steel and wood. From the promotional video, Ryan clarifies that it is not a real timepiece but a piece of time. Therefore, the two duos launched the brand through Kickstarter hence ranked as the third most successful fashion campaign considering the crowdfunding history of the company, where they achieved the funding target within 90 minutes. Moreover, the watches became a hit because of the stainless steel for durability and sustainable fusion of hardwood.

That is one of many things that made the brand a hit, but also, the reclaimed wood facilitated the wind in sales. Besides that, the brand also relies on reusable packaging and engages in campaigns to fight against forest destruction. In addition, the company utilizes wood material in designing the cases and straps of the watches. However, the mechanism remains like the conventional watches.

Therefore the watches are made with reclaimed wood; they become advocates for the use of renewable sources, which in return fight against forest destruction.

Based on the platform's data and online reviews, Original Grain Watches are assembled in China, and the exotic wood reclaimed is sourced from Africa, the US, Japan, and China on the valued scraps. Therefore, these woods are only certified as sustainable or repurposed by the forest stewardship council.

The company is committed to craftsmanship and has staunch support regarding the drive for authenticity and sustainability. The company has also been featured on popular media outlets such as NBC News, Forbes, Los Angeles Times, Sports Illustrated, etc. they have established a large customer base on the social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

To this far, you must be asking what makes this brand unique. So, before going into the customer feedback, the best-selling items,  and how to interact with the customer support teams or where to purchase the watches, let us go through the highlights on the pros and cons of the brand.

Original Grain Watches Pros:

Original Grain Watches Cons:

Why We Like Original Grain Watches?

If you choose to tell a story, then Original Grains provides you with numerous watches to select from based on the materials such as beer barrels, ashwood, mahogany, whiskey barrel, etc. They have everything covering all the stories your nat tells. As earlier stated, each watch has a story behind it to tell the world.

Other than reclaimed wood, you can also select a watch but now based on the steel color. These range from silver, gold espresso, black, rose gold brass, etc. There are many things we like about this brand. And going into the sizes, the brand offers multiple watch sizes from 43 to 47 mm for men, while for women, it ranges between 36 to 42 mm.

That is not all; customers can also select the brand's style from steel and leather or based on the movement. That is automatic or quartz. The company offers affordable pricing, and all the items range from as low as $199 to $661. Other than watches, you can purchase accessories such as wooden bracelets, kits, straps, and waxed canvas rolls. Being part of this review, we also wish to introduce their wide collection and best-selling items in the competitive market.

Wide Collection of Best-Selling Watches for Men and Women

There are many best-selling Original Grain Women's Watches. in this category, you will find six styles. Alterra Chrono Collection has seamless functionality and elevated styles designed to withstand the adrenaline rush. There is a Barrel Collection which is a blend of old-school styles but a better fit. There is a classic collection for a sophisticated tuxedoed neb made with sleek metal nature. The Minimalist Collection is here for you if you want to be subtle in luxury. Grainmaster Collection is a watch meant for occasions and has distinct bold lines. Lastly, the Pilot-Zulu collection is best for adventure Junkies and is inspired by the flight thrill.

The best-selling watches under men in these six styles include Grainmaster Collection, Rosewood Black Classic Watch, Koa Stonewashed Minimalist Watch, and Brewmaster Alterra Chrono Watch.

When it comes to the women's collection, there are different filtering aspects such as steel, wood, size, style, movement, or color. First, there is the Avalon collection which resembles the Barrel collection for men; the next is Bangle Collection; and lastly is the Minimalist Collection, which is a popular collection with a modern appearance. The best-selling women's watches are the Koa Stonewashed Barrel Watch, Mother of Pearl Barrel Watch, Rose Gold and Birch Bangle Watch, and Ashwood Gold Avalon Watch.

Customer Review

Most customer reviews concerning the Original Grain watches are positive. The brand's main selling points are pricing, sustainability, a huge selection of options, colors, styles, and gifting packages. In addition, some ore is rated high because of its quality and durability. While there are many websites from where we got customer reviews, we would start with their official website at Oritinalgrain. Here the brand scores 5 stars after over 20,000 reviews. This indicates customers have nothing to complain about. One of the customers, after purchasing the Taylor Guitars Koa Gunmetal Chrono, praises it, saying:

"My second Original Grain timepiece. They are well worth the money. Incredibly beautiful timepieces! Excellent build quality, as well as excellent customer service."

On Trustpilot, the brand has a 2.1 stars rating after 12 reviews. People have raised concerns, but the company has already worked on them. And on The Adult Man website, the author gives the brand a 4.4 rating based on the quality of material, value, craftsmanship, and design. In addition, he praises the uniqueness and sustainability of the brand.

Amazon also has many reviews for  Brewmaster Collection Wrist Watch - 5-Hand. Still, the author of the publication on iknowwatches.com, and the watch blog.co.ke are amazed at the brand. Generally, the company scores well on the Better Business Bureau website. Still, you can watch the Youtube video on the review and learn more about this perfect American watch on the soil.

Where to Buy Original Grain Watches

Since this is an online brand that sells watches and accessories, you can order from their official website on Original Grain watches. Besides that, you can also access the items from their social media platform, like Instagram accounts.

However, if the website does not favor you may be because of the locations or something close to that, then the watches are available on online retailers such as :

But note that you will get the watches from eBay second-hand. And the problem with the above retailers is that warranty policy is different compared f with that on their official website. So we highly recommend ordering the item from the website rather than online retailers.

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Is Original Grain Watches Worth It?

Though people might call us the watch snob, we are skeptical. We have covered many things about the Original Grain watches, and most importantly, we love the durability and sustainability the item has. This ranges from the item to the packaging. This sustainability concept is amazing, and everyone is excited about it. However, you must understand that sustainable items come with a compromised design or style.

However, Original Grain watches stand in between the two. And most of the customers have been returning to order other watches from the site. This is a clear indication that the brand has scored multiple positive feedback. Furthermore, even though some people might complain about the price, if you are into sustaining the environment, that is a small price for such a watch.

Besides manufacturing the watches from the recycling material, the brand also allocates profits for charity works like planting trees. This is a win-win for customers. Therefore, Original Grain is worth it all based on the sustainability, high-quality watches with a story to tell, the international shipping, a huge collection for men and women with different sizes and colors, etc. you can purchase the watch today and enjoy lucrative deals and save bucks for the next order.

Original Grain Watches Discounts

Original Grain Watches offers lucrative deals and discounts on the platform. First of all, the brand has a referral program, and once you refer a friend, you are entitled to receive a $40 credit different from your Original Grain Watches account. Still, upon purchase of the first order totaling $200 or above, the friend will also get $40 off.

Please check the platform or subscribe to their newsletter for exclusive deals, promo codes, and discount alerts. They might strike a deal anytime. Generally, the brand offers free shipping on the FedEx smart post. and black Friday gives customers 20% off on orders

Original Grain Watches Contact

you might be having a different issue that we still need to cover in our Original Grain watches reviews. For this reason, the company has provided different means to contact the customer support team. Although they do not have phone support services, you can reach out to them at support@originalgral.com anytime.

Still, the company has a live chat on its website but is only available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm PST. Equally, you can send the post main to the company using the postal mail of Original Grain, 1205 J ST#J, San Diego, CA 92101. In addition, these guys are also active on their social media platforms. You can thus contact them on Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, etc.


Q. Where are Original Grain watches made?

First of all, the brand design watches in partnerships with manufacturers from different parts. However, the materials such as reclaimed wood are sourced from countries based in Africa, China, Japan, the US, and North America. Then waths4es are assembled in China and ready to sell to customers worldwide.

Q. Are Original Grain watches water-resistant?

Original Grain watches are made with reclaimed natural wood and hence come with a natural look. Therefore, most of the brands are splashproof. This means the watches are slightly water-resistant, but they might damage when you slightly extend the water-exposure time.

Q. What is the Original grain wood color variation?

The brand manufactures unique watches, and every batch has a different color. The rosewood and ebony wood has two different hues, which is enough evidence to show the color variation.

Q. Does Original Grain offer engraving on their watches?

From the review, the brand offers engraving on most of the watches. Unfortunately, you must be willing to wait for at least between 5-7 business days to fulfill the order and ship it to you based on the method you select.

Q. Is Nickel present in the Original Grain watches steel component?

All the original Grain watches are designed using 316L stainless steel. Therefore, the steel might contain nickel as well as other related elements.

Q. Are Original Grain Watches Any Good?

Original Grain watches are excellent because the watches run well and have huge collections with different designs. The watches are unique compared to typical watches. The value is worth the money.

Q. What is the Original Grain Shipping Policy?

The brand ships the items in USPS or FedEx if you are in the US. There are different options, though. FedEx smart post is free shipping and takes 5 to 9 business days to deliver. While for the priority through USPS, shipping costs $5.99, and delivery ranges from 3 to 5 business days. FedEx 2-days costs $19 and takes 2 business days to deliver.

However, FedEx overnight is expensive; shipping costs $40 and takes only one business day. For international shipping, the duration goes to a maximum of 30 business days for delivery. And all the import duties, taxes, additional charges, and customs are passed to the recipient.

Q. What is the Original Grain Return Policy?

Upon receiving the Original grain watch or accessories and finding out that it's different from your expectations, you have 14 days to return it and receive a refund through the original payment method. Besides a refund, you can also get the store credit or exchange option valid within 30 days up[on return based on the price differences.

However, when you buy from authorized retailers, you must consider their return policy. Therefore, the returned products must be in the original package for refund or exchange to be valid. The item will not be accepted for a refund if it is already marked final,  if it's engraved or customized, if its a free promotional item, if the watch is damaged or broken because of the stars and wear, or if the item has been worn or is without the protective plastics or when you try to reassemble.

Although the company offers the return shipping label,  the cost is deducted from the refund or on your store credit. For international returns, refers to their official website. In summary, the shipping charges for international customers are passed on to the customers.


Original Grain is a fashion brand that manufactures and sells sustainable, long-lasting wooden, stainless steel, or leather watches. Though assembled in China, the items are made by different manufacturers from different parts. In addition, the company engages in tree-planting activities to fight against forest destruction.

Our review has covered all you need to know about the Original Grain watches, the best-selling items, and favorable deals. If you are a sports-loving, this is the best choice since it is a splashproof wooden timepiece worth considering.

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