About Walmart Dress Code For Employees in 2022: All You Need to Know!

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Walmart has up to 1.6 million employees. The employees are distributed among departments, such as the front desk, food and groceries, and stocking and unloading. So you may be wondering, what is the dress code of the different Walmart employees? What dress code does Walmart consider decent and appropriate? This post answers this and many more questions.

Many organizations have dress codes for their employees. A dress code creates uniformity among the employees. A dress code also portrays one's professionalism and reflects the company's goals and vision. Therefore, it is evident that Walmart has a dress code for its employees. If you are curious about the accepted dress code at Walmart, keep on reading to find out.

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Does Walmart Have A Dress Code For Their Employees?

Since the early beginnings of Walmart, Walmart has always had a dress code. However, Walmart's initial dress code before was full of restrictions. The employees only had a few options to choose from. In 2018, Walmart abolished its old, outdated dress code and introduced a new, less restrictive dress code for its employees.

Walmart introduced three main changes to its dress code. The first change was that all the associates now had the freedom to wear denim jeans of any color of their choice. The second significant change is that employees could now choose to wear shirts that are not requisite blue.

Finally, management and the hourly associates got the freedom to wear sneakers. The introduction of sneakers meant that workers did not have to wear dress shoes.

The sneakers made the workers more comfortable while working long shifts. With the new dress code, employees now had a wide variety of clothes to choose from, which enabled each employee to use their style at work. As of 2022, Walmart still employs the new dress code.

Are Walmart Employees Given Uniforms?

The only uniform Walmart issues to their employees is a vest and a name tag. Walmart does not offer uniforms in the form of actual clothes that the employees wear. Walmart employees are free to wear whatever they want if they do not violate the dress code. If you're going to stand out more and customize your vest, you must pay $11 for it.

Are Employees Allowed To Wear Hoodies At Walmart?

 Depending on your role at Walmart, your manager may or may not allow you to wear a hoodie during working hours. One main reason that may make your manager disallow hoodies is if the hoodie is a safety hazard. If you are not sure about wearing a hoodie, you should confirm with your manager.

You can also use your Walmart vest to hide the hood of your hoodie. Some store managers may allow some employees to wear hoodies during the cold rainy season. In these cases, it is best to confirm with the manager first.

Are Walmart Employees Allowed To Wear Ripped Jeans?

 Because safety and professionalism are at the core of Walmart’s dress code, there are quite some limitations to the type of jeans you can wear while at work. For this reason, Walmart does not allow ripped jeans. Other kinds of jeans that Walmart disallows include jeans that contain patterns, discolorations, patches, white stitching, frayed edges, and jewelry. Different types of disallowed jeans include distressed jeans.

What Types Of Pants Can Walmart Employees Wear?

As mentioned earlier, you have the freedom to wear denim jeans of any color. However, you should note that you should not wear ripped jeans and other disallowed jeans. If you are not a fan of denim jeans, you have other alternatives such as jeggings, cargo pants, capris and chinos. Whatever pants you wear, you must ensure that the attire portrays professionalism when at work.

Can Walmart Employees Wear Leggings?

Unfortunately, Walmart does not allow their employees to wear athletic and loungewear such as leggings and yoga pants. Leggins and other similar attire that does not portray professionalism cannot be worn at work.

Do Walmart Employees Wear Shorts?

Wearing shorts is not generally accepted by most of Walmart's employees. Some of the positions where you might be permitted to wear shorts are garden associates and lot attendants. Other short forms of clothing such as capris pants, skirts, and skirts are also allowed; they must be no shorter than three and a half inches above the knee.

Can Walmart Employees Wear Sneakers?

As per the new dress code introduced in 2018, both the management and hourly associates can now wear sneakers instead of dress shoes or formal shoes. For many people, the introduction of sneakers was a big deal because many workers had to work long shifts in uncomfortable dress shoes. Additionally, the employees can wear clothes that match the shoes if they do not violate the dress code.

Are Hats Allowed Among Employees At Walmart?

The generally allowed hats are Walmart baseball caps. Employees such as cashiers who work at the check-out are not allowed to wear caps. In the case of other caps, the decision comes down to the specific store manager. The manager may or may not allow caps in the cold season. Therefore, you must ask your store’s manager if wearing the cap is allowed.

Can Employees Wear Joggers At Walmart?

Unfortunately, as per the Walmart dress code manual, employees cannot wear joggers and other similar attires such as sweat pants, scrubs and spandex pants. The attires are not allowed because they are not professional and therefore cannot be worn at work.

Are Facial Piercings Allowed Among Walmart Employees?

As per the new dress code that Walmart introduced in 2018, Walmart employees can now keep their facial piercings while at work. Employees who work in the fresh food section must remove the facial piercings for hygiene purposes. Employees that have piercings that may cause a hazard, such as hoop earnings which might get caught up with items in the store, are encouraged to remove them for safety reasons.

Does Walmart Allow Employees To Dye Their Hair?

The new dress code introduced by Walmart has reduced the restrictions that were initially there on the hair color of the employees. The new dress code allows the employees to dye their hair with any color of their choice.

The employee's choice of color must not be distractive. It is up to the store's manager to decide what is the allowed color and level of dying. Therefore you should confirm with your store manager first before dyeing your hair.

Are Walmart Employees Allowed To Have Tattoos?

According to the new regulations, Walmart employees can have tattoos and do not have to cover them up. The only reason that your local store manager will instruct you to cover up your tattoos is if your tattoos are inappropriate or vulgar. The tattoo regulations are relaxed, and some store managers have tattoos themselves. So if you have tattoos, it should be okay unless they are improper.

Walmart Interview Dress Code?

An interview is an essential part of the employment process for one to get hired. It is, therefore, vital that you choose your outfit wisely and not show up to the interview looking sloppy. Walmart does not, however, provide a specific dress code for those going for interviews. However, people interviewing for a job can use the dress code for the Walmart employees if they want to.

Those applying for an hourly job have many options. The men should pair up a shirt with khakis or slacks. On the other hand, women have more options than men. An excellent choice for women would be to pair a sweater or blouse with either a skirt or slacks.

For those applying for a job in a managerial position, it is best to go for professional attire, preferably a suit. Even though the new dress code guidelines allow tattoos, you should cover up the tattoos while going for the interview. Tattoos might hurt your chances of getting hired.


Walmart has moved away from the initial outdated dress code that they started. The current dress code is more relaxed and gives the employees more choices of what they can wear while at work. Walmart still keeps professionalism and safety at the core of its dress code. According to the new dress code, all the associates have the freedom to wear denim jeans of any color. Employees are also allowed to wear shirts of any color or pattern.

Additionally, those working in the management and the hourly associates can wear sneakers instead of dress shoes. Attires such as leggings, joggers, ripped jeans, sweat pants, scrubs, and spandex pants that do not portray professionalism are not allowed at work. Facial and body piercings are permitted as long as they are not a safety hazard.

Those who work in the fresh produce area are instructed to remove their piercings for hygiene reasons. Tattoos are allowed, although they must not be vulgar or inappropriate. Employees can dye their hair any color of their choice if it is not distractive. If you are unsure about the dress code, the best thing is to ask your manager.

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