Does Walmart Hire At 16? (Important Things to You)

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Obtaining employment means livelihood for many individuals. Are you 16 and seeking job opportunities? Since Walmart is a large and potential employer in the United States, you may be wondering: Does Walmart Hire at 16? Here's all you must know.

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Does Walmart Hire at 16?

Are you a teenager seeking a job opportunity? Inquiring about the company's minimum age requirement, regardless of your qualifications and line of work, is necessary. As a 16-year-old, you're lucky if you consider Walmart a potential employer. According to Walmart's employment policy, individuals who have reached the age of 16 are eligible for employment. However, it's important to note that not all job opportunities are open to individuals aged 16. If you're 16 years old, you can start working as a Walmart stocker, cart attendant, cashier, etc.

After learning that 16-year-olds qualify for a job at Walmart, you must be curious about their pay and vacancies available. Read on!

Walmart Vacancies Available for 16-Year-Old Teens

At Walmart, 16-year-old job vacancies are referred to as entry-level positions. Walmart, the largest private employer, provides numerous store outlets that present diverse entry-level employment opportunities for adolescents. Walmart's most recognized job opportunities available to 16 years old include:

1. Fresh Food Associate: 

In this role, your primary responsibilities will be:

2. Cashier: 

At Walmart, you'll primarily be responsible for:

3. Cart Attendant: 

In this setting, you will be required to:

4. Stocker: 

As a stocker, you will have these responsibilities:

Now that you know the kind of work you will undertake at Walmart, how much money should you expect in return? Below are our findings, so please read on.

How Much Does Walmart Pay a 16-Year-Old

Despite criticisms of Walmart's salary structure, the corporation employs thousands of 16-year-olds and offers competitive wages compared to other American retailers.

Walmart, however, pays employees per the job title, work schedule, and applicable state and federal regulations. Typically, the compensation for full-time workers aged 16 is $8 to $14 per hour. Moreover, Walmart provides training programs to facilitate career advancement for its employees.

Suppose you are ready to start working at Walmart at 16 and agree to the pay offered; below are the requirements and the application process.

The Job Application Process at Walmart

Do you want to work in the produce section, stock the shelves, or handle carts? Walmart has a lot of entry-level jobs that teens aged 16 can apply for. To get your application at Walmart rolling, you should:

Walmart has a simple hiring procedure that takes around two weeks. Once your application is successfully submitted, a recruiter or HR person will review it. If your skills and availability fit the position, they will contact you via the information provided in your application.

Have you completed the application process successfully? Here is what to expect.

What to Expect After Applying at Walmart

After completing the required tests and submitting the application, you will get a screen confirming your accomplishment and a successful submission note. Now, sit tight and wait for the outcome of the application. Timing, however, is contingent on open opportunities, locations, and the role you applied for. If it is urgent to fill the open position, expect a response within 24 hours. However, the average turnaround time is 5-10 days, while it might sometimes take as long as four months.

What if you don't want to work full-time? Does Walmart hire teenagers as young as 16 for part-time jobs?

Walmart's Part-time Jobs At 16?

Are you unable to work full-time because of your school schedule or have other obligations? Worry not, as part-time work is available at Walmart. Walmart hires many prospective employees for casual or hourly positions based on their availability rather than their qualifications. As a result, the organization focuses on people willing to learn. Part-time workers undertaking the training program and acquiring the necessary skills earn $13 to $16 per hour. Working as a Walmart part-timer allows you to fill in for other employees and trade shifts as appropriate.

If you wonder if Walmart hires at 16, you can choose to undertake a full-time or part-time job at their stores. But are there specific requirements needed? Keep reading to find out.

What Are the Requirements to Apply for a Job At Walmart at 16?

Walmart's application processes are not uniform between departments and positions. If you want to work at Walmart, you must be at least 16 years old (there is no exception). However, there are jobs where you must be 18 or older to apply. Please double-check your age to the position eligibility on the company's career webpage before applying. You should also have your employment history handy as you prepare to fill out the application to answer questions about your experience.

Now that you qualify and have been invited to an interview at Walmart, here is the preparatory material you should study.

How to Prepare for a Walmart Interview

Feeling anxious after securing an interview is normal. Here's what you'll need to gather and become acquainted with as you prepare for the interview process:

  1. Know the role: Learn as much as possible about the position you applied for.
  2. Research on the role:Look closely at the job description and the responsibilities involved. Examine Walmart's corporate website and LinkedIn profile to learn about the company's current status and priorities.
  3. Visit a Walmart store:Visit a local Walmart and ask the employees any questions you might have about the business. Do your best to get some information regarding the functioning of the position you are applying for.
  4. Get familiar with Walmart's interview process: Most of the time, Walmart conducts behavioral interviews. It's a mode that makes it easier for recruiters to visualize your contribution to and collaboration with their team. Be prepared for follow-up questions that probe for further details about the times you faced comparable challenges in previous jobs. For instance, they may ask:
  1. Get your questions ready:There will be time allotted for you to ask questions during the interview. Now is the opportunity to shine and establish rapport with the interviewers. But keep in mind that the inquiries you make reveal a lot about you.
  2. Get the right look:Dress appropriately; you have an interview to attend.


Does Walmart hire at 16? Yes, Walmart offers teenagers full-time, part-time, and hourly employment opportunities. Visit Walmart's careers website and apply. You only need to be at least 16 years old, have some experience in the role, or be willing to attend Walmart's training programs to be considered for employment. Always dress and prepare according to the above instructions when summoned for an interview.

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