VitalSleep Review: Does It Really Solve Snoring?

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Is snoring interfering with you at night while you struggle to maintain a perfect night's sleep? Well, we have one of the alternatives to help you stop snoring. Try VitalSleep and find out if it effectively addresses your snoring condition.

Different people get distracted by other challenges at night. This interferes with your sleep which might pose a health concern. There are many distractors, but you are here fighting for one thing; snoring. There are countless online options or methods if you are looking for the perfect way to curb this condition. Besides sleeping apnea, some people lack sleep at night because of snoring and staying awake all night.

Be it you or someone else who sleeps next to you, Vital Sleep answers your prayers. The company claims to offer customers an effective anti-snoring mouthpiece that helps solve snoring issues. We have yet to prove that these devices are perfect for giving us peace and a better night.

Thus, because of the rising needs, we are here to guide you through. We have done meticulous research and, at this moment, present you with the detained and honest VitalSleep review to help you make a judgment. Besides guiding you on using these devices, we must figure out how the brand came into the market and understand its mission. From there, we will also want to know if the brand offers discounts and their online stores and evaluate the customer ratings. We will start by going into the company overview.

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VitalSleep Review

VitalSleep company designs and sells anti-snoring devices that utilize dentists' jaw replacement techniques. The company addresses all the snoring challenges with these mouthpiece devices, which, in the long run, guarantees customers a peaceful night's rest. In simpler terms, VitalSleep utilizes the knowledge of the mandibular advancement mouthpiece; however, the device comes at a lower price.

Going into details, VitalSleep was engineered by The Snore Reliever firm in 2009. This company is based in New York, and for a long decade, the firm has had a simple mission on the market. It aims to help the nowhere and their families by improving their lives. Acquiring these devices does not need you to break the bank and does not even need frequent visits to the doctor's office.

The Snore Reliever brand was founded by  David Hernandez, who was also having snoring challenges for years. The creator was involved in the Custom Jaw advancement device, which cost him 3000 bucks. This company understands that not everyone is capable of affording such huge money. Through such an experience, the founder got the inspiration to design VitalSleep. This is because he understands the value of well-being as well as the health benefits of peaceful sleep.

Besides alternatives that offer the one size fit for all, VitalSleep anti-snoring devices are based on the Jaw alignment approach, which takes the pressure to the throat from the tongue. The Creator of this device believes that the strain on your language brings about the extreme discomfort snorer experience while utilizing the snore-relieving appliances and retainers. However, when it comes to the VitalSleep, there are countless means through which this mouthpiece device illustrates its uniqueness.

The features of the VitalSleep vary compared to the available alternative devices. Otherwise, you will have multiple sizing options in the collection and are open to serving different people based on their preferences. The company guarantees all the customers a money-back option. While the device is not affordable, it comes with flexible worth purchase features. Are these devices worth buying, or do they offer services to your expectations? Here are the pros and cons to expect while utilizing the devices.

VitalSleep Pros:

VitalSleep Cons:

Why We Like VitalSleep

There are multiple benefits you can enjoy while using these anti-snoring devices. In the above section, we have converted a highlight of the pros and cons. These give us numerous reasons to love the brand. Vitalsleep is one of the kinds of devices we have come across. Although there is little negative feedback, this does not dictate the company's general reputation.

There is also a specific exclusion of the VitalSleep device users. Thus, pay attention to your health before starting with the Vitalsleep tool. Let us now go into details about the devices.

The Vitalsleep: Anti-snoring mouthpiece

This popular device comes in two options when you head to their website. There is one device designed for men, and the other serves women. It's one of the unique features of the company. Also, remember that some of the available anti-snoring jaw replacement tools are not available in numerous sizes to serve everyone. However, from the data, women have reported having discrepancies when designing the size fit for all anti-snoring devices because their mouth tends to look smaller.

In the package of the Vitalspeep, you will find the protective case. The FDA approves the device as an effective anti-snoring mouthpiece device. It is safe because the device uses ingredients sourced from latex and BPA contents. Thus, it is clear that the devices are compatible with the users, even with allergic reactions and sensitive conditions.

Though products come at a fixed price, numerous promotions make them affordable. And with typical use, the devices are made to last at least a year. The pricing based on monthly calculation seems reasonable for a guaranteed peaceful night.

How to Use the Vitalsleep Device

VitalSleep works with a simple mechanism that opens the airway and makes your breathing simple and easy while preventing the snoring sound. The device helps advance jaw placement; your lower jaw will move forward, opening the airway. By profession, VitalSleep devices are, in most cases, known as MAD-mandibular Advancement Devices.

However, to some people, using this mouthguard is challenging. But we guarantee you will get used to it and make a routine with time. The customer also has the option to create a mold and personalize it based on the teeth' condition. This is very simple. Here is what you need to do:-

You can customize the jaw now when taught by the above customization. Here, you must use the accu-adjust systems to make work simple. Turn the screen as you advance the jaw through the mouthpiece device. Ensure you position the fitting regarding how severe your snoring condition is. You can now hit the hay and start enjoying your night.

Customer Review

Though the online claims and information from the official website praise the VitalSleep devices, there is something else they may not tell you. Thus, to be sure of these anti-snoring devices, we had to go into detail and research customer ratings online. For your benefit, we go to numerous platforms presenting this feedback.

Amazon has an average rating of 3.2 stars after a 1427 global rating. This is a good start with the device, showing their customers' satisfaction.

Heading the Sleep Foundation, the company has unique pricing, warranty, and brand overview analysis. In the end, the author evaluates how these VitalSleep-anti-snoring mouthpieces work. But elsewhere, Trustpilot has a whopping 4.3 stars rating from the 157 reviews. 86% of these customers recommend the devices with 5 stars. Most customers have complimented superb customer support, affordable devices, simple use, and many more benefits. One customer praises with a statement:-

"My VitalSleep mouthpiece started functioning right away." It took a few days to adjust, but I have no problems. My wife notices if I don't have it in my mouth at night! When a problem emerged, customer service was excellent, giving an instant replacement....."

From Outlook Kindia, the author also wanted to determine if the device is effective. The blog concludes that the device solves all your snoring challenges for a peaceful night. The author insists that the devices are FDA approved, the company gives free replacements and mentions that these devices are compatible with dentures. One conclusion on the blog says everything:-

"Using VitalSleep's anti-snoring mouthpiece, it's time to say goodbye to your snoring worries." With the VitalSleep device, you can sleep soundly while protecting your well-being. This product is worth a try because of its outstanding deal, money-back guarantee, as well as free replacement alternatives."

The Sleep Doctor also has an excellent review where in conclusion, the editors give a verdict praising their affordability design, with fantastic craftsmanship that enhances your sleep at night. Tribune India also evaluates the products and reveals all the shocking truth behind the device and its working mechanism. The VitalSleep is a unique device the author highly recommends for any snorer without underlying conditions like respiratory diseases.

The Daily UW gives readers a complete overview of the buyer's guide and makes a relevant comparison. The low-profit margin makes the device more affordable.

Looking at the customer ratings, the majority wins the day. There is multiple positive customer feedback highlighting countless Vitalsleep device features that are worth giving a try.

Where to Buy VitalSleep

VitalSleep is a vital customer device and targets people as an anti-snoring alternative. Thus, there are minimal stores that sell these devices online. The first place we encourage you to get the products is their official website, You can even order from the story by phone and wait for the delivery.

From the research, we also spotted the items on Amazon. The brand has partnered with Amazon, and Bob shop to offer these mouthpiece devices. The items may also be available at other reputable stores in the future. Keep checking out for updates.

Is VitalSleep Worth It?

If you stay all night because of the snoring sound, make VitalSleep your best friend from today. There are many customers online who have praised the company for helping them manage their snoring routine or their partners without causing any complications to the people or any discomfort. The importance of the VitalSleep device, whether ist worth your money or not, is simply a personal choice.

Therefore, if your condition is not a sleeping apnea disorder but instead snoring,  we encourage you to try out the VitalSleep device as it is the most robust option on the market with the solution. However, these devices are not recommended for people with respiratory conditions, users with recent dental implants, or those suffering from temporomandibular joint disorder.

There are limited negative ratings online for this brand. Such includes the issue of jaw adjustment challenges. But that should not be a concern if you are not prone to jaw soreness. And if the device does not fit your preference, they have a 60-day money-back guarantee policy. This is enough window to try out the machine and make an informed decision. The fact that the company offers international shipping with many lucrative deals on the website makes us conclude that this is a no-brainer brand for all the snoring conditions with few exception access.

VitalSleep Discounts

The VitalSleep review also revolved around promotions and discounts. We took time to check out the site for potential or possible lucrative deals. Every customer lowers the promotion of vital products, so the research bears fruits.

To start with, VitalSleep promises all customers free shipping services on all orders from the official store. For every item, they deliver them with a one-year warranty. While writing this review, we also noted that the company was selling personalized relief snoring solution devices, which cost a discounted price of up to 30% off. Still, VitalSleep claims to offer customers a 100% money-back guarantee. This is when you are not satisfied with the products or devices for the purpose it's meant for.

On their site, ist clear that when you sign up for the mailing list and newsletter, you qualify for the items at a discounted price of 10% off the first order. Lastly, they also convince people to invite friends and instantly give their beloved ones a 10% off on their first purchase.

These offers are instant. Get the updates from the mail or newsletter, or follow them on their social media platforms to access the news for all the latest deals. On top of registering the newsletter, they also insist that instead, you can text the word VITAL to the code 29071.

VitalSleep Contact

If you are looking for a way to contact the VitalSleep brand and seek clarification on the issues related to their anti-snoring devices, then there are countless methods. We dived deep into details and came up with multiple means. First of all, we will start with their social media platforms. These guys are available on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc., and reach out to them anytime.

Still, the above is not an effective method for some people, but the company has highlighted a phone number to give them call 1-866-753-3780. If not, compose a mail and send it to mail If you have an account, you can also contact the team using the portal, which is easy.

Otherwise, if you are around their premises, consider visiting them at The Snore Reliever Company, LLC, 347 5th Avenue, suite 1402-148, New York, NY 10016. However, note that the support team is only available at scheduled intervals. Although operational throughout the week, they are open from 9 am to 8 pm EST.


Q. What are the materials used to design the VitalSleep devices?

The devices are available in-store only in one size, but to an extent, the brand offers universal fitting for all customers. However, each item features a boil design and a bite, making it possible to have extra customization. It is recommended that, if you want the mouthpiece device to fit perfectly, then put it in hot water and leave it for 60 seconds before placing it in cold water. Every device you purchase comes with a one-year warranty.

Otherwise, the devices are made using ethylene Vinyl acetate and a combination of polypropylene. Then it works using the MAD principles-mandibular advancement device. The tools are available in X 21 mm height, 48mm length, and X61 mm width.

Q. What is the pricing tag of the Vitalsleep devices on the market?

While the mouthpiece is designed using high-quality standard material, the pricing is affordable compared to competitor brands. Still, when you go to their website, the company offers multiple discounts that guarantee customers a good saving plan on their budget.

While purchasing, there are two options; the first features a sleep mask, cleaner, and a vital mouthpiece, while the second comes with a sleep mask, log, vital mouthpiece, and a cleaner alongside the canvas pouch. Visit the official website for precise pricing plans and current deals.

Q. What is the shipping policy of the VitalSleep firm?

As stated, we still insist that Vitalsleep offers international shipping. Thus, if you place an order before 4 pm based on the EST time zone any day from Monday to Saturday, then rest assured that the order will be processed and shipped the same day.

For US-based customers, the company provides USPS priority shipping services. However, there is no same-day or, rather, next-day shipping services. All orders placed by clients based in the US region take 2 to 4 business days to arrive at their pickup destination. The time depends on your location.

In most cases, the brand offers free shipping, and for international orders, they are delivered within 5 to 7 business days. All orders within the US are not exposed to the sales tax. Regarding international orders, the text and duties are subject to the country of destination, which remains the recipient's duty.

Q. What is the return policy of the Vitalsleep brand?

The company has a favorable return policy on its anti-snoring devices. Besides, their items come with a one-year warranty, and customers also have 60 days to test their items from the date of purchase. Within the window, you can return the device and request a refund in case of issues or challenges with the tool.

Initiating the refund is very simple. You can also go for the free replacement by sending a mail to the team through Still, you can use the website under the return section and proceed with the procedure.

If the refund or replacement is done within 60 days, it qualifies for the money-back guarantee policy. The company is impressive with its favorable return policy; they give you an entire year to request a replacement.


With the Vitalsleep Sleep device, you can now say goodbye to all your snoring distraction and enjoy a peaceful night. The company is well known for providing perfect anti-snoring mouthpieces with no seeable effects. The company understands that sleep is vital to gaining a healthy lifestyle. Without compromising the quality, these guys offer you the luxury mouthpiece with a one-year warranty and money-back guarantee within 60 days from purchase.

In the above Vitalsleep review, we have discussed the company overview of customer ratings, promotions, and how to use these devices. It is time to give it a try. However, these mouthpiece devices come with exceptional cases. Otherwise, order the device and enjoy a  relieved night today only if you meet the minimal exceptions.


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