Verizon Voice Not Working: How to Fix Your Verizon Voicemail?

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Experiencing issues with your Verizon voice service not working? As a Verizon customer, you're in the right place. We've put together a straightforward guide with several solutions to help resolve your problem. For detailed instructions and more, be sure to check out our article.

If you have a Verizon gadget, then understand that there will come a time when you will encounter issues. Among these challenges is the failure of the  Verizon voice.

Hence, when you discover Verizon's voice is not working,  there are a few solutions you can seek to resolve the issues. Before listening to your Verizon voicemail, we will guide you through causes and solutions.

Our experts have researched, analyzed, and established solutions to a few Verizon voice problems. Read along with us as we explore the issues with fixes.

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Verizon Voice is Not Working Overview

Your Verizon voicemail is not working for many reasons. Therefore, we recommend calling the USSD code *611 in such a case. Ask the representative if the voicemail feature is active and verified. You can then see the technical team to help reset the voicemail to the factory settings.

Equally, when the Verizon voicemail fails to work, call the team using their official number, 1-800-922-0204; we recommend using the landline and connecting with the Verizon agent to help you fix the issues. However, customers can fix the error by changing their password immediately for many reasons.

You are at this place because you are searching for the causes as well as solutions to your Verizon voicemail, which is not working. Based on your curiosity, we will take you through a few explanations, the potential causes of the errors, and how to resolve the issues.

Causes and Solution to Verizon Voicemail Not Working

There are so many reasons why your Verizon voicemail is not working. Thus, without wasting time in this section, we will highlight a few of the expert-recommended solutions to resolve the concerns. here are the suggested tips:-

1. Change the Voicemail Password.

This is the first method to help you resolve the voicemail issues. You are advised to visit the Verizon website and access the portal, then change your voicemail password. This can resolve the issues when your voicemail is not working and takes a second to complete.

Immediately, you change and log in with the new password. Then, at this point, customers will be able to get the Verizon voicemails and have the option to retrieve all the voicemails just within the portal on the website. If it fails, then let us keep going.

2. Reset Your Voicemail Password Using the My Verizon App

With this method, you must start downloading the My Verizon app. After that, You will reset your voicemail password through the app. Most people find this method a lot easier because accessing websites is challenging.

With this move, customers can quickly get voicemails within a second compared to other solutions.

3. Reset Networking Settings

One of the reasons that causes your voicemail not to work is the issues with the networking connection. Thus, we recommend resetting the network settings while fixing the voicemail issues on Verizon.

This process will take you the shortest time possible. If you are a newbie, then here are steps to reset the network settings via your Verizon gadget or devices. assuming everything is intact:-

Then, you will be able to access the Reset Networks settings option. Tap on it and proceed.

When the reset is complete, you can proceed by opening the Verizon voicemail. It will work, and if it fails, there are still a couple more options to find a solution.

4. Craft a Temporary Voicemail Password

Sometimes, when you have issues with the voicemail, you can fix it by only creating a temporary voicemail password. This will trigger your device to reset the voicemail, and by large probability, it will start working again as normal.

5. Remove the Visual Voicemail App

If the problem with your Verizon device is due to the virtual voicemail app, then we recommend removing this application. Once done, you can turn it back via the settings.

It will take you a moment to get it done. If you don't know why, then here are a few steps to guide you through:-

6. Toggle Airplane Mode On and Off

This solution offers a potential fix when other methods fail. Highlighted on our website, a simple yet effective strategy involves toggling airplane mode on and off. This action can address issues related to your phone's signal settings. By switching airplane mode off and then on again, you can enhance your device's connectivity quality and signal strength.

But we recommend one thing in this case. Immediately, you toggle the airplane on; give it time at least one minute before toggling it off again.

7. Contact the Verizon Customer Service Team

This is one of the last resorts we would recommend when all the above are not working. Contact the technical team through multiple methods; you can give them a call using their official number 1-800-922-0204 when you have a landline. However, you can also use their easy method to contact them, dialing *611 on any Verizon gadget.

This option helps you verify if the Verizon voicemail is usually working. You can instruct the team to help reset the voicemail and let you once again go through the setup procedure anew. We hope that this finds a solution. If it fails, then your phone has a problem.

8. Resetting Phone

The last option is to reset your phone to the factory settings. Understand that this method is a hard reset, and in the long run, it will delete or erase all your information and data in the phone storage.

The process is so simple, but you must understand it. Hold down the power as well as the volume down button simultaneously. You will see the phone turning off after a few seconds. The device will turn off and then on. Upon completing the process, it should fix all your voicemail concerns.

Methods of Resetting Verizon Voicemail

To reset your Verizon voicemail password, you can use one of the following methods:

1. Reset Voicemail Password from Device:

2. My Verizon Website:

3. Reset Locked Out Voicemail Password:

Remember to have your account information handy, as you may be asked for security verification during the process. After completing the reset, you will receive a confirmation number as a record of your request.

However, you can make everything simple by calling Verizon customer care. All you have to say is reset the Voicemail password, which will be done shortly. They will prompt you to start the process on your device.

Costs of Verizon Visual Voicemail

Verizon's Voicemail service is available at no cost, covering all basic customer services. However, for those interested in the enhanced features of Premium Visual Voicemail, there is a monthly fee of $2.99 per line. This premium service includes voicemail-to-text exclusively for iPhone users, offering consistent pricing across every line. 

While the basic Verizon plan is free for all devices, the premium option incurs a charge due to its additional functionalities and the ability to access your voicemail messages in more ways. The premium features expand your voicemail capabilities with up to 40 message storage, message durations of 3 to 5 minutes, fax support, 20 customizable greetings, and the convenience of having your voice messages transcribed and sent as text messages, among others."


Q. What should customers do when the Verizon voicemail app is not downloading?

If, as a dedicated customer, you have issues downloading the voicemail in English, then we recommend troubleshooting your device. First, make sure you set the language option on the device to English and provide a stable internet connection. The other troubleshooting tip is to clear the cache as well as data through the voicemail app. If the issue is unresolved, we advise you to contact the Verizon customer support team.

Q. How can a user configure the Verizon voicemail on the device?

Configuring the voicemail is so easy. You only have to launch the dial app and type in *86. You will be given the screen prompts and use the language you understand by pressing #confirm. You will have to enter the password and then press to proceed setting up the signature as well as greetings. Confirm each option by selecting the #keys.


There are many ways to fix issues when your Verizon voicemail is not working. In the above article, we have highlighted a few of the methods to troubleshoot the problem. These are changing the voicemail password, resetting the voicemail, resetting your phone, and contacting the Verizon customer support team for guidance. Please read them and try the tips; at least one will solve your concerns.

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