Verizon Call History (Limitations, Access Methods, and More)

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Do you want to learn how to access and download Verizon call records of history online and through the app? Then, here are the expert guidelines. Read the article and explore the relevant procedures.

Verizon, as a network provider, has been taking over the internet by storm. Besides network connection, they also offer devices and many other accessories. In case you have a Verizon phone, there might come a time when you really must access the Verizon Call History or other records.

Suppose you are curious to learn the methods on how to unlock and access the Verizon Call History, read our article to the end. We have done research and are delighted to give you a highlight, detailed procedure and share a few methods and hacks to make your Verizon experience seamless. Please read the article and find out more as we proceed.

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Can You Access Verizon Call History?

There are different methods that a customer can choose to access the Verizon Call History or general records. You can go with my Verizon account option, which, when utilizing the website, will only give you access to the record for the last 3 months alone. This also applies to the Verizon app.

With the method you select, you will always have the option to save your call history in Excel as well as PDF format. If you prefere, equally you can print them directly to get a hard copy. But understand that you will have as well access to the usage bill summary that only goes upto the last 18 months online.

Verizon guarantees the best coverage as well as competitive pricing rates. Checking the call history is so easy. But it isn't obvious for the newbies who are not sure what they are doing.

Therefore, in case you are interested in exploring more about the methods, procedures, accessing your text messages, and much more extra information, keep reading. Here is everything we got from the research.

Limitations On Accessing Verizon Call Records

Before we dive into the steps of accessing the Verizon record, there are a few limitations you need to have at hand. First, understand that Verizon only keeps the call history or record for the last 90 days. However, when it comes to text messages, it only keeps the record limited to five days, after which they are deleted.

As the billing statement is concerned, customers can access the statement for the last 18 months available online. This information doesn't present you with detailed information compared to the call history record.

For the detailed billing statement, we highly advise you to call the company and access your account for the duration of the last 7 years. Though, this is a premium service as pulling the record is challenging.

How to Access Verizon Phone Call History or Record Online

There are different methods of accessing Verizon Call History as well as downloading your text messages. This is an effortless task when using online via my Verizon account. Others prefer the Verizon app as an ideal approach.

For this case, we will take you through the detailed procedure for pulling the Verizon Call History online. If you are not sure where to start, then here are simple steps you need to follow but keenly.:-

How to See Call History on the Verizon App?

The other approach is accessing the Verizon Call History using the Verizon app. This gives you a summary for the record, and it is the simplest option to go with. But understand that many customers are using the Verizon app when they want to access the billing statement, which explains why newbies find it handy.

Keep in mind that compared to the website, the Verizon app will not give you access to the elaborate call logs. You will only access a summary of your call history following this method. The procedure is easy, and there are a few steps you can follow.

Within the Verizon app, as well as customers can access the general summary of records covering all lines. It is still simple, and presuming you already have installed the Verizon app and logged in, here are the guidelines:-

Please note, this process will show you the call history that Verizon has recorded, including outgoing and incoming calls that were connected. However, it's important to remember that this method does not log missed calls, as they are not billable events and therefore not recorded in the Verizon system. The only way to see a missed call would be on the device's Call History if the call came through to the phone and was not answered.

How to Save Verizon Call Logs as PDFs?

There comes a time when you wish to get your Verizon call logs in PDF format. That is when you do not prefer using the spreadsheets. This is because most people claim that PDFs are simple to analyze and read on multiple devices compared to spreadsheets.

Thus, downloading this record in the pdf is still easy. Here are the guidelines to help you:-

How to Access Verizon Text Messages Record?

To access your Verizon text messages record, you have several options depending on whether you prefer to use a web browser or the My Verizon app on your smartphone. Here's how you can access your text message history:

Using a Web Browser:

Using the My Verizon App:

It's important to note that the Verizon Messages (Message+) app is scheduled for shutdown around June 2024. After the shutdown, you won't be able to use the Message+ app to send and receive messages. Verizon recommends switching to Google Messages on Android devices before June 2024. 

For detailed text message history, including the content of the messages, Verizon does not provide this information online due to privacy reasons. The content of text messages can only be retrieved with a court order.

Limitations of Accessing Verizon Text Messages for Subpoenas

There is also a need to clarify something about the subpoena's text messages. A good example, in this case, is the divorce, and it is unfortunate to state that Verizon will only keep such text messages going up to the last 10 days.

Still, at the time you are going to court, then get the subpoenas filed; understand that the limitation of 10 days would have elapsed, and all the messages will be deleted from the system.

However, keep in mind that Verizon will typically store your text messages or records lasting for one year. In case you need only log in without reading the conversation, Verizon will give you access.

Equally, understand that Verizon complies with the court orders, and when given the order, they will retail these messages. To an extent, you will not be able to access the text messages you are looking for in the long run. For older billing statements, you must contact the Verizon customer support team for assistance.

Importance of Accessing Verizon Call Logs

One might be interested in understanding why you are struggling to access the Verizon call logs or records. The fact remains that there are many advantages and reasons for that. The benefits are as outlined below:-


There are different approaches and limitations for accessing the Verizon Call History records. You can check it online in my account as well as using the Verizon app on your gadget. With the Verizon app, the activity log is limited and not elaborate. Equally, you can follow the above procedure to save Verizon phone records as a spreadsheet as well as in pdf format. For the older record up to 7 years, you must contact the support team, and it will cost you a small fee.

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