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Have you ordered the wrong products from the Trader Joe’s store and are stuck on what step to take? Come on and learn more about Trader Joe’s return policy. Please read our article about the detailed procedure.

Besides Walmart, there are many other popular grocery store chains around the world. In the country, we would also rank Trader Joe's among the largest and well-established retailers that sell multiple products to select from.

Trader Joe's is a beast for the supply of flower arrangements and other products. But there comes a time when you accidentally order and receive the wrong package from the store. When you realize this, the next thing that will ring in your head is whether these guys will accept the returned package.

Because of the need for a solution, we were forced to explore Trader Joe's return policy more under different situations. Please read our article and learn from the professionals.

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Trader Joe's Return Policy

Trader Joe's gives customers the option to try something new. This is because the company has a very generous return policy. Upon purchase from these guys, customers can easily return items to the store and seek a full refund as well as exchange based on their preferences. Return is still available even without a receipt.

You can return not only items without a receipt but also foot products and items opened as long as you are not satisfied with the content. If you present a receipt as proof of purchase, Trader Joe's guarantees you a cash refund on the spot. Hence, when you order Trader Joe's items and are not content, please return them to the store for the next step. The company delivers the products alongside the free samples.

The above information means that Trader Joe's aims to ensure that customers are delighted with the purchase and enjoy the value for their money. Based on their return policy, customers are not required to give the reason for their return, which sounds impressive. Let us move further to see how to return different Trader Joe's items to the store.

Trader Joe's Return Policy On Different Items

In this section, we will explore Trader Joe's return policy, which covers different products and items available in the store. Here we go:-

1. Return policy on Items without a Receipt

Trader Joe's will still accept your return if you lost your original receipt. Trader will only need the item you are returning, even without the receipt. But you can make every process simpler and faster when you present the receipt.

The above information means that a receipt is not a must since every product you purchase is designed mainly for Trader Joe's; thus, all items feature the logo. When returning, there will be no question.

Another thing worth remembering is that when you return an expensive product or item, it is worth keeping your receipt safe and presents to the store, making everything run smoothly.

Some employees also mention that customers can still return the half-eaten frozen dinner package, which you will still get refunded. But note that you only get the lowest advertised price when you return the item or products without the receipt. You will get a refund, which often comes as store credit as a gift card.

2. Return Policy on Used or Damaged Items

We all understand that it is possible if you have a damaged or fully used item. However, Trader Joe's tends to be discouraged for some reasons. It is hard to convince someone that you tried the products, which was not satisfying. This includes the plant you purchase and return while dead, food products eaten up fully but returned, etc.

Though Trader Joe's has a generous return policy, some customers are not used to taking such advantages and risks, making it bad for other customers. Still, Trader Joe's clients are allowed to sample all the products before checking out to reduce the issues of return, exchange, etc., though most people don't know this.

Also, note that the company discourages returning the glass bottles that you have smashed and damaged.

3. Return Policy on Alcohol

Trader Joe's is unique compared to other available grocery stores and states that they accept returned Alcohol. They accept it regardless of the state, including when the bottle is already opened.

However, some Trader Joe's locations are restricted from refunding cash. Still, they are encouraged to exchange the return made with a different alcohol from the store based on the choice of the customers and regulations.

4. Return Policy on Plants

Trader Joe's also makes the return procedure for the healthy plants purchased from their stores a breeze. They accept even plants returned while dead. But it does not make sense, and the company discourages returning a plant you all know that you killed yourself. This is the kind of customer who misses the system. While Trader Joe's sells the plants as well as flowers online, you are not advised to ship them back to the store.

Something very important is that Trader Joe's only gives you a return window of up to 30 days from the date you ordered the products. Within the time frame, you are free to return the product to the store. After the time has elapsed, any returned items are not subjected to a refund or exchange. Hence, it is recommended to be done as early as possible upon return.

This is also contained in the Consumer Rights Act in the US. Beyond the 30 days, this act considers the return as void.

How to Return the Item to the Trader Joe's Store

Returning items for a refund or exchange at the store is straightforward. Simply take the item to a nearby store and present it to the cashier for a return. The staff will promptly initiate the return process, providing you with a full refund or an exchange, if applicable.

The presence of a receipt is crucial. With a receipt, you're eligible for a cash refund; without one, you'll receive store credit.

Although not required, your feedback on the returned items is highly valued by the store. It's used to enhance product quality and overall customer satisfaction. Providing feedback is entirely voluntary.

For refunds, the company will reimburse you using the same payment method you originally used. This seamless process allows you to reconsider your purchase or select alternative products from the store at your convenience.

Exceptions to Trader Joe's Return Policy

Based on our research, it is unfortunate that there is no exception to Trader Joe's generous return policy. But remember that each Trader Joe's Store varies. Hence, when returning, for instance, Alcohol from a different store other than where you purchased it might be impossible. This is because every state has its laws about alcohol businesses.

Why Is Trader Joe's Return Policy Generous?

Trader Joe's return policy is generous because the company aims to build brand loyalty and ensure customer satisfaction. They want customers to feel comfortable trying new products without the risk of losing money if they don't like them. This policy encourages customers to explore the store's unique offerings, knowing they can get a refund if they're not satisfied.

Trader Joe's believes that the feedback they receive from returns provides valuable insights into what products are well-received and which ones may need improvement or discontinuation. The policy is designed to keep customers returning, as they value the flexibility and customer-centric approach.


Q. Should customers return items to the same Trader Joe's store?

When returning an item, taking it to the same Trader Joe's store is unnecessary. What is more important is that you order from their store. All Trader Joe's products feature their branding logo, which is a confirmation. However, there is one exception to the return, which is Alcohol. When returning, it must be presented to the same Trader Joe's store where you purchased the form due to the stipulated policies in the particular state.

Q. Is the customer required to give reasons for the returned items at the Trader Joe's store?

Trader Joe's has a generous return policy that customers do not need to give a reason for the returned items. The associates at the cashier desk will be gladly available to help you process the return without any questions or giving any reason.

Q. Does Trader Joe's accept returned sales items?

Surprisingly, the company doesn't have sales. This is because their pricing is already discounted and low, and there is no need for sales deals on the website.


If you order the items and find out you are not satisfied or got the wrong package, Trader Joe's has one of the generous return policies for refund or exchange. Whether you have a receipt or not, the store will accept your returned items because they aim to satisfy the customer, give them risk-free purchases, and meet all your needs.

While returning,  you will not need to provide a reason, nor will the employee ask any questions. You are guaranteed to get cash back with a receipt or store credit and exchange without a receipt. Read the above article for a deeper insight into Trader Joe's return policy.

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