Best TikTok Proxies for Account Management & Scraping in 2023

Justin Shin

Are you looking for the best TikTok proxies to manage your account or scrape data from the TikTok platform? Then you are on the right page, as the article below will recommend the best proxy providers for that and Learn how residential proxies can help you avoid TikTok's advanced anti-spam system. 

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At A Glance: Our Top TikTok Proxies Picks

TikTok has exploded in popularity over the last few years. The short form video app now has over 1 billion monthly active users worldwide. This massive amount of user engagement has turned TikTok into a goldmine of data. Businesses and marketers are increasingly interested in scraping TikTok data to uncover valuable insights. However, TikTok has strict policies against scraping and you can quickly get blocked without the right approach. In this guide, I'll cover key information on scraping TikTok and how to do it successfully:

What Can You Scrape from TikTok?

There is a wealth of public data on TikTok that can be scraped, including:

This data can provide valuable insights into audience interests, engagement levels, influencer research, and more.

Challenges of Scraping TikTok

TikTok employs advanced bot detection and IP blocking to prevent scraping. Challenges you'll face include:

You need robust tools and proxies to overcome these obstacles when scraping TikTok at scale.

How to Scrape TikTok Successfully

Here are best practices to safely scrape TikTok without getting blocked:

Best TikTok Proxies for Scraping TikTok (Performance Compared)

Provider Success Rate Download Speed Response Time
Smartproxy 99.27% 89.37 Mbps 697 ms
Soax 97.47% 19.73 Mbps 1.23 secs
Proxy-Seller 97.87% 78.39 Mbps 764 ms
Shifter 97.20% 68.42 Mbps 941 ms
Bright Data 98.32% 34.85 Mbps 874 ms
Nimbleway 95.41% 30.92 Mbps 118 ms
Proxy-cheap 95.10% 25.94 Mbps 936 ms
Hydraproxy 93.94% 19.95 Mbps 991 ms

TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms and is known to have one of the highest engagement rates in the industry. If you know how to harness its power, you can grow your social presence and make money. As a marketer looking to manage multiple accounts on the platform or even engage in any form of botting, including web scraping, you need proxies to avoid getting blocked.

TikTok has one of the most advanced and smart algorithms for bot and proxy detection. This makes it difficult for you to use just any proxy you lay your hands on. If you need to manage multiple accounts, then I recommend you make use of either ISP proxies or mobile proxies.

If you are interested in scraping data from the TikTok platform, then rotating proxies are the best for the job, as they provide you with as many IPs as you need to remain undetectable. Both residential and mobile proxies are good at being undetectable to the TikTok anti-spam system. However, I will recommend more of mobile proxies to be on the safer side.

1. Smartproxy — Overall Best Proxies for TikTok

Smartproxy is one of the premium proxy providers in the market. It offers proxies in all of the proxy categories. In this article, my focus is on their ISP proxies which are quite new but have proven to be one of the best. The best proxies for TikTok. This is because of the performance, the cost-quality ratio of the service, and some of the unique features you get from this provider.

I have used this service to manage multiple accounts without getting blocked because of the clean static residential IPs it offers. One thing you will come to like about this service is its performance. I recorded a success rate of 99.27% with an average speed of 89.37 Mbps. The response time was 697 ms which is considered one of the fastest in the market.

For now, Smartproxy only offers US IP addresses for its ISP proxies. It is the only ISP proxy provider that supports on-demand change of IP immediately. The pricing for this service is based on bandwidth. This is in contrast with the other ISP proxies I will discuss in this article that are priced based on the number of IPs —, and bandwidth consumption is unlimited.

2. Soax — Best Rotating Mobile Proxies for TikTok

The Soax service is one of the best mobile proxy providers in the market. And the mobile proxies it offers automatically rotate your IPs for you after a specific period of time. If you have multiple accounts you want to manage, you can use this service and set it to retain IPs for up to 10 to 20 minutes before changing IPs. For the service, you get multiple ports at the time of purchase, and each is assigned a different IP.

Using this, you are able to manage your multiple TikTok accounts or even scrape data at a reasonable scale without getting detected. Unlike Smartproxy, which provides only US IP addresses, you get IP from any country of the world.

Soax uses mobile devices of real Internet users to route requests, and as such, the speed is quite slow. At the time of testing the proxies, I recorded an average speed of 19.73 Mbps with a response time of 1.23 seconds. The success rate I got was 97.47% which is quite acceptable for a service of its kind.

3. Proxy-Seller — Best ISP Proxies for Managing TikTok Accounts

Proxy-Seller is one of our favorites on this blog. This is because of how consistent they have been with their server quality and speed over the years. The service offers some of the best ISP proxies in the market, and from my test, I will say they are the best for managing TikTok accounts. The ISP proxies are built on high-performance infrastructure but use residential IPs.

This makes them quite undetectable to sites. The proxies offer static IPs that never change. With them, you can manage as many TikTok accounts as you like without getting banned. The performance of Proxy-Seller ISP proxies can be compared to what is obtainable from Smartproxy. It is quite fast, with a download speed of 78.39 Mbps and a success rate of 97.87%. The response time is also quite impressive at 764 ms. 

Proxy-Seller supports ISP IPs from 17 countries. It is also one of the cheapest ISP proxy providers in the market, as you can purchase a proxy for $3. However, the more proxies you purchase, the cheaper the price per proxy becomes.

4. Shifter — Reliable ISP Proxies for TikTok Account Manager

The Shifter service is another provider I have used for a while, and I have enough to trust. This Shifter service is one of the oldest you can get in the market. It was in operation since 2011 as Microleaves before rebranding into Shifter. This service offers proxies in most proxy categories, including the static residential proxy market. With this, you can manage multiple accounts on TikTok without getting detected.

The smallest plan comes with 25 IPs and is sold for $74.99. With this, you can manage up to 25 accounts without sharing an IP with even 2 accounts. This gives you the maximum anonymity you need to keep your account safe and running for a long period of time. The service is actually fast, as I recorded a download of 68.42 Mbps and a success rate of 97.20%.

The response time is also good at 941 ms. Aside from TikTok, you can use the proxies for a good number of tasks, as the proxies are undetectable. One thing you will also come to like about this service is that the more proxies you purchase, the cheaper the price IP.

5. Bright Data — Best Residential Rotating Proxies for TikTok Scraping

Bright Data is a leader in the proxy market, and if you have been reading my article, you will notice I recommend it a lot. This is because of its advanced features and the high performance it provides. It might interest you to know that the residential proxy network offered by this service is the best — and I recommend it for scraping TikTok.

It has got over 72 million IPs in it, and as you scrape, it assigns a new IP address to each request ensuring a maximum stealth operation. The IPs are from the devices of real Internet users, making them quite undetectable. During my performance test, I discovered over 80% of the requests got a new IP address which is the highest ever.

The speed is also quite acceptable for a residential proxy service as it recorded a download speed of 34.85 Mbps, a response time of 874 ms, and a 98.32% success rate. Aside from scraping TikTok, you can use this service also to manage your multiple accounts, as it does have support for session management. Using this feature, you can maintain the same IP address for up to 30.

6. Nimbleway — Best Alternative to Bright Data

The Nimbleway service has been built from the ground up as a scraping infrastructure. It does have a scraping API, an automation browser, and a proxy service. The proxy service is known as Nimble IP and offers the 3 types of proxies — datacenter, residential, and mobile proxies. Both mobile and residential proxies are rotating proxies.

In this article, my focus is on their residential proxies, which I see as the best alternative to Bright Data in terms of scraping TikTok. For this service, the number of IPs in their pool is not disclosed. However, based on my usage of the service, the number is in the millions. It is also one of the fastest residential proxies, with a download speed of 30.92 Mbps, a response time of 118 ms, and a success rate of 95.41%.

The proxies are high-rotating proxies that will change IP after every request by design. The only major problem with this service is its pricing. The smallest plan for this service is $300, which is considered expensive for most small marketers.

7. Proxy-cheap — Cheapest Static Mobile Proxies for Managing TikTok Accounts

Proxy-cheap is known for its cheap residential proxies. It Mobile proxies are also some of the cheapest you will get in the market that work. You can use these proxies to manage your TikTok accounts that you don’t want to gamble with. A proxy for this starts from $50 if you choose the US as the location of the proxy. This makes it quite cheap compared to the static mobile proxies offered by other providers.

Even though the service is a static proxy network, it does have support for IP rotation, but this will be enforced from the user dashboard. Aside from the US, Proxy-cheap does have support for France and Lithuania.

The IPs from the US are from 3G devices, while that of France and Lithuania are from 4G devices. The IP rotation is not automatic, and the allowed time period you can rotate IP is depended on the location you choose. You have more allowance in that of France and Lithuania than that of the US.

8. Hydraproxy — Best Static Mobile Proxies with Daily Usage Plan

The Hydraproxy offers you some of the best mobile proxies out there that you can use for managing a TikTok account. There is something quite interesting about their offering — a static residential proxy that you can maintain the same IP and, by extension, session for one day. Interestingly, at the point of purchase, you have the option of choosing from the over 100 countries supported by the network.

The proxies offered are some of the best you can use to manage TikTok accounts, especially for the churn and burn method. Because of the daily plan supported, it becomes affordable for most. In terms of performance, this service can be said just to be an average provider that works.

While scraping TikTok for this article, I got a success rate of 93.94%, an average download speed of 19.95 Mbps, and a response time of 991 ms. The service does support both HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 protocols. The pricing is fixed at $3 per day for an IP, and this is not changed regardless of the amount you want to purchase.

How to Scrape TikTok Data Using Python

Scraping TikTok involves extracting publicly available data from the platform, which can be useful for various purposes such as market research, trend analysis, and competitor analysis. However, scraping TikTok can be challenging due to the platform's anti-scraping measures, such as rate limits and IP blocking.

Step 1: Choose a Web Scraping Library

Python provides several third-party libraries tailored for web scraping and crawling, including BeautifulSoup and Scrapy. These libraries offer tools and functions to navigate websites, extract data, and handle HTML content.

Step 2: Interact with TikTok's API

Build a web crawler using a web scraping library like BeautifulSoup or Scrapy to interact with TikTok's API and collect data. The API allows you to fetch various data points, such as video information, user profiles, and engagement metrics.

Step 3: Use a Proxy Service

To overcome IP blocking and rate limits imposed by TikTok, consider using a proxy service. ProxyEmpire, SOAX, and NetNut are popular proxy service providers that can help you rotate IP addresses, ensuring smoother and uninterrupted scraping.

Step 4: Store and Analyze the Data

After collecting the data, store it in a suitable format, such as CSV or JSON. This organized data can then be analyzed using data analysis tools to uncover insights and trends. This step is crucial for deriving meaningful information from the collected dataset.

Step 5: Pre-built TikTok Scrapers

If building your own scraper seems daunting, pre-built TikTok scrapers are available. Tools like, Apify's Free TikTok Scraper, and Infatica's TikTok Scraper provide ready-made solutions for collecting data from TikTok without the need to develop your own scraper.

Other Powerful Tools for TikTok Scraping

Except, Residential Proxies are essential for scraping TikTok at scale without getting blocked. Residential proxies that provide high IP rotation are ideal.

Specialized others tools exist to handle tedious tasks like proxy rotation and CAPTCHA solving when scraping TikTok. Top options include:

Web Scraping Tools

Purpose-built web scraping tools make the scraping process easy and visual.

Recommended Providers:

Web Scraping APIs

APIs handle tedious tasks like proxy rotation and CAPTCHA solving automatically.

Recommended Providers:

TikTok Proxies FAQs

Q. What are TikTok Proxies?

In the real sense, there is nothing like TikTok proxies, as the term is used in the marketing sense. It is used to describe proxies that can be used on TikTok without getting detected and banned. TikTok has a history of being one of the most difficult sites to access via proxies, as it does have a smart anti-spam system that looks out for and blocks proxy traffic.

Any proxy that can evade this detection can be termed a TikTok proxy. For TikTok, mobile proxies are the best at being undetected. Residential proxies and ISP proxies do a good job too. If you are interested in managing a TikTok account,s you should use static IPs, but for scraping, rotating IPs are the best for that.

Q. Will TikTok Detect My Proxies?

As stated earlier, TikTok does have an anti-spam system with the capability of blocking proxy traffic. And this can be said to be one of the most effective in the market. With this, if you use a low-quality proxy that does not do much at staying hidden, it will surely be detected and blocked.

But if you invest in high-quality proxies that go to extra lengths to ensure it is not detected, then you’ll be safe from this. However, a proxy alone might not help you, as TikTok uses other things, including your behavior, to detect you. You will need to put everything into consideration for your safety.

Q. Are Proxies Illegal to Use on TikTok?

TikTok does not allow the use of proxies on their platform, and it is clearly stated in their term of usage. This is because proxies make their anti-spam system less effective and can aid users to evade punishment and use the platform in deviance from the term of service.

Being that as it may, it is TikTok that does not allow its usage, but the usage is not illegal. On a general note, you can use proxies on the platform provided you didn’t cause any harm; you are good to go. But be rest assured if you are discovered; you might lose your account as punishment for that.


No doubt, the TikTok anti-spam system can be very effective — but that is against bad proxies. If you have mobile or residential proxies that do a good job of masking the fact that they are proxies, then you are a step ahead. However, you need to know that just having undetectable proxies won’t help you.

Provider Pricing Pool Size Locations Highlights
Smartproxy From $28 for 2GB Undisclosed Few countries Great value, fast speed
Soax From $99 for 3GB 3.5M+ IPs 100 countries Auto-rotating IPs
Proxy-Seller From $3 per proxy Undisclosed 17 countries Great value
Shifter From $74.99 for 25 proxies Undisclosed US & EU Reliable, established
Bright Data From $15 for 1GB 72M+ IPs 195 countries Largest pool
Nimbleway From $300 for 21GB Undisclosed Most countries Bright Data alternative
Proxy-cheap From $50 per proxy Undisclosed 3 countries Cheapest static mobile
Hydraproxy From $3 per day per proxy Undisclosed 100+ countries Daily usage plans

If you don’t know how to make use of them, your activity pattern can reveal to the system that you are using a proxy or even bot, and that might lead to you getting banned too. The above are the best TikTok proxies out there you can use to access TikTok without getting detected and banned.

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