One Airpod Not Charging? Here Is How to Fix It

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Discover how to resolve the frustrating problem of one AirPod not charging in your Apple AirPods. Our comprehensive guide covers all AirPod models and provides step-by-step solutions to ensure both AirPods charge properly. Say goodbye to the hassle and enjoy uninterrupted audio with our expert tips!

Are you facing the frustrating issue of one AirPod not charging? Don't worry; we've got you covered. In this article, we'll explore the common reasons why your AirPods may not be charging properly, including possible problems with the charging case itself. We'll dive into the inner workings of the AirPods charging process and explain how the contact points play a vital role in ensuring a smooth charging experience.

Additionally, we'll address the importance of keeping your charging case adequately charged and debunk any concerns about overcharging your AirPods. Get ready to unravel the secrets behind fixing this common annoyance and enjoy uninterrupted listening pleasure once again.

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Why Is Only One Airpod Charging?

When it comes to only one AirPod charging, the problem often lies within the charging case itself rather than the AirPods. The charging case plays a vital role in facilitating the charging process for the AirPods. Within the charging case, there are contact points located at the base.

These contact points establish a connection between the AirPods and the charging plate. When the AirPods are placed inside the case, power flows through these contacts, allowing the AirPods to charge. The following are some of the other common reasons why only one Airpod is charging:

How to Fix Only One Airpod Charging?

More often than not, this issue can be fixed easily by trying out some common solutions. To save you much hustle, we have compiled four tested solutions that are highly likely to work.

Take Out and Reinsert Your AirPods

One of the simplest yet effective solutions to fix the issue is to remove the AirPods from the charging case and then place them back in. When AirPods aren't charging, it may be due to poor contact between the charging plates inside the case and the AirPods. This can occur if dirt, debris, or food particles block the contact points, preventing proper charging.

Step 1: Remove the AirPods from the charging case.

Step 2: Inspect the AirPods for any visible dirt or particles that might hinder charging.

Step 3: Carefully clean both the AirPods and the charging case if necessary, ensuring no obstructions are present. Step 4: Place the AirPods back into the charging case securely.

Step 5: Make sure the AirPods fit properly onto the charging plates.

Step 6: Repeat the process a few times if needed to establish a good connection.

Step 7: Ensure the AirPods are seated correctly each time.

Step 8: Resume the charging process after ensuring a proper connection.

Ensure The Charging Case Has Adequate Charge

You must ensure your charging has adequate charging as it may be why one of the AirPods is not charging. If the charging case’s battery level is below 10%, it won't have enough power to charge both AirPods, which may cause the issue. If you are wondering how to check the charge level of your charging case’s battery, follow the guide below:

Clean Your Apple AirPods

As mentioned before, having dirt in your AirPods and AirPod cases may cause difficulties when charging. To avoid this, you must regularly clean your AirPods and case. To maintain the cleanliness of your Apple AirPods, you can employ various cleaning tools. Options include:

If you have any of these cleaning items, follow the steps below to clean your AirPods:

Reset the AirPods

If all fails, try resetting your AirPods. Sometimes the issue may be caused by a software issue which can be resolved by resetting the AirPods. This has worked for many people and may also work for you. To reset your AirPods, follow the guidelines below.

Step 1: Access your phone's Settings app.

Step 2: Go to the Bluetooth section.

Step 3: Check the list of previously connected devices to find your AirPods.

Step 4: Tap the 'i'' icon next to your AirPods' name, then select 'Forget This Device.'

Step 5: To reset your AirPods, press and hold the pairing button (the white circular button at the back of the charging case) until the status light turns amber.

Step 6: Your AirPods are now ready to be paired again. Open the charging case's lid and bring it close to your phone, ensuring Bluetooth is enabled on your phone.

Step 7: A popup displaying your AirPods will appear on your phone. Simply tap 'Connect,' and you're good to go.

Bottom Line

If only one of your AirPods is charging, you can fix the issue in various ways. The easiest solution is removing and reinserting the AirPods while ensuring proper cleaning. You also need to ensure your charging case has sufficient charge is essential for both AirPods to charge properly.

For those instances where the simple fixes may not work, we've provided instructions on resetting your AirPods to address any software-related issues. Hopefully, you have found a solution that works for you. If all fails, contact a professional and have them look closely at the issue.

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