Send Starbucks Gift Card Via Text (All You Need to Know)

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Are you planning to send your friend a Starbucks gift card as a present but unsure how to proceed? Please read our article and understand how to send a Starbucks gift card or text message. Here is all you need to know.

Starbucks is well known because of its perfect coffee as well as other basic products. Thus, one thing you can decide to do is plan for a physical visit to the nearby store as well as organize a meeting on the premises. However, you may still want to interact with the families and friends far away from meeting them physically.

Starbucks gives you a perfect experience with seamless gift cards. Thuis in our article, we will explore and see how one can send a Starbucks gift card as a text message and cover many more tips for your understanding.

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Can You Send a Starbucks Gift Card Via Text?

Sure, there are two ways to send a Starbucks gift card: through text messages or email. That is using the Starbucks account as well as through the Starbucks mobile application. If you have an iPhone, then be sure that the Starbucks gift card will be visible through the messaging app on the device. However, those with Android devices will have access to the Starbucks gift card received as the URL link, which redirects you to the webpage of the gift card.

From the website, Starbucks features multiple gift cards with active rewards. The company enables you to send up to 10 gift cards for every purchase. simply choose the design from the celebration to the valentine,winter, birthday, appreciation, affection to the workplace gift cards. Business Gifting is simplified as well through the Bulk Cards to prepare for any occasion.

Thus, if you want to explore further details, learn step-by-step instructions on how to send the Starbucks gift card as a message, then come in and read our article to the end. We will explore everything surrounding how this mechanism works,  redeeming your Starbucks eGift cards, and many more. Here is how to go about it.

How to Send Starbucks Gift Card Via Text?

We accept that Starbucks established a seamless experience through their perfect coffee, food, and drinks, which, above everything, is the guaranteed convenience environment. Thus, if you cannot meet your friend or family at Starbucks for a coffee, the company has made it possible to share with them that ideal experience, which is done using the eGift cards available online here.

From the experience, we noted that sending a Starbucks eGift card is very simple compared to that particular physical gift card available to almost everyone for purchase. Thus, you can easily send your Starbucks gift card to loved ones through a text message with your iPhone.

You can use a Starbucks eGift card in the way you typically utilize the physical gift card, for instance, in paying for your favorite drinks and foods. However, this is only eligible at the participating Starbucks stores, as well as done online. Thus, if you are not sure where to start, here is all you need to do:

The person in the quiet will receive that gift card quickly. They will be able to see the picture as well as the message. The sender will get the notification via email as long as they send the gift card and when the recipient sees it.

Things to Keep in Mind!

There are many advantages to downloading and installing the Starbucks app on your devices. A good example is that with an app on your iPhone, you can send Starbucks gift cards through text messages utilizing the messaging application.

Unfortunately, with the Starbucks Android app, you cannot get the text gift card, which means you can send it to the email address or share the link via text to the gift card online.

One hack at this point is that if you own an Android device and you're not into sending the gift card via email, consider sending it to yourself, take a screenshot of the gift card, and finalize by sending the image through the messaging app as a text. If you need more information about sending a Starbucks gift card to a recipient using Android, refer here.

The Starbucks eGift cards give many people a convenient approach to sharing love and good times of enjoyment through innovative gifts for a wide circle of loved ones.

Not all the recipients have iPhones, and for the same reason, such users will never be able to access the gift card via text. Instead, they get the link, which redirects them to see the gift card online.

How to Add Money to the Starbucks Gift Cards?

While we have seen that a customer cannot add money to the Starbucks gift cards sent to the recipients, there must be a workaround for it. Many people recommend just getting another gift card and sending it to the recipients that indicate the amount you want to add to it instead of struggling to get a hack.

As long as the recipient of the particular gift card can register it using their account, they can add money to it while checking out for their pending purchase online and in-store.

The Importance of Starbucks Gift Cards

You can enjoy more advantages and benefits with a Starbucks gift card. These cards are something else beyond the versatile nature that you think of. The Starbucks eGift cards are the same as the physical gift cards. Hence, you can clear your Starbucks bill for the merchandise, drinks, and food with them. Starbucks stores accept gift cards as a payment method in-store and online.

Tips about Starbucks Gift Cards

We want to share a few tips with our readers before summarizing the article. Among other many, here are a few important ones:


Q. Can customers send Starbucks gift cards via the app?

If you use a mobile device, understand that you can send Starbucks gift cards even using the Starbucks app. Just click this YouTube video here for a detailed tutorial on how to go about it.

Q. Can you send a Starbucks gift card through email?

It is possible to email recipients with a Starbucks gift card. When the recipient's device is not iOS 1 version 10 and above, they understand they can only get the URL link that redirects them to the eGift card online. This means the card is not visible through the messages in this case.

Q. What is the working mechanism of the Starbucks gift card?

The working of the Starbucks gift card is the same as the typical physical gift card. You can use it while buying Starbucks drinks, merchandise, and food online and in-store.


Starbucks is famous for its welcoming environment, ideal beverages, and merchandise that goes beyond giving you an approach to sharing good moments with loved ones through innovative gift cards. Today, Starbucks has simplified sending gift cards to friends and families via text. In the above article, we have shared a detailed procedure to follow using your device. Do not waste time; share memorable experiences with loved ones regardless of the distance.

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