Ruggable Review 2023: *Pros and Cons* Should You Buy Their Rugs?

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Ruggable focuses on producing machine washable, stain-resistant, lightweight, and stylish rugs. To find out if it fits your needs, please read on!

When it comes to the purchase of household items, some items are termed essential. The floor is a very noticeable part of the house. This is why most people always worry about the looks of their floor. Rugs are one of the common carpets used to cover the floor all over the world. Finding a quality rug carpet that can be easily cleaned, durable, and attractive can be a very big issue to deal with. You might want to check out a good brand that helps solve this problem all at once.

Ruggable is a known company that specializes in producing carpet rugs for various kinds of purposes. Comfort, easy to clean, noise reduction, protection on your floor from damage, and anchoring your furniture are some of the benefits that come with the Ruggable products. This review aims to make you understand if this brand is worth it.

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Ruggable Rugs Review

Ruggable is a company that is into the production of rugs. They produce 2 system stylish rugs, lightweight, machine washable, and stain-resistant rugs. This makes it a very ideal product for pets owners and parents. It was founded in 2010 by Jeneva Bell. This review aims to reveal everything about this brand, what customers are saying about the products of the brand, the benefits of the products, promos, and discounts you can get, FAQ, and other important factors that will aid your decision.

Ruggable Rugs Pros

Ruggable Rugs Cons

Why We Like Ruggable Rugs

Variety of Size

All of the Ruggable rugs are designed in a unique size of up to 590. they have a function and practical solution to fit in any available space. Either workspace or living area. They come in four ranges of size. 8 * 10 is the most simple one to personal any room that is spacious. This one cost $399. 6 * 9 is best for a cozy space or a room that has a focal point. It cost around $299. 5 * 7 is best for rooms with medium size. It cost about $199. 3 * 5 is for small spaces. You can get it for around $109.

Variety of Color

For the colors, the company showcases the available colors on the website. They have attractive colors. The beauty is even the combination of colors available. You can get the available colors on the website. To get access to more color combinations, you can check the left menu bar. However, there are 6 color combinations available. Blue/green has 193 designs, black has 55 designs, gray/silver has 96 designs, naturals have 37 designs, white and cream have 35 designs, multi colors have 90 designs.

Variety of Style

They have a unique style. They have 10 special styles. Moroccan have 56 designs, Modern tribal have 47 designs, Traditional has 69 designs, Geometric have 125 designs, Floral have 112 designs, Bohemian have 66 designs, Contemporary has 24 designs, Persian have 40 designs, Solid and Ombre have 26 designs, and Transitional have 121 designs.

Customer Review

All the reviews on the company's official website were positive and were all rated 5 stars. This one-sided review will not give you the full knowledge about the real experiences of a customer after using their products. Because of this, I took my survey on one of the most reliable websites for a real review. Trust pilot came top. There were good and bad reviews. However, the average rating for Ruggable products on this website was 4.1 stars.

I have 3 Ruggable rugs of the same pattern. A large hallway runner, a smaller hall rug. I recently bought a large rug for my lounge. I ordered all three rugs separately, all arriving quickly from the USA to Scotland. I love them. They are so different and classy. 

I ordered my latest rug 10 days before Christmas, I did not expect it until January, surprisingly, it arrived a few days before Christmas. I love how it feels under the foot, my whole house looks very classy. The quality is super cool. I never expected that it would be a washable rug. I am not used to washable ones. I am super impressed with it. It washes easily and does not lose its shape. 

Where to Buy Ruggable

Aside from their official website, you can also buy on an online retail store. Some of them are listed below

Related Amazon Store for Ruggable

Is Buying Ruggable Rugs Worth It?

So far, the Ruggable rug stands out among others. The fact that it is washable gives confidence to users. It is one of the best when it comes to maintenance. It Is very easy to wash. You should know that any item that is washing machine safe is also very easy to clean with little or no effort. The rug is also pet-friendly. Rest assured that your pet can play on it and even stain it because you can easily bring it back to its sparkling shape.

The Ruggable rug comes in different sizes that can fit different areas of your house. This brand has won the heart of men, this is why there are thousands of positive reviews on the internet from satisfied customers. On the company website, you can upload the picture of the rug in your home directly to the website for people to see. This is a degree of confidence. With this, we highly recommend this brand.

Ruggable Discounts

The following are the discounts and promos you can find on Ruggable products

Ruggable Contact

For more information or further questions, you can contact them through the following


1. What is the Ruggable shipping policy?

They don’t ship internationally, for now, they offer shipping services to Canada and the US. US deliveries take between 3-7 days to receive your order. It takes 7-14 days to deliver to Canada. Once your product is shipped, you will receive an email as a confirmation.

2. What is the return policy procedure?

For you to be able to receive refunds, the product must be returned new, else no refund will be made. To start the process of return, the customer must send some information as an email to the customer care: order number, the reason for return, and a request for a shipping label.

3. Are Ruggable items good if you have pets?

Yes! Their products are designed to be pet-friendly. You can easily clean away stains and dirt made by pets such as pet hair, dirt, slobber, and many more.

4. Where does free shipping apply to?

Free shipping applies to ground shipping and handling with the US and Canada. Alaska, Hawaii are the two states they don’t ship to in the US. They don’t ship to P.O Boxes.


Ruggable rugs are just perfect for your home. For your hallway, room, kitchen, your sitting room, etc. It gives a classy look to your home. They have nice colors, styles and come in different sizes. What makes it stand out from other types of rugs is the machine-washable feature. This review will give you insight into the best decision to make.

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