Ritual Review: *Pros and Cons* Is Worth to Buy It?

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The need for multivitamins in the body cannot be overemphasized, you can not rely on your daily diet alone to get the number of vitamins and nutrients your body needs daily. This is why you need to get multivitamin supplements to get you to enhance your body's nutrient intake. Women are generally known for needing more multivitamins. Women who are in the stage of pregnancy or even lactating mothers need a lot of multivitamin bundles to help stay on top of their nutrient consumption.

If you are a woman and you have been thinking about how to go about getting the best brand that can help supply multivitamins at any stage of womanhood, then you can consider using Ritual. Ritual is a brand specialized in the production of multivitamins for women who are above 50, 18, and even women during the prenatal stage. They term their multivitamins as health rituals. If you don’t know how to go about getting your own multivitamins bundle or start a healthy ritual, then you can read this review on Ritual to give you all the information you need about this brand and what the offer is.

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Ritual Review

Ritual is a brand specialized in the production of multivitamins for women who are 18+, 50+, and even women during the prenatal stage. They emphasize the sustainability and traceability features contained in the products. They also help in enlightening women where they source these vitamins from. They offer sets of multivitamins known as bundles on a monthly basis. This will help you achieve your healthy ritual goals.

Ritual was founded in 2016 by Katerina Schniederin in the United States of America. She got the idea of setting up this brand when she was pregnant because she needed to have a lot of multivitamins for herself and her baby. This brand makes these products with the backing of professionals like engineers and experts of biomedical sciences, nutritional sciences, and physiology.

This review will take a critical look at the brand, the reason why I like this brand, the pros, and cons of this brand, customer feedback about this brand, discounts, how to contact this brand for further inquiry, and other relevant information you need.

Ritual Pros

Ritual Cons

Why We Like Using Ritual

There is Ritual Essential for Women 18+

The Ritual essential for women above 18 years is an all-around vitamin. It is made to help you fill those lacking vitamins in your diet and help you get a quality healthy foundation as you start your womanhood properly. It is for $30. helps maintain energy, supports red blood cells, strengthens bone integrity, vital internal organs, calcium utilization, immunity, skin, fighting free radicals, maintains tissue structure, and many more. This multivitamin can be consumed by all women of any age. Make sure you are above 18 years to get access to your full potential.

They Have Ritual Essential Prenatal

The Ritual Essential Prenatal is made to prepare your body for the pregnancy period. It helps to support the development of your baby and maintain your health. You can get it for $35. it helps to support energy production, supports neural tube development, baby in preparation for birth, and supports nutrient needs of the mother.

Customer Review

A good part of assessing a brand is to know what the customers are saying about the brand. Most customers either comment on their experiences with the products of a brand either on their official website or do it on the reliable review website. No matter the kind of experience they will still give their feedback. One good thing about this brand is that my review found out that there are a lot of positive reviews on this brand all over the official website and some reliable websites where I carried out my analysis.

In my review, Trust pilot came top as my review website. There is a 2.9-star rating on this website with around 29% excellent feedback. It may look a bit poor if the negative review was not centered on the product itself. The negative feedback was based on the price of the products, the limitation of the product, and the inability to ship to other countries. Some of the positive reviews are effective products, great customer service, and fast shipping for US customers.

I am happy I have improved in my healthy consumption of vitamins that my body needs daily. I started using it when I got pregnant and I am still using it. I have been seeing tremendous positive effects ever since. Kudos to ritual for their products.

Where to Buy Ritual

You can buy these multivitamins products on the official website

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Is Ritual Worth It?

In this section of the review, I will be giving out my opinion on why this brand is the best for you to patronize for your multivitamin supply. You might be thinking why I am giving this verdict even after a poor rating on the Trust Pilot. Based on customer reviews, the effect of the products got positive reviews. The company has done a great deal of work to make sure their product turns out positive and what people hope for. Based on the research, there was nothing hidden about this brand. We gave out honest feedback from customers. From this review, you can also find out some pros and cons of this brand.

You will find out the brand makes use of professionals and experts when it comes to making their products. They also try to be open with the sources of their vitamins so that customers will be sure of what they are consuming. Their multivitamins are vegan, non-GMO, allergen-free, gluten-free, no synthetic fillers with no colorants. This brand aids you to become healthy and cautious by making it a habit to consume multivitamins. I will always recommend this brand.

Ritual Discounts

You can enjoy the following when you shop with Ritual

Ritual Contact

If you want to make an inquiry that goes beyond this review, you can contact them using the following means


Q. What is the shipping policy of ritual?

The brand does not offer international shipping. They only ship to the US which is free except when there are charges for the handling of the shipment. However, the delivery estimation time has not been provided on the website. However, you can get in touch with the customer care team to get full information about the shipping and other related issues

Q. How can I cancel my ritual subscription?

Every month, your subscription will continue at the end of the first subscription. It is automatically renewed. However, you can end your subscription before the renewal of the new subscription. You just need to get access to your ritual account and change the subscription settings and save.

Q. Do multivitamins have an expiry?

Traditionally, the vitamin is not expected to expire. However, when it has stayed long without being consumed, it will not cause any harm. This means that instead for it to pose a health threat, it will only become less potent.

Q. What is the ritual return policy?

There is a return policy in ritual. There is also a guarantee termed satisfaction, where you can return your product when you do not enjoy the vitamin. There is no question when you want to return. You can contact the customer care support team for more information.


Ritual focuses on healthy living for women of all ages and different situations. Being pregnant does not stop you from enjoying their wonderful multivitamins. They have been able to encourage good daily supplement intake as a routine which they term a healthy ritual in form of a monthly subscription. This review will help you make this decision.

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