EltaMD Sunscreen Review: High-Quality and Non-Toxic UV Protection Products

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Are you worried about the leathery wrinkles and contraction of skin cancer? Protect yourself from such challenges by using relevant sunscreen products. Among the options, here is our honest EltaMD sunscreen review to get started if it's hype.

Exposing your skin to sunlight increases your chances of getting many skin compliments. Among the obvious ones are skin cancer, and at least one is the leathery wrinkles that ladies hate. By all means, you are looking for various approaches to protect your skin.

While sunscreen is challenge full, that might be the only solution, but the problem comes in when you want to choose from different brands. Multiple firms are claiming to offer these products.

Therefore, the only option here is to try oil-absorbing sheets worldwide. This gives us a reason to delve into the EltaMD sunscreen review.

Besides presenting you with the background information, we will guide you through the process. Stay tuned to the end.

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EltaMD Sunscreen Review

EltaMD is a famous brand that focuses on eliminating the impacts of sunlight through its skin care products line. They design these products intending to fight the harmful UV rays while at the same time eliminating premature aging signs and starving skin cancer. These multiple sun protection products do not feature any toxic chemicals hence safe for all skin types, including sensitive ones.

Because of its popularity, the brand has been featured on famous media outlets like Allure, Elle, Instyle, Healthline, etc. From the historical point of view, the brand has been traced to have started in 1988. It was when the founder decided to tour the US and, upon arrival, began to venture into the skincare healing line, which majorly paid attention to utilizing the burn centers and hospitals.

After its development, EltaMD expanded its coverage in 2007 and started to include other formulations in the product line aimed at protecting your skin. Considering today's market situation, the brand stands as the leading company regarding trust among customers and recommendations concerning sunscreen. They are well known in the US because of their professional and high-quality sunscreen, which is recommended by famous dermatologists based in the US.

EltaMD does not simply specialize in sunscreen products but also participates and collaborates with other organizations that share their mission. Hence, aim to offer every customer worldwide Emax sun protection daily and efficiently.

Fimr has two centers, Sun safety tour and Sun Bus Mobile Skin Cancer Screening which currently guarantees you free cancer screening services as well as education, and they are based in Colorado. However, they have their headquarters facility in Texas.

With all that information, it is time to give you a summary. Here are the pros and cons you can expect by becoming an EltaMD customer.

EltaMD Sunscreen Pros:

EltaMD Sunscreen Cons:

Why We Like EltaMD Sunscreen

EltaMD is a brand that focuses on designing and selling products targeted at helping to prevent sunlight damage to your skin. They also go ahead to heal as well as rejuvenate skin through the use of natural defense mechanisms. Regardless Of their goals, they serve you with an extensive collection of skincare products ranging from sunscreen to facial and tinted sunblock products. Because of the needs, we have decided to feature some of the best-selling products under each category based on sunscreen.

The Best-Selling Eltamd Sunscreen

If you want to keep all the sun cancers or any damage on your skin related to the sunlight, you need to try out this EltaMD sunscreen, and with proper use, you are guaranteed prolonged prevention. All these popular sunscreens on the market are fragrance-free, and their formulation makes them ideal for any environment, suitable for all skin types, and numerous tasks.

In this category, we have EltaMD Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46 topping the list as it is conscious of the skin's appearance and health. These sunblocks are effective on all skin types for sensitivity, to the manufacturer and combination. They are oil-free but perfect for preventing breakouts, rosacea, and discoloration.

It features a blend of lactic acid, hyaluronic, and niacinamide ingredients to smoothen and hydrate your skin. Because of the silky texture, the product has the power to absorb by effortlessly gliding. Users can even wear makeup. The item reflects the UV light rays using zinc oxide and octinoxate.

Second is UV Daily Broad-Spectrum SPF 40, which relies on the presence of hyaluronic acid in locking moisture to soothe as well as soften skin simultaneously. It is recommended for people that are under post-procedure that need additional protection. It reflects and scatters the UV rays from your skin.. in addition, it contains vitamin E as an antioxidant to fight free radicals.

Not forgetting the next is UV Sheer Broad-Spectrum SPF 40. It is a famous sunscreen because it gives you 80 minutes of water & sweat resistance. It is ideal for customers who are living an active lifestyle. We recommend that you smooth the light sunblock before going for a humid and hot vacation. It uses sodium hyaluronate and squalene to absorb moisture on top of UV protection and reduce premature aging signs.

The Best-Selling Eltamd Tinted Sunscreen

If you want to get the best of the world's complexion and UV protection, use tinted sunscreen. These sunscreens tend to harness their powerful vitamins, which target to boost your natural texture and skin radiance. We have also gathered some best-selling tinted sunscreens under this category.

UV Clear Tinted Broad-Spectrum SPF 46 is efficient on sensitive skin as it does not result in mild side effects like breakouts, rashes, and redness. It is responsible for calming your irritating skin and protecting you against flare-ups, sun rays, and discoloration.

This sunblock has ingredients like lactic acid, niacinamide, and hyaluronic acid; in combination, they ensure you gain supple skin. Not only is it lightweight, like other sunscreens, but it is also oil-free, and UV rays protection is achieved because of the zinc oxide and octinoxate. No more burns.

UV Physical Broad-Spectrum SPF 41 is up on the list, which gives you UV sunlight protection and adds extra shades responsible for blending all those blemishes to ensure perfect protection. The cream guarantees 40 mins protection with a water resistance feature. It infuses antioxidants into your kin and hence takes care of.

Last is UV Daily Tinted Broad-Spectrum SPF 40. This is a 3-in-1 sunscreen featuring not just sunscreen but also foundation and serum. It also contains the basic hyaluronic acid to banish fine lines as well as the plumping effect on the face, and the zinc shields the face while Vitamin E fights those free radicals in the air.

The Best-Selling EltaMD Facial Sunscreen

Other than the skin, body, and other sunscreen we have covered, some sunscreens are designed for facial purposes. Under this category, we also have the best seller and featured products. Because of time, we will only highlight two major facial sunscreens. This combination has a non-stripping cleanser, recovery serum, and moisturizing serum.

To open up the list is UV Facial Broad-Spectrum SPF 30 +. Brand understands your face needs attention more than anything. This sunscreen contains a fluffy texture able to melt the pores, and you can never notice when you apply it. However, it targets dry skin as it features hyaluronic acid and vitamin E, helping you evade painful sunburns. You can purchase in 4 or 3-oz sizes.

The EltaMD Foaming Facial Cleanser comes last, and it ensures your skin looks healthy as it has bromelain enzymes for healthy cell renewal while nourishing the skin and removing all the dirt and dead cells. If you want a clean reset, use EltaMD Foaming Facial Cleanser to purify the pores. It has a balanced pH, and with relevant combinations, it works wonders.

We want to mention the famous EltaMD Skin Recovery Serum. We appreciate the skin feature of multiple microbiomes that keeps your skin weathered. However, these bacteria are affected by pollution, diet, etc. To help stop the issue, use the EltaMD Skin Recovery Serum, which relies on the AAComplex tech to repair as well as replenish the barriers on your skin. It is made to target not just sensitive skin but also has antioxidants for protection. The list is long, but the above gives you a perfect start in this journey.

Customer Review

EltaMD Sunscreen review also took a different approach, and now we spend time online locating multiple testimonies from different sites. The reviews are amazing, and customers online are contented with the EltaMD Sunscreen and other products.

First, Healthline gives a detailed report on the EltaMD UV clear broad spectrum SPF 46 product. The authors tested it before giving the final verdict. The blog compares the pros and cons of the formula with key ingredients. Amazon also presents a good rating on the UV clear face sunscreen. With a 37200 global rating, the product scores 4.7 stars. Most people are satisfied with the purchase.

BYRDIE is also a perfect website with an honest review of the brand. The author also considers the UV Clear facial sunscreen and ranks it because of its lightweight dream nature. In general, the product gets a 5-star rating from the editor. In conclusion, here is the statement:-

"I certainly can't say sufficient positive things about EltaMD UV Clear, and this would be an inexpensive, low-maintenance staple in any routine." If you're seeking everyday sunscreen that's compact, soothing, and offers additional skincare perks, look no further."

The same reviews are also found on the LovelySkin and UV Clear broad spectrum SPF 46 facial sunscreen gathers a total of 3977 ratings, and most people give it 5 stars. Allure is never left out, and besides the photos, the article also evaluates the brand, insisting that regardless of your skin concerns, the company has a solution for you in store for you. Products are fragrance-free with no toxic ingredients.

Refinrery29  gives you the favorite and celebrity-approved SPF with discounted pricing using their code. The author gives her first impression, tips for you, and a final verdict; though expensive, the brand is a fan fave. The last move is  Dermstore. The blog on this site explains why this brand's sunscreen is your favorite and most loved on the market.

As we respect many people's views, we highly endorse the brand with multiple positive testimonials. It's a no-brainer for me.

Where to Buy EltaMD Sunscreen

Theoretically, you can purchase EltaMD Sunscreen and other products from different stores online. The products are readily available even in your local retail store. However, we still side with their official store. We recommend purchasing from the store at eltamd.com.

We also came across multiple EltaMD Sunscreens through online retail stores. Some of these reputable stores include:-

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Is EltaMD Sunscreen Worth It?

EltaMD is a famous brand that guarantees professional sunscreens and other skincare products. They have medical-grade and non-comedogenic sunscreen, which, from the information, does not contain any harsh ingredients or chemicals at all costs. Thus, EltaMD sunscreens are safe products and effective on sensitive skin.

Though it started by offering balms to the Burn units or hospitals, it quickly developed and expanded the collection and same dedication to the industry; they are utilizing it to provide the line-targeted products that many customers now trust. This is a no-brainer for all skincare products and highly effective sunscreen.

Generally, the products from EltaMD have gathered multiple positive reviews online. Hence, we are confident these EltaMD sunscreens are safe and worth your purchase. Many customers repeat, and they don't only offer a one-time investment but also have a subscription plan, which they deliver to your doorstep based on your needs.

EltaMD sunscreens and other products have been praised as being high quality and effective in protecting and enhancing your skin complexion. Concerning negative feedback, most customers have highlighted high pricing compared to the quality and service; the price is proportional and worth it. For people who quickly react to skincare products, EltaMD orders come with free samples to try before committing yourself to the routine. Check out these ingredients if you're allergic.

In addition, the brand delivers your products with a good 90 days return window for a refund. Therefore, most people are happy with the purchase, and you will never regret the reliable results.

EltaMD Sunscreen Discounts

Every customer loves saving when it comes to budgeting. And like other cosmetic brands, EltaMD also allows you to save on their sunscreen and other products. But one thing we appreciate about them is the free samples on every order you receive. This gives you a chance to test before committing to premium packages.

There are free shipping services to customers but on condition that your order must total $75 and above. Consider signing up for the email listing and newsletter to get all the updates, giveaways, lucrative deals, and above everything, get the 10% off on your first order.

Many customers are also enrolling in the Sunny Day reward program and getting or earning more points to save on the budget. Unlock these extensive benefits by joining their groups where VIPs need you to have 500 points and above. However, while doing research, we never came across any promo code. Get updates with any when they launch.

EltaMD Sunscreen Contact

If you still want to access more data or a clarification we have not addressed in our review, then the EltaMD customer support team is available to sort you with all you are searching for. You can follow them on the social media platform. The marketing team is available anytime on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to update you on anything.

Otherwise, the official means of communication are through their phone number at (800) 855-5561. If not, head to their website and fill in the contact form with relevant information and the concern you want to address. These guys will reply to you in no time.


Q: Are EltaMD products safe and medical grade?

Definitely, the answer remains that the EltaMD products inducing sunscreen are medical grade. They offer top-notch UV protection and are designed without any toxic ingredients. However, normal broad sun-blocking elements remain fragrance-free, paraben-free, and safe for any skin type. Professionals test them.

Q: Is it true that EltaMD sunscreens are water-resistant?

Yes is the correct answer here. Their website clarifies that their sunscreens are professional and water-resistant. However, their products do not have waterproof labels because of the strict packaging rules of the FDA.

Q: Are EltaMD sunscreens classified as chemical or physical?

The data indicates the EltaMD sunscreens are physical. Thus, it remains on the top of your skin, acting as a barrier between your skin and rays from the sun.

Q: Do EltaMD products guarantee blue light protection?

One of the significant products in the EltaMD sunscreen is zinc. The same also applies to other brands around the world. Zinc can protect your skin against blue lights by blending with other relevant ingredients.

Q: Are EltaMD sunscreen durable?

The information from multiple reviews shows that the sunscreens last about 3 years. And to the FDA regulations, any product lasting this long does not need the expiry label printed on the package.

Q: What is the shipping policy of the EltaMD brand?

From the current information we obtained on their website, EltaMD only offers shipping to customers based within the 48 contiguous states. Also, the only shipping services available are standard, and when you place an order from $75 and above, you enjoy free shipping.

But when your order falls below the threshold, you must incur shipping charges of $8 below $35, while $6 orders between $35 to $75. The company usually takes 2 business days to process before dispatching from Monday through Friday, not considering the holidays.

Q: What is the return policy of the EltaMD company?

In this review, we never spotted anything about the return window period and when the return is considered valid. However, we were able to go through a few of the highlights of the procedure. Therefore, before asking for a return, you must contact the support team to obtain the return authorization number.

In the return package, ensure you include all the items, and in case you have sued over 50% of the products, then the order is not eligible for a refund. Still, you can never return the order you purchased from other online retailers.

The company does not refund you the shipping and return shipping charges. Customers must incur all the returned shipping costs. However, if you receive leaking and defective products, the company guarantees you a replacement valid only within 90 days but undergoes inspection before approval.


On top of the skincare products, EltaMD provides professional, medical-grade, and safe sunscreen to protect your skin against UV rays. In the above article, the brand has many positive reviews praising your skincare routine's affordability, durability, efficiency, and low maintenance costs. If you want lightweight, clear, and non-irritating skin care products, try this EltaMD sunscreen to add more benefits to your skincare journey.

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